Modern Machine Tools - Oliver Heavy Duty Die-Making

Kitmondo 01 May 2014

The Oliver heavy-duty die-making machine has been designed to fill a much-needed demand in the tool and die field. It is a product' of the Oliver Instrument Co., Ltd., of Michigan., and the sole British and London agents are the Rex Hacksaw and Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd., of First Avenue House, High Holborn, London, W.C.I.

Adjustable Stroke

The stroke is adjustable from 0in. to 5in. -and six speeds are provided from 100 to 300. Any type of parallel files or any size of saw from the smallest to the heavier machine saws can be held in the clamps without any previous preparation. The ram which reciprocates the cutting tool is of steel tubing 2in. in diameter with 10in. of bearing. The arms which reciprocate the cutting tool are rigidly connected to this ram and are provided with universal clamps which are adjustable vertically so that the file or saw may be held close to the work. The upper arm is hinged and has provision for straining the saw, can be turned back for easy removal of the work, or may be removed entirely if desired.

Files may be supported in both the upper and lower file chucks, or in either, depending upon the manner in which the file is being used. Positive mechanical drive is provided to both the upper and lower file chucks, or in either, depending upon the manner in which the file is being used. Positive mechanical drive is provided to both the tipper and lower file-holding arms. Saw guides are provided above and below the table, and they are both easily adjusted or removed when not needed. An air pump is provided giving a continuous blast of air sufficient to keep the work always clean.

The table is 14in. square, of heavy construction, and tilts 15° to the front, right, and left, and 3° to the rear. The table is held on a heavy cradle attached to the bed of the machine and there are no swivels or adjusting nuts near the centre of the table. The location where the lower end of the file is clamped is open and easily accessible. This feature adds much to the ease of operation of the machine.

Tool Alignment

Permanent alignment of the cutting tool is ensured by a crosshead at the rear of the machine which takes any side strain, and this crosshead is equipped with adjustable bronze shoes, should continued use make adjustment necessary. A novel feature is the method used in relieving the saw or file on the up stroke, and for feeding the work while sawing. This is accomplished by means of a hydraulic feeding device which provides a constant controllable pressure on the down stroke of the ram and relieves the pressure entirely on the up stroke. The feeding pressure may be adjusted by means of a knurled knob at the side of the machine. There are no ratchets, weights, or other similar mechanical parts used in this device.

The Feeding Device

The feeding device is so arranged* that it requires the constant attention of the operator to his work. The machine is started and stopped by means of a foot lever and is equipped with a f-h.p. motor. All running parts are enclosed in an oil-tight case and the shafts are equipped with ball bearings.

*If it is left to itself, it will feed a short distance and stop, so that work cannot be spoiled by an operator leaving the machine running without attention.