The Latest Technological Input in CNC Machines

The Latest Technological Input in CNC Machines
Kitmondo 04 Sep 2019

You can scarcely find a business that can survive when it is not moving with the pace of advancement in technology. Notably, for manufacturing companies, machines such as Computer Numerical Control, or CNC becomes an essential tool. This is because CNC machines play an enormous role to ensure that their work comes out perfect and satisfactory. Common examples of this kind of machines include the CNC mill, drills, lathes and other forms of CNC machines which are used in various manufacturing firms to deliver the best. 

The high-end delivery of CNC machines

How do these machines help in giving such a high-end delivery with little or no stress to the manufacturers? you may ask. The answer is simple. CNC machines come with computerized panels which allow manufacturers to input the precise and particular instructions about the jobs they have at hand.

With this, these CNC machines can then produce such products based on the provided information without any form of addition or subtraction to the instructions given. As it would interest you to know, with such precisions and a seamless way of carrying out production, CNC machines dramatically enhance production efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness. This, without a doubt, has contributed to these machines becoming the pivot of many modern manufacturing firms.

The longevity of CNC machines

More so, another good reason why CNC machines stand out unique, especially in the manufacturing industry is due to its durability and longevity. This makes CNC machines to be a handy tool for many new businesses to have a soft spot to kick off.

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Advantages of using CNC machines

Besides providing automation for manufacturers, CNC machines come with other benefits that make them also a top-pick machine over other types of machines, especially when the following qualities are the goals:

High operation speed

CNC machines are designed to combine various manual steps in the manufacturing process into single computerized steps. This dramatically reduces the length of time required to finish a particular product.

Relatively simple to operate

Other types of manufacturing equipment require skilled individuals and operators to even turn on the machines. Well, this is different in the case of CNC machines since the computerized panel is well-designed such that any average individual can follow on-screen instructions to operate them. Also, with CNC machines, it is easy to have an operator using and supervising multiple CNC machines simultaneously. This can lead to a drastic reduction in the cost of labour for manufacturing firms.

Consistency of quality

CNC machines are programmed to perform the same type of job and give the same result over and over again with negligible or no deviation in product quality.

Efficiency in used material

The high level of precision with which CNC machines works makes these machines able to use every piece of material with the most efficiency. With this, there will be a drastic reduction in the generation of waste as well as in the cost of production.

High product volume

Another good quality of CNC machines worth the mention is the high level of product turn out. With a CNC machine, producing the same piece in a large quantity is very easy, and this comes with the assurance that every piece will be identical and of the same dimension.

High precision

Notable about CNC machines is the fact that these machines are programmed to accept instructions and follow suit to the least details. By this, CNC machines are apt in product design when compared to results from other manual or semi-automated machines.

What’s new about CNC machines

While technological improvements continue to rave other sectors, the manufacturing industries are also staying ahead of their game with new technological inputs from OEM of CNC machines. Some of such technological advancements include;

Integrated robot automation

Despite being an automated machine, manufacturers of CNC machines are constantly discovering more ways to equip further and enhance the quality of services delivered by CNC machines. Recently, CNC machine manufacturers are focused on possible ways to integrate robots with CNC machines. With this, such integrated robots can be used in the packing and stacking of finished products pending distribution to the end-users. With this, the manufacturing process is streamlined, with a drastic reduction in waste generation and also increasing the simplicity of using CNC machines. Technological advancements like this make it possible to envision a day where an entire manufacturing operation will be directed using a simple computerized panel.

The advent of CNC 3D printers (Scanner/Laser Engraver/CNC)

Another milestone in the development of CNC machines is the advent of the CNC 3D printers which comes in a very compact and portable form, thus making CNC machines available to small and new manufacturing businesses as well as individuals. Unique about the CNC 3D printers is the fact that it combines multiple machines functions into a single and familiar machine unit.

CNC machines optimized with active vibration control

Final but not the least on this list is the retrofittable, accelerometer-based design in CNC machines which helps in eliminating tool-head vibration so that material removal rate (MRR) will be optimized. With this, CNC machines productivity is stepped up since tool head vibration is almost eliminated. Also, this, cost-effective active vibration control systems help to provide an exceptional and dynamic damping ability to CNC machines.

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