What Is an Average Price of Used Arri Alexa Cameras

What Is an Average Price of Used Arri Alexa Cameras
Kitmondo 27 Feb 2019

Investment in film making/photography is a potent venture that continues to experience a high influx of investors. A possible reason (besides profit-making) to this directional movement of investors towards the film making industry is due to the steady technological upgrade that the industry experiences almost on a daily basis. 

Market place of used camera equipment 

While the industry remains undisputedly viable to invest in, the place of planning is one aspect of the preparatory activity which can’t be traded for anything else.  Planning, being a core feature in the business of film production/photography, giving due attention to the type of equipment that will give the desired quality usually rank top on the list of what to consider to kick-start the art of cinematography. 

Obviously, it is a known fact that a quality camera is the pivot equipment for every other machine that will be needed to achieve the goal of investing in film making/photography. So, when buyers hit the market place for used camera equipment either with a king-size budget or a medium budget, many informed buyers seem to have Arri Alexa camera occupying the first and possibly the second position in their list of the favourite camera to purchase.

And curious minds like you will be wondering what is so unique about the Arri Alexa camera which makes it the best pick for many buyers globally. If this was your potential question, you wondered right, and here is the simple answer – advanced features for better picture quality is actually what many buyers chase when they opt for Arri Alexa camera.

Arri Alexa camera types – their individual uniqueness 

When talking about a digital camera that comes with sophisticated features to give ease of operation and apt image quality, you won’t go wrong when your first thought goes straight to the Arri Alex cameras.  Why? The Arri Alexa camera redefines the art of cinematography with wireless design and flexible recording formats which deliver precise image tones with outstanding features for HDR filming/photography. 

If your budget size may give you reasons why you should tell yourself “forget it, Arri Alexa camera is too sophisticated for my budget”, the truth is that – you shouldn’t be so quick to label your budget worthless. With various types of the Arri Alexa cameras in the market, it is possible that your budget can still get you an Alexa camera with different functionalities that will give you perfect cinematography than you can get anywhere else. 

Who knows? You may possibly still be convinced that your budget will never get you a new Arri Alexa camera irrespective of the type. That’s never a reason enough to throw in the towel. Here is another truth, Arri Alexa cameras are built for durability without a shift in production quality despite the number of years in use. In reality, what this means is that, with a reasonably low budget, you can still get an Arri Alexa camera that will do the perfect job of quality film or image production. 

How? From a reliable marketplace for used equipment and machines with various types of Arri camera, you can go home with an Alexa camera. 

Need to know more about what your budget should be for any type of a used Arri Alexa camera? Check below! 

Arri Alexa LF - $ 93,000 

The Alexa LF is a new version of large format camera equipment from Arri. Alexa LF camera features ARRI signature prime lenses, LPL lens mount, and PL-LPL adapter. With its 90 fps in LF open gate and LF 16:9 sensor modes, the Alexa LF ranks top as the perfect camera for slow motion cinematography.

Image quality with the Alexa LF is improved with the new electronic viewfinder EVF-2 which gives a better focus judgment with a dynamic range and color.

Do you need flexibility from a longer battery charge, fewer cables problem, and a faster setup time? That’s covered with the wireless design of the Alexa LF camera which integrates a wireless video ARRI ECS and WiFi radio without interference with the integrated radios. The inbuilt battery of the Alexa LF camera is also designed to serve you for about 348 hours of interrupted coverage.

Arri Alexa SXT W - $56,000

The Alexa SXT W is yet another exceptional high image curator from the home of ARRI Alexa cameras. With an ergonomic design, the Alexa SXT W is built to give ease of operation and a wide range of cinematographic production.

With an in-built video transmitter, the Alexa SXT W has fewer cables to worry about, and this makes the camera setup pretty fast and ultimately giving a high production turnout.

The wireless design of the Alexa SXT W integrates a wireless video, ARRI ECS and WiFi radios and has no interference from integrated radios within the camera. Also, the EVF, MON OUT 1-3 gives a total of four independent monitoring options for users, and all these independent monitoring options give an independent surround view, color space and look.

Furthermore, the CFast 2.0 adapter and CFast 2.0 card, in addition to the SXR adapter and SXR capture drive gives an unrivaled range of media production with the Alexa SXT W camera.

Recording format? The 14 in-camera recording formats of the Alexa SXT W is sure to give you satisfaction for any imaging/video production needs you have.

Arri Alexa Mini - $ 44,500 

The Alexa Mini is another powerful cinematographic equipment which is designed to be self-contained/lightweight but integrating asymmetrical design that gives it an all-around filming orientation – landscape, portrait or upside down.

With its wireless connectivity that uses built-in WiFi interface and white coded radio, the Alexa Mini gives an ease of use through a tool-less switch between its various configuration settings.

The variety of lens option in the Alexa Mini can accommodate B4 lens, EF lens, LPL, PL lens mounts, together with those which are compatible with the ARRI lens data system.

When the need to save time during setup is required, the Alexa Mini is a perfect solution to reckon upon. With its 87 predefined amazing color grading, it makes on-set look management readily available to users at any time.

Amira - $26,260

The ergonomic design of the Amira camera gives it the ability to combine high-resolution image quality with an affordable CFast 2.0 cinematographic production.

In need of low budget movies, nature films, TV drama, sports coverage or a multi-camera live TV? Whatever your need may be for a camera, the AMIRA is one camera that is always ready to use straight out the camera bag.

The AMIRA sensor gives an exceptional image quality up to 200fps with a dynamic range of 14+ stops and reduced noise control. The OLED eyepiece and a detachable LDC monitor gives AMIRA user a wide range of crisp imaging together with a vast variety of lens options (LPL or PL mount for cine-style lenses, and EF) which provides high compatibility with a wide range of still photography.

Found One Within Your Budget? 

If NOT! That’s not a problem. Our home is a marketplace for used machines and equipment.

So, we can sure offer various alternatives to the Arri Alexa camera with flexible terms of purchase to suit your production needs.

Interested in one? Contact us, we’ll be glad to partner with you to see your filming/photography production needs come to reality with a used Arri Alexa cameras.