Blister Packaging Machine: The Backbone of Pharmaceutical Industry

Blister Packaging Machine: The Backbone of Pharmaceutical Industry
Kitmondo 14 Aug 2019

In the pharmaceutical industry and other allied industries where product delivery is expected to be wholesome and free from all forms of extraneous materials, blister pack (unit dose packaging) happens to be the best packaging material. With a particular interest in the pharmaceutical industry where drugs are expected to get to the end-users in good shape (free from external contaminants, humidity as well as UV rays for light-sensitive products), blister packaging materials, therefore, becomes almost inevitable. Reasons for this being that they are tamper-evident, theft/adulteration deterrent as well as providing an excellent protective cover for drugs – most notably for drugs that are light sensitive.

Used blister packaging machines

With such criteria for product delivery to be met by those in the pharmaceutical industry, using the best blister packaging machine for product packaging, branding and protection, therefore become a core aspect of their service delivery. And this aspect is something which cannot be traded nor compromised. Since these machines are generally known to serve their intended purpose effectively for a long period (years), buying one directly from the OEM most often turn out a major hindrance for many pharmaceutical firms to thrive. With such a hurdle to overcome, buying a used blister packaging machine becomes the best alternative to keep their business kicking.

Where such important machines are sourced from and bought in good condition even after some years of being used? The answer is simple! For most pharmaceutical companies and other industries using the blister packaging machine for their product, they find Kitmondo as a reliable marketplace for used industrial equipment where they can get a big bang for their money.

As a trusted online intermediary for used industrial units and machines, Kitmondo offers different types and brands of pharmaceutical packaging machine which are available to meet your production capacity and needs for a blister packaging machine. We have more than a decade of quality service provision as a trusted marketplace for used industrial equipment and machines.

Different brands/types of blister packaging machine 

Having known where to source for used blister packaging machine with confidence, it is obvious that your next line of inquiry will be "does have the type of blister packaging machine I need for my product packaging?”

Before going further to furnish you with our rich collection of various types of used pharmaceutical blister packaging machinery, let's keep you in the know that we stock various brands of blister packaging machines such as Siemens, Noack DPN, Bosch TLT, ABC, Jornen, and what have you.

Types of blister packaging machinery 

Worthy of mention is the fact that there are various ways to classify blister packaging machines. And in this section, we'll only be considering classification based on the type of packaging material since these materials determine what kind of pharmaceutical product is packaged using a particular type of packaging equipment.

Alu/Alu blister packaging machine

These machines use aluminum foil as its lidding material, and it also forms a cavity for product storage using the stamping mechanism with a cavity forming depth of about 12mm. Note that for this type of machines, preheating is not required since it uses only the cold forming method for product packaging. Maximum blister forming capacity is up to about 400 blisters per minute

Due to the thick nature of aluminum foil used by this machine, it offers a perfect barrier against moisture and light for light-sensitive drugs. With this, you can be sure that your product will definitely remain effective throughout its expected shelf life.

PVC/Al blister packaging machine

This machine produces blister packs called plastic-aluminum blister pack, and it uses Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as its film-forming material while the lidding material is aluminum. With PVC being the most common blister packaging material for the industry due to its relatively low cost of sheet production, the PVC/Al blister packaging machine offers a thermoforming process that is relatively cheap with a production capacity of about 400 blister per minute. The process of creating complex blister cavities is very easy when using this machine, and can form cavity depth of about 12mm with a platen sealing principle.  

Most importantly, since most products require a physical examination before purchase, the PVC/plastic forming material makes it very easy to access such products for damage or inconsistency in quality. Well, since this material allows for the visibility of the product in it, they may not be suitable for packaging light-sensitive products.

Alu/PVC/Alu blister packaging machine

These machines are often referred to as tropical blister packaging machine since it has an extra aluminum forming and sealing station attached to it. With this, thermoformed PVC/Alu blister package can be sealed together with the tropical aluminum to give an average blister forming capacity of about 180 blisters per minute. Like other blister packaging machines on this category, the Alu/PVC/Alu blister packaging machine has a cavity forming depth of about 12mm deep.

Due to the added layer of aluminum used by this machine, product packed in it are totally protected from water, oxygen, and light. This ensures that there is optimum product protection, which will ensure that products packed in it will remain potent throughout their shelf life.

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