Buying Vs Renting Heavy Machines: The Valuable Secret Of Buying One

Buying Vs Renting Heavy Machines: The Valuable Secret Of Buying One
Kitmondo 12 Feb 2020

While many contractors usually bask in the euphoria of how well they’ve been able to convince a client that they have the best hands and equipment to handle and deliver a perfect and satisfactory construction job for them, one area of major concern to them is in the acquisition of all or some of the equipment required to carry out the job at hand. 

By this, many contractors find themselves at a crossroad, especially when deciding whether or not to rent a piece of equipment or buy such equipment out-rightly even though it may be used equipment.

When to buy used heavy machinery?

For most contractors like you, your decision as to whether or not to buy a piece of equipment is usually based on some factors. Typical of such factors you may consider how often you'll need such equipment for your construction services.

Other common factors which are usually considered whether or not to buy or rent a piece of equipment is in the cost implication of transporting such equipment to their worksite, the cost of repairs and maintenance of the equipment, depreciation, resale value as well as the working capital required to maintain and run the equipment.

Well, despite all the seemingly benefits you may be considering about renting a piece of equipment, the truth remains that there are lots of valuable benefits and advantages which you stand to gain if you chose to buy a piece of used construction equipment, especially when such an equipment is bought from a reliable marketplace for used equipment.

And like you can rightly tell, the advantages of buying a piece of construction equipment usually outweigh what you may gain from renting a heavy construction machine, irrespective of which way you may consider it.

Advantages of buying used heavy machinery

No doubt, the choice of either renting or buying a piece of used heavy machinery comes with a set of benefits and advantages. Well, when weighing their advantages, you'll definitely agree that owning your construction equipment gives you more flexibility and control over how you carry out the job at hand.

In case you still may be sceptic about the benefits of buying used construction equipment, here are some interesting advantages to back our claims .

You take absolute control

One outstanding benefit of buying used heavy machinery for all your construction jobs is the fact that you have total control over each equipment and how it is being used. Besides having control over how such a piece of equipment is being used, you also take charge over its maintenance and upkeep.

By having control over how a piece of construction equipment is being maintained, you also have control over what quality of parts are being used as a replacement for each time such equipment may have the need for repairs or routine maintenance.

The ready availability of equipment for your use 

Buying and owning a piece of used heavy machinery gives you the flexibility of having equipment at your disposal to use whenever the need for such equipment arises.

You will really appreciate the fact that owning a piece of equipment is the best if you've ever been in need for an urgent contract which you have to execute, and the renting company comes up one or few excuses about some things that need to be fixed on the piece of equipment you want to rent.

Higher productivity from regular use 

Obviously, with a piece of construction equipment which you use day-in-day-out, you are bound to understand all the nitty-gritty of the equipment and how best to manage it maximally for every project you may need it for.

More so, this high level of familiarity with a particular piece of equipment is a sure way to increase your level of productivity, and this is contrary to a piece of rented equipment which you may have to spend tons of hours trying to understand some little details about how best you can use it.

A better trade-in or resale value for equipment

Buying and owning a piece of construction equipment in which you have full control over its use places you in a vantage position of using and maintaining the machine to the best of your ability.

This you will do, especially when you have the plan of reselling such equipment subsequently for different or bigger equipment. By this, you can use and maintain such equipment very well such that when it is time to resell it, you can get an offer that is almost equivalent to its initial cost price/value.

Sure, you know that you can't think of such a business strategy for a piece of rented equipment.

Availability of an asset you can rely upon

Beyond your control most time, tables turn and the situation varies, and in such instance, you may need an asset as collateral for bigger or different equipment which you can't afford at the moment. But with a piece of equipment which you already have in your fleet, you can choose to lay one down as a way of committing yourself to the new contract are in for.

What then happens if you've been renting every piece of equipment for each project that you have to execute? Obviously, you'll be stuck in such a situation.

Spending less to acquire a piece of equipment

Although the last on this list, this is never the least. When you buy a used heavy machinery, especially from a reputable marketplace for used industrial equipment, one advantage you are sure of is the fact that you are likely to spend less in acquiring an equipment that has been serviced, maintained and fixed to a standard almost equivalent to a piece of equipment directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

However, to ensure that you are on the right track for such a deal, you must look out for reliable vendors for used industrial equipment. With this, you can be sure that any piece of construction equipment you take home is worth even more than the amount you’ve paid for it.

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