Useful Tips For A Great Deal When Selling Used Machinery

Useful Tips For A Great Deal When Selling Used Machinery
Kitmondo 08 May 2019

Everyone that is either buying or selling surplus or used machinery wants a fair deal. While many people settle for just a fair deal, others have their eyes on the best deal for their used industrial machinery. 

Amazingly, sellers who enjoy the best deals from their used equipment, partner with an online intermediary specialist to get the best out of their used machinery.

So, before you channel your time, energy and resources in trying to research about the best method of selling your used machinery, get this quick tip-off straight – a specialized online intermediary like Kitmondo will do the job perfectly.

We Are - Online marketplace for used industrial machinery

When we refer to ourselves as a specialist, that’s absolutely the fact because that’s what we are! Want to know why? Read on.

With about two decades of practical experience when it comes to the selling of used industrial machinery, we comfortably occupy the highest echelon of expertise in the industry. 

Also, from our years of usefulness as a reliable marketplace for used industrial machines, we’ve seen tons of sellers who trade-off their used equipment but losing out on what is a great deal for their used equipment. 

The reason behind such an unfavorable deal for their surplus or used machinery is simply due to lack of proper information on how to navigate the market for used equipment.

So, to help you smile away with a great deal for your used equipment, we are here to provide you with the right information that will help you get the most from all your used/surplus industrial machinery.

Never bother about thanking us for this – it is simply our core value as professionals and a reliable marketplace for used machinery. And we gladly do this to ensure that you get nothing less than the worth of your used/surplus equipment.

So, sit back and let’s unravel the secret tips about how to make it big from your used machinery.

Employ the services of an online intermediary dealers

First, you should understand that experience counts. The truth is, trying to navigate the used equipment market all on your own is a burden that your shoulders can’t handle – yes, we mean it.

Engaging professional online intermediaries for used machinery such as Kitmondo will go a long way in helping you sell off your used equipment with ease. We can’t tell, probably you have all the time to screen and negotiate with all potential buyers who show interest in your used/surplus equipment.

Typically, Kitmondo is an online intermediary with a very large online coverage, and proven expertise in the sales of used equipment. What this translates to is that your used equipment listing is sure to get the attention of potential buyers from all around the world.

So, the process of screening potential buyers before connecting the most suitable buyer to you is what our trained service agents do professionally.

Know the current worth of your used equipment

The ultimate aim of selling your used equipment is hitting the deal big. As important as this is, there is also the need to be realistic about what the actual price for your used machinery is when considering what’s happening in the market for similar equipment.

Knowing the current worth of your equipment will help you to set a price range that won’t turn potential buyers off your equipment; instead, you will have buyers on cue to whisk your equipment away.

However, if you think you don’t have all the time for such market survey and research, there is nothing to hang yourself for. Hiring an online intermediary such as Kitmondo who are well-grounded in the business of used equipment, can help you set your price range perfectly.

Be detailed about machine description

Think of potential buyers as people who need as much information as possible to enable them to accept to offer your expected price for your used machinery.

Better still, you can assume the position of a buyer; this will help you to decide what information buyers are likely to need about your used equipment.

Nevertheless, you might be too busy to crack out all the information about your used equipment. Here are the basic information most buyers need about a piece of used machinery; owner’s manual, maintenance log, spec sheets, repair records and any other relevant document that mentions something important about the used/surplus machine you wish to sell.

Also, a detailed and honest description of your equipment will speed up the rate at which potential buyers show interest in paying for your used machinery. Such detailed and honest description about your machine listings may include; your machine’s age, name, and model, type of jobs it has been used for, current condition – stating any major parts replacement.

Tweak it up

Do you want a huge scoop of returns for your used machinery? Refurbishment is key. Refurbishing your used equipment may mean a simple and good cleaning of your equipment. Cleaning your equipment is important because the way your equipment appears has so much to tell about buyers’ willingness to make inquiries about your machine listing.

If you even need a bigger return for your surplus machinery, going as far as fixing broken glasses, painting the exterior, replacing decal will get buyers attracted to your equipment. 

Also, once all these parts are fixed, taking pictures of your equipment from every side as possible will convince potential buyers that your equipment is truly worth the price tag on it.

Need more help selling used industrial machinery?

If you read these tips down to this point, be sure that you are completely ready to make a great deal for your used and surplus industrial machinery.

However, if there are other related concerns you might have for clarification, don’t hold back to contact us. We are always ready to give solutions to any queries you may have about selling used and surplus industrial machinery.