What is an Average Autoclave Machine Price

What is an Average Autoclave Machine Price
Kitmondo 24 Jan 2019

Planning, they say involves bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. You obviously will agree to this fact from Alan Lakein. 

While nurturing the plans to acquire an autoclave machine for your laboratory, one of the important thoughts that should keep you awake is the price tag on the different types of autoclave machine. Depending on your budget size, you may decide to streamline your search and market survey about autoclave machine price to either the price for a brand new autoclave machine or a used autoclave machine which is out for sale.

Whatever your final decision may be, in terms of your budget, it will be wise to note that you won’t have to spend such an amount for an autoclave machine that will not serve you satisfactorily.

You possibly may be looking forward to a-one-price-fits-all amount for an autoclave machine from this post. That’s certainly one thing we can’t promise you, and you definitely won’t get such anywhere. Better still, there are good alternatives such as buying a used autoclave machine with the promise of a long period of use with little or no challenges relating to maintenance and/or repair.

What to think about before searching for autoclave machine

As a market place for used industrial equipment, one of our mission in the industry is to guide you on the right choices when it comes to selling and buying used machinery. Remember, you can spend less to get a quality second-hand autoclave machine since ‘used’ doesn’t always mean damaged.

Here are a few tips we would recommend that you take note of when going for a used autoclave machine which is up for sale.

- Make inquiries about the reason(s) why it up for sale, if it is a reason you can work with, that’s will be fine

- How old is the autoclave machine, and the equivalent price you can pay for it currently compared to a new one?

- Know the pressure building capacity to ascertain if it soothes your laboratory demands. This is important because where the sterilization temperature build-up and pressure discharge of an autoclave don’t meet your laboratory or business need, you are bound to have the wrong results from your sterilization.

- The design (either front or top loading model) and size of a used autoclave machine may not match your intended use for it, so it is best to ask questions about these.

- Support/spare parts availability is another key area that should interest you. This is very necessary because where you purchase an autoclave that is no more in vogue and whose parts are no more manufactured, you are simply left on your own to suffer whatever repairs it may need.

Obviously, you must have discovered something new about buying used autoclave machine. But the bottom line may still remain that; you are still bent on being a first–hand owner. If that’s your decision, then that’s not a problem to worry about.

Different types of autoclave machines

There are tons of different types of autoclave machine in the market which will definitely suit your need and specification. Remember, the only determining factor of your ownership of any type of autoclave machine out of the various brands and model is your budget.

So, let’s see the different types of autoclave machine in the market while you make your choice. And we hope you choose wisely with consideration for future use and need.

Front Loading Horizontal Autoclave WX Series US $5790-12400

The front loading horizontal autoclave machine is built using food grade Stainless steel SUS304 material that is aid proof with a sterilization chamber volume between 300-500L and sterilization temperature range of 105°C-134°C. It is electrically powered with an automatic water shortage control. Other features include a microcomputer control system with LCD dynamic display for time and temperature, error analysis and failure warning display system with an excess pressure auto-discharging at 0.22-0.23Mpa. Also, the front loading horizontal autoclave WX series has two pressure gauges which show both the inner and interlayer pressure.

Top Loading Vertical Autoclave US $1200-1300

The class B top-loading vertical autoclave machine has a chamber volume of 30L made of stainless steel sterilizing chamber with LCD screen system which indicates the working state of the machine. Temperature regulation ranges between 50-126°C with an excess pressure auto-discharging pressure of 0.145-0.165MPa and an automatic shut down system with beep reminder after sterilization is complete.

Bench-top Automatic Dental Autoclave US $100-1779

The Benchtop automatic dental autoclave is a Class II acid-proof stainless steel autoclave machine of 35L sterilization chamber capacity with a working pressure of about 0.22MPa and sterilization temperature range between 105°C-134°C.

Continuous Autoclave US $4200-21300

The semi-automatic computer controlled temperature continuous sterilization autoclave is built with stainless steel SUS304. It is designed to function at a pressure of 0.35MPa and a working temperature of 140°C. Sterilization chamber volume range between 600L-4000L and it is best for the industrial sterilization of cans, bottles, glass, and plastic packaging material

Pulse Vacuum Autoclave US $11500-30000

The pulse vacuum autoclave is built for high-pressure sterilization of materials, with an internal pressure of 0.245MPa and a working temperature of 139°C. With its horizontal rectangular structure, the pulse vacuum autoclave is built with a sterilizing chamber made of high-quality 304/316L stainless steel material which is known to be acid proof. With various models of the pulse vacuum autoclave coming with a PLC touch screen system, it has the ability to detect temperature accurately with a complete sterilization recording functions.

Autoclave for various uses is available for purchase. As stated earlier, your intended use will guide you on exactly which type, design and size of autoclave you need to purchase. Also, your budget will guarantee if you are walking away with any of these or an autoclave that is relatively cheaper or more expensive than the ones shown here. Whatever your choice may be, don’t forget that we are always available to offer professional advice and guidance regarding the purchase of machinery and equipment.

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