Choose The Right Used Capsule Filling Machine

Choose The Right Used Capsule Filling Machine
Kitmondo 10 Jul 2019

One of the goals of a pharmaceutical firm is the production of drugs that meets the regulatory standard. Beyond working to meet regulatory standards, drugs produced – either as a capsule or any other form – must be intact or retaining both its active ingredients as well as excipients for the desired quality.  So, to achieve this feat, pharmaceutical companies are usually keen on what type of capsule filling machine or encapsulator they buy. Making the crucial decision become essential since no firm would want to underproduce and so struggle to meet up with customers' demands. Well, despite the need to produce at a pace that equates to a firm's demand, owning the right capsule filling machine which will do the needed job perfectly become a big nightmare to many companies. Sure, you know that these machines aren't priced like a peanut?

With a high-end price tag to beat when purchasing a new encapsulator, many firms now realize that investing a used capsule filling machine tends to be the wisest choice to get more even while spending less. For most of these firms, they increase their machine fleet by purchasing from a reliable and trustworthy market place for used machines and other industrial equipment such as

In need of a capsule filling machine?

Before answering this question and getting us to furnish your facility with a used capsule filling machine of premium quality, there are some basic things we expect you to know. This, we trust will help you to make the best of any of our used pharmaceutical equipment supplied to you.

Decide on your capsule size

Making this decision wisely involves taking into account what type or mixture of supplement you wish to have your capsule composed of. By this, you will be able to tell the milligram of the capsule you intend to produce.

Choose your capsule type

There are various types of capsule you can produce from our used capsule filling machine. Depending what your expected clients needs, you may choose to produce gelatin capsules which are best for just anyone. On the other hand, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (HPMC) capsule, which is best for vegetarians can be the choice capsule you wish to produce. Besides the two types mentioned above, you may decide to deal particularly on pullulan capsule, which is the best picks for organic freaks. Nevertheless, your facility may have the capacity of producing all these types of capsule, and so there is always a used capsule filling machine for you.

Decide on whether separated or joined capsule

Capsules also come either as separated or joined capsule. Whichever is your focus, buying the best capsule filling machine type will help you get your expected results. Well, for information sake, separated capsules are majorly produced from manual capsule filling machines while the joined capsules are the products of both the semi-automatic and automatic filling machines.

An encapsulator of your choice

Having understood what is involved in deciding on the best capsule filling machine for your production need, it is now the time to make a choice from our extensive array of used capsule filling machines.

Before going further on choosing a capsule filling machine, here are some working principle that binds every type of encapsulator one to the other;

  1. Rectification detects some badly formed gelatin capsule.
  2. The separation of capsule caps from the bodies.
  3. Formulation and dosing of the fill material.
  4. Rejoining of the caps to the bodies.
  5. The ejection or removal of filled capsules.

Types of capsule filling machine

Basically, there are three types of capsule filling machine. As stated earlier, factors such as the speed of production and capsule type to be produced will enable you to know which type of capsule filling machine is the best for your production needs.

Hand operated/manual capsule filling machine

As the name suggests, these type of capsule filling machines are easy to operate and relatively low in cost with a relatively fast capsule filling capacity. Hand operated/manual capsule filling machine are majorly useful for experimental drug design and homemade capsule production since they can only give a small to medium-sized capsule filling. Manual capsule filling machine gives the best result for filling separated capsules. The production capacity of a manual capsule filling machine is about 6000 - 6,250 capsules per hour

Basic components of a manual encapsulator include:

  1. A powder tray.
  2. A pin plate with approximately 200-300 pins.
  3. A sealing plate with a rubber cap.
  4. A lever.
  5. A bed with approximately 200-300 holes.
  6. A loading tray with about 200-300 holes.
  7. A cam handle with a loading tray of approximately 250 holes.

Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

This type of capsule filling machine combines both the manual and automatic method of capsule filling in the encapsulation process. With this, it can be said to be a semi-automatic capsule filling machine. In terms of operation, the semi-automatic capsule filling machine is relatively easy to operate although a bit complex than the manual capsule filling machine. Talking about its design, stainless steel, and non-corrosive material are used in the construction of a semi-automatic capsule filling machine parts. With this, it makes it easy to clean after use, and thus reducing the risk of contamination.

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine can straddle both the filling of separated and joined capsules conveniently. The production capacity of this type of encapsulator is between 25,000 – 30,000 capsules per hour.  

Automatic capsule filling machine

This type of capsule filling machine is specifically built to fill empty gelatin capsules with granules and/or powders automatically. Due to their efficiency during work, automatic capsule filling machines are used in the production of capsule in a large scale. Also, they are machines that are designed to be very durable, reliable, and of high precision when it comes to filling capsules to the desired standard and quality.

A fully automatic capsule filling machine can work in synergy with other peripheral machines/parts such as an online capsule polishing machine, damaged capsule sorted, empty capsule ejector, and dust extractor. Generally, automatic capsule filling machines can fill only joined capsules, and they can fill approximately 95,000 - 120,000 capsules per hour.

Make your choice and let’s supply it

Here you will find all that you need to make the best choice for used capsule filling machine that will meet your needs. Since we have taken up the responsibility of giving you the required insight on the basics of a capsule filling machine, we won't leave you stranded at this point.

Yes, we are here as your reliable marketplace for used equipment and other used industrial and pharmaceutical units. Kindly contact us for used capsule filling machines, and you'll be glad that you came across this post.