Buying CNC Router: Which Type is the Best for You?

Buying CNC Router: Which Type is the Best for You?
Kitmondo 27 Mar 2019

Just as many manufacturing businesses keep growing, the expectation of clients from these businesses gets higher in the same way. So, to keep up with the high product quality and delivery expectancy from clients, business owners, as a matter of necessity, step up their business with more sophisticated tools that will give the needed answer to the needs of clients. 

Woodwork manufacturing firms have their own part of such high-quality product demand from their clients to meet. Wondering how they go about such? Simply through the use of CAD/CAM machines such as CNC wood router.

With the CNC wood router, woodwork manufacturing firms are able to work with a high level of automation for the production of products with consistent quality. Also, they are able to process complex shapes, save the cost of material and use their time efficiently for higher productivity.

Considering to buy a CNC wood router?

If yes, it is a great day you have stumbling on this post.

Irrespective what your budget size may be, when buying a CNC wood router, it will be a great investment when you purchase a used CNC router - mind you, from a reliable market place for used equipment like Kitmondo.

Why? It isn’t hard to tell. Sure you know you’ll save a whole lot of bucks for other machines? Aside from buying a quality used CNC wood router for a lesser cost, buying a used machine is an easy way of getting a machine with the latest update and parts without having to bear the risk of purchasing a machine alone.

What’s your option, let's deliver it!

While there are different aspects of wood, plastic, foam and cardboard cutting/carving applications in which the CNC wood router machine finds application, individual’s taste about the CNC wood router is sure to differ. But the bottom line remains that; whichever type of a used CNC router you need, we are at your service.

CNC wood router

This version of the wood router is computer controlled which can either be a movable router (where the bed or table is fixed while the router spindle does the movement over the table) or a fixed bridge design (the table moves under the router spindle). The CNC wood router employs CAD/CAM software to model the wood or plastic part to be cut and then followed by the cutting or carving path to be followed by the machine. Basically, CNC wood router moves along three axes (X, Y, and Z) with three motor drive system which can either be a stepper or servo motor drive system. But more advanced CNC wood router employs four motor drive system to deliver more accuracy and speed.

With any routing, researching the bits is imperative for the correct cuts and best results .

Table mounted router

Since the individual understanding of the use of table mounted router differs, the placement of the machine also varies based on the individual’s ability. For some, mounting the router machine upside down and having the workpiece over the machine is cool. But for others, the machine is bolted or screwed to the table and so the workpiece is cut or carved beneath the router machine. Whichever orientation the router is fixed to the table, one thing that must be considered is the smooth movement of the router’s bit for the perfect depth of carving required. To achieve this, many users that prefer cutting through horizontally ensures that the router is fixed to the table vertically and vice versa.

The table mounted router can be a bit tricky to use, as such, users out-run such intricacy by fitting the router within a fingerboard, fence or other guiding devices for a safer and perfect operation .

Hand-held router

Here, your hand support forms the surface to which the router is bolted, and you also control the depth of cutting by how much you lower or raise the machine in your hand. Just like every other type of router, the handheld router is very powerful and requires keen attention and vigor to ensure that you are maintaining the path of cut perfectly.

What cut type do you need?

Generally, the CNC router is perfect for cutting and carving of various wood, plastic, cardboard, and other materials as needed. But each type of carving or cutting has a specific purpose and requires a particular type of drill bit. So, you must take into account some parameters if you hope to achieve the desired result from our used CNC wood router.

Do you want to buy CNC router? Let’s believe that you are still at the crossroad of what kind of cut you’ll need our used CNC router for, here are a few types of cut in which our used CNC wood router can give you a perfect cut.

Male Cuts

A male cut involves cutting through the edge of a piece to allow the cut piece to be removed from the whole material. However, it should be observed that for male cuts, you may hardly achieve a 90o angle carving.

Female Cuts

Sure you should expect that this will be the opposite of a male cut. A female cut involves cutting from the inside to remove a piece from a whole material. For perfect results, it is advised that the cut shapes should be a little bit rounded and larger than the diameter of the router’s bit for easy path generation by the CNC router software.


Drilling can be likened to the female cutting since the cut is usually inside the piece. However, drilling only create holes which are always the same size as the bit’s diameter.


Cleanouts can also be compared to the female cut. This is because the path of cut is from the inside but the difference is that the cut piece is not cut roundabout. Instead, the bit only cut through a certain depth and then the shape required is milled out. Think of hollowing a canoe here. Clean out is the best method of creating pieces with grooves.

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We have a wide range of used CNC router for sale. However, you obviously should be convinced that buying a used CNC router from us means that you are dealing with an experienced team. Let’s help you step up your production quality with our used CNC wood router.