Announcing Kitmondo Intermediation Service

Announcing Kitmondo Intermediation Service
Kitmondo 19 Jul 2018

We’re excited to announce great news for all Kitmondo users: by the end of July, Kitmondo will turn into an intermediary service between buyers and sellers.

Qualified sales agents will help sellers and buyers of used machinery to communicate and close deals. They will always be available, responsive and helpful to assist where needed.

To cover the costs of running the platform, we’re also adding commissions on prices, more information on this below.

We’re confident that both buyers and sellers will benefit from these improvements.

Improvements for buyers

No need to wait days for a response from a seller anymore. Our sales agents will make sure listings are up-to-date and will assist both sides for all communications. They will always be available to provide all information needed to close deals successfully.

When inquiring on a listing, buyers will be put in touch with one sales agent, even if there are multiple inquiries with multiple sellers. We’ll take care of contacting each seller separately and provide buyers with offers.

With this change we also want to make sure that all offers listed on Kitmondo are of the highest quality and up-to-date, so we’re starting by checking the availability of all listings. In case a buyer inquires on a machine that’s already sold, our agents will do their best to find alternative offers.

Improvements for sellers

Sellers can still manage listings directly on (adding, editing, removing machines) or they can use our agents’ services. Sellers who want to have their account managed by an agent just need to get in touch, then we’ll do all the work for them. Our agents are here to help sellers with the daily workflow of offering used equipment.

Sales agents will also take care of qualifying each new lead, making sure that we are contacting sellers for buyers with a serious purchase project. This will save a lot of responding time for sellers.

We’ve also put together a strong marketing team to constantly improve the online visibility of listings on For sellers, it means more visits on their listings, more qualified leads and more deals!

For this new service to run, we’re adding commissions to sellers’ prices. The commission will go from 10% down to 7% of the final price, depending on the amount. It will be added on top of sellers’ net price.

The closing of deals will still be in the seller's hands. When the time is right, we will place buyers and sellers in touch, so that the deal can be closed directly between them.

We believe this new agent service will be a profitable change for both buyers and sellers.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] .