Basic Things To Know Before Buying A Used Tablet Press Machine

Basic Things To Know Before Buying A Used Tablet Press Machine
Kitmondo 17 Jun 2019

Like every other piece of used equipment out there, a used table press machine is yet another machine to invest in with great benefits. 

Besides the obvious truth about the low cost of every piece of used equipment for sale, investing in a used tablet press is another way to increase your machine fleet effortlessly. Well, while every other person will be eager to grab this opportunity with both hands just like you would do, navigating the marketplace for used equipment could be a bit tricky.

What to have in mind before purchasing

As a result, doing proper homework before hitting the market for a piece of used tablet press machine will go a long way to help you. Well, you may cut in "what other homework do I need to do after spending so much time in planning and deciding on investing in a second-hand tablet press machine that is up for sale?” Good, that’s a wise step in the right direction if that is you. There still some basic and rudimentary aspects of a used tablet press machine you need to be conversant with for a smooth purchase.  

Nevertheless, if you have taken the time to plan and finally came up with the decision to go for a used tablet press machine (which is the best way to enhance productivity and maximize profit), then you have done half of the homework. More so, if you are fortunate to work with a reliable marketplace for used equipment, then you have little or nothing, yes, nothing to worry about.

This is so because the questions about a piece of used tablet press machine you would want to ask must have been addressed beforehand. Anyways, for knowledge sake, here are a few essential things you need to look out for in a used tablet press machine that is up for sale.

Machine type

Firstly, your production size and volume should determine what type of a used tablet press machine you are buying. Like you already know, there is a single station and multi-station or rotary tablet press equipment. If your production volume is on the high side, it is a clear indication that what you need is a rotary press machine that can churn out sufficient tablets that will help you meet your demands.

Check hopper design

This is actually where production begins. Since this is the part where your tablet powder, which is to be compressed is poured, it should be designed in such a way that it gives free flow of the materials into the compression chamber. Moreso, the hopper is continuously in direct contact with the tablet powder, because of this, it should be made of stainless steel to avoid abrasion and the introduction of metal pieces into the compressed tablets.

Going further, if you are keen about avoiding product separation, you may go for a tablet press machine with some vibratory rods in the hopper to enhance the continuous flow of tablet powder.

Evaluate the feeder system

The feeder system is composed basically of two parts; the feeder housing and the feeding peddles. These two components direct tablet material from the hopper into the dye system and they also ensure that the feeding process of the material is consistent and accurate. Again, since these parts also have direct contact with the tablet material, a high-grade stainless steel material – preferably 316L should be used for their design. With this, it will be hard to have tablet powder sticking on the surface of the feeder system. In case you never knew, once this happens, you will be having dies filled halfway, and this will ultimately result in tablets with varying degrees of thickness and compaction.

Tablet press turret

Here is a reality you may not know about a tablet press machine – turrets are the life wire of every piece of tablet press machine. It is the holes on the turrets that host the die system, and these holes must align and fit properly with the die systems to ensure perfect tablet formulation. To this end, it is therefore essential to observe every hole on the turret and ensure that its complementary die system fits properly into it without friction.

Again, since the turret determines the number of stations for a particular tablet press machine, you should look out for one that has more turrets to occupy your production capacity.

Cam tracks

While the tableting process goes on, it is the cam tracks that guide both the upper and lower punches and keeping them intact at various stages of tablet compression. One more reason why you should ensure that the cam tracks are well aligned is to make sure that material filling, compression, and product ejection goes on smoothly, without the already processed tablets still being stocked within the punches. A common issue around the cam tracks which may interest you to look out for is friction due to dryness of the track. Once this happens, the punches both above and below won’t be well aligned again to give maximum compressive force to tablets formed.

Sure this adds to what you already know

Every component in a used tablet press machine is vital and deserves a thorough examination. Apart from the above-listed parts, there are still other parts you may consider to check out to ensure that they are in good shape.

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