Bidsuite Connects Industrial World to Facilitate Auctions

Bidsuite Connects Industrial World to Facilitate Auctions
Kitmondo 12 Oct 2018

We are more than happy to introduce new Suite for auctioneers, buyers and sellers of used industrial equipment across the World. Meet Bidsuite, the advanced online platform for connecting the Industrial world.

Bidsuite was launched by 3 industrial auction experts: Bidderlists, Exapro and Kitmondo. Together, they offer the highest quality of service for auction promotion powered by the world’s largest network of industrial equipment buyers. They bring the most beneficial insight into the industry after their combined experiences of working with hundreds of auctions over the last decade.

Auctioneers, buyers and sellers; Get connected

Bidsuite connects auctioneers, buyers and sellers across the industrial world for successful auctions. Sellers, find the best partners to immediately sell surplus equipment. Auctioneers, reach relevant and active buyers who are ready to bid now. Buyers, fulfill your purchasing requirements with the most relevant auctions worldwide.

Bidsuite provides a large variety of auctions to serve to any given buyers’ specific needs. Unlock unrivalled and comprehensive access to the industrial marketplace. Learn how to get involved in the most interesting auctions around the world as well as other advantageous business intelligence.

Find the best auctioneer for immediate equipment sales. Meet the auctioneer according to location or industry field. Get real time support from global leaders of machinery sales. Do not wait too long to connect to our global marketplace for industrial auctions.

No matter if buying or selling, it’s easy to meet an auctioneer on Bidsuite. Have a look on Bidsuite’s list of auctioneers to see who the world’s best industrial auctioneers are. Read more about each individual auctioneer. Choose a future business partner and rise together to the top of the industrial auction world.

Read more about the world of industrial auctions in articles prepared by experts with years of work experiences from the industrial world. Learn more about machinery auctions, tips and tricks, news from the auctioneering world and more and more highly interesting and relevant information.

An all-in-one reporting tool

Bidsuite provides an all-in-one digital platform for fingertip reporting, comparison data and high value, cutting-edge evaluation for maximizing the ROI from marketing efforts. Faster and easier reporting is becoming the norm. Accessible reporting is now more possible than ever.

Bidsuite provides clear reporting on all of the campaigns run with Kitmondo and Exapro through the Bidderlists network. Reporting for each campaign can be found in one place. Data analysis is now available for all past auctions as well as a full history of campaigns and the ability to easily compare data.

It’s complicated enough to dig through data when evaluating your marketing budget. Bidsuite offers an all-in-one platform for live campaign reporting. Auctioneers can see easily which assets are driving traffic to their auctions.

No more anxiety over how to get data from campaigns. User-friendly accounts on Bidsuite are designed for smooth access to viewing results. Now, it takes only few seconds to see the data from past auctions. All results can be conveniently found in one place. Get immediate data reports. How much easier could it be?

Tool designed for clients of the industrial auctioneering world

Bidsuite was designed for with the highest clients’ convenience. We are happy to receive comments and suggestions on how to make the platform even more suitable for daily use. Do not hesitate to contact us any time at .

Over next few months, Bidsuite is preparing new progressive features for auctioneers, buyers and sellers of industrial auctions. Stay tuned with Bidsuite; The industrial auctions tool suite.