Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Laser Cutting Machine

Buyer's Guide: How to Choose the Best Laser Cutting Machine
Kitmondo 30 Jan 2019

Do you have a dream for your business? Obviously, your candid response like every other entrepreneur would be a bold ‘Yes’. 

What your dream for your business maybe is what we can’t tell precisely, but a random guess will land us at the assumption that you wish to see your business double (if not triple) its potential and status as the years run by.

While such dreams seem true about virtually every business, one may be tempted to ask - what then creates the difference between a business that sees it dreams come true and the other whose dreams have been torn into shards? The simple answer to this question is choice and decision. Choice and decision?

Hold on because we don’t intend to leave you pondering what choice and decision has to do with the growth of your business. Talking about choice and decision, we simply refer to the machines such as a laser cutting machine an entrepreneur chooses to work with.

Irrespective of how much such machines may cost – whether for a brand new or used laser cutting machine, the right choice and decision are sure to create the whole difference. Remember, money won’t solve anything but wise spending will do the magic.

With Tons of Laser Cutting Machines, What Do I Look For?

You obviously may cut in, with so many laser cutting machines in the market, how do I know what to look out for when I’m out to acquire one? Secondly, must I go for a brand new laser cutting machine to be sure that am spending wisely?

We are glad that such questions may give you sleepless nights. This is exactly where our professional recommendations and guidance comes in since we aren’t just a market place for used industrial machines of which used laser cutting machine is not an exception. Again, we can’t point out a particular brand as being the best laser cutting machine, but these few guides will make the whole difference in your choice of what may seem best to you.

Firstly, Buy With Future Prospect

This is where you actually put into practice what your dreams for you your establishment may be. Whether you are buying a new or used laser cutting machine, buying one with the ability to serve your growing business for a long time is important. By this, you can actually opt for a laser cutting machine with a wider cutting bed surface, higher cutting power, and a powerful focal point lens.

Usage Type

A prime consideration in your decision and choice for a laser cutting machine is your intended use for it. While laser cutting machine can be used for the cutting and engraving of different materials, an idea of what your use for it will be will help you choose not just wisely but purposefully.

Cutting Bed Size 

Depending on the type of material or the work specialty you are into, you should choose bed size that will give you much flexibility while working with your laser cutting machine. Bed size ranges from A4 to A0, so keen consideration of the best size will help you. Also, even if your specialty at the moment may require a smaller bed size, if you hope to upgrade to larger materials with time, buying a larger bed size will save cost and serve the dual function.

Optic Lens Quality Matters

Hello, get this straight and right – the quality of your jobs with a laser cutting machine doesn’t depend on the power input of the machine. Instead, quality jobs (talking about precision and speed) depends on the power of the optic lens. So, buying a laser cutting machine with a power consumption of about 50W won’t give you the quality of jobs you would expect if the optics lens is of low quality. Obviously, you won’t want your business to be noted for late delivery simply because you invested in a laser cutting machine with lower optic lens power.

Fume Extractor

Many materials in which the laser cutting machine is used in cutting or engraving gives out fumes which are very hazardous to health and to the laser cutting machine itself. Furthermore, your fume extraction system should contain the following: air assist (a basic fire prevention system that blows sufficient air onto your work-piece while it is being cut), air compressor, and a filter monitoring system. With an efficient fume extraction system, fumes during engraving will be effectively removed to avoid this fume from causing health hazards to someone – remember, someone can be anyone even you.

User-Friendly Interface/Manual

While there are tons of laser cutting machine in the market, their usability also differs greatly. So, for your new laser cutting machine, we would kindly recommend that you choose one with an easy user interface. Secondly, opting for a laser cutting machine which doesn’t just have a user manual on how to operate the machine but also having some simple tricks or steps in fixing some minor repairs will be of great help. Sure you wouldn’t want to be inviting the engineers to come around always for the least fault in technicalities.

Room for Upgrading/Parts Replacement

Another critical area of consideration when choosing a laser cutting machine is the availability of parts for replacement. Also, the power usage, optic lens quality, and other parts should have room for an upgrade when the need arises instead of always hitting the market for a new laser cutting machine. Since there is always the need for improvement, there should also be a room for such improvement, don’t you think so?

Finally, Technical Support/Warranty

No machine is built with the immunity against breakdown! Not even the laser cutting machine. While this remains fresh within you as you go out to purchase one, your laser cutting machine purchasing company should give you their words regarding follow-up and technical support even after product delivery.

Waow! A great eye-opener at its peak, you probably may exclaim. That’s simply a part of our quality service delivery, and we see this as a seamless responsibility. 

You probably may be scared about what the price for a brand new laser cutting machine may be, that’s absolutely nothing to worry about. With the understanding of what to look out for in a new laser cutting machine, you can save more bucks for other projects when you buy a used laser machine.

Sure you’ll inquire to know if a used laser cutting machine will provide all the outline features, that’s exactly the reason why we had to keep you in the know first– see, we are confident about our products.

Check us out today for prompt and quality delivery of used laser cutting machine with functionality that is comparable to a new one.