Price Difference: New VS Used Excavator

Price Difference: New VS Used Excavator
Kitmondo 17 Apr 2019

Every construction project relies basically on digging one or more points deep into the ground. And as the need to dig the ground cannot be traded for anything else, heavy-duty equipment that can perfectly do such digging is what every project supervisor out there needs. 

It is possible that you might be that project supervisor or engineer we are referring to here. If true, another fact about you may be that you are considering what choice of excavator will be the best for perfect job delivery.

As though the thought of which equipment type that will enable you to get your job completed flawlessly isn’t enough, getting to know what the right budget for the equipment you need is maybe another potential nut that you need to crack.

Whatever the case may be, there is also a way out. A way out of sleepless nights about what your budget size should be for a second-hand excavator.

Wondering what could be the way out?

We are the way, and we are here to offer a helping hand to you.

We are Kitmondo, a market place for used equipment with a reputation of reliability in the delivery of premium used machines and equipment for over two decades.

Considering the number of equipment, finance and the flexibility you may need to get your projects completed, we unswervingly advocate for a second-hand excavator especially from a reliable market place for used equipment like us.

However, if your worries lie so much on what the price difference between a new excavator and a second-hand excavator which is up for sale may be, we are right here to offer you the basic price range for your choice of equipment.

What Equipment Do You Need? Let’s Help You

Crawler Excavator

New: US $95,000 - 145,000

Used: US $25,000 - 35,000

Crawler excavator, also known as compact excavators run on two chains tracks. Crawler excavator uses hydraulic power for lifting heavy soil and debris. The chain wheel system in crawler excavator allows them to scale through hills and slide down with little or no risk. This feature makes them best for grading and landscaping uneven and hilly terrain. Although slow in motion, crawler excavator has overall greater flexibility, stability, and balance.

Backhoe Excavator

New: US $32,000 - 38,000

Used: US $10,000 - 15,000

Backhoe excavator finds the most common use among other types of excavators, particularly in construction projects. They are smaller in size and serve various purposes which include excavating soil or unloading waste in dumpsites. Backhoe excavators have a bucket which is facing the driver, and this bucket gets soil and other debris by pulling it towards the driver before finally lifting it up

Long Reach Excavator

New: US $155,000 - 185,000

Used: US $105,000 - 120,000

The lengthier arm and boom section of this equipment give it the name long reach excavator. It is ideal in hard-to-reach sites, and the arm is designed to stretch over a horizontal length of 100 feet.

They are also used for demolition and other projects beyond a body of water or inside a water body. It can as well receive different attachment on the arm to perform other jobs such as crushing, cutting or shearing.

Skid Steer Excavator

New: US $70,000 - 12,5000

Used: US $44,000 - 59,500

The Skid steer excavators are often employed in residential work, site cleaning, and digging pools. Being a deviant from other common excavators, the skid steer excavator has its booms and buckets facing a different direction away from the driver. With such orientation, they can easily maneuver tricky and sharp turns, especially in narrow areas.

Didn’t Find Your Choice?

If yes is your response, there is still nothing to worry about when considering the prices for a new or used/ second-hand excavator.

However, if a new piece of equipment is what you need, you should be ready to spend a huge sum then, because one thing that is certain about a new excavator is the fact that they can serve you up to 10 decades or more – that's with proper routine maintenance though.

Generally, purchasing a full-sized new excavator should fall between the range of US $100,000 to US $500,000.

For small excavators that may weigh about 10-15 tons, you should make a budget of about US$ 80,000 to US $150,000 to acquire a new one.

If you are looking out for something just in-between or say a midsized new excavator that may weigh between 15-20 tons, you should be hitting the OEM outlet with about US $100,000 to US $200,000.

Thinking of a large model excavator of about 30-40 tons of weight? Then your budget size should be counting between the US $200,000 to the US $400,000 for a new piece of equipment.

A Second Hand Excavator is a Perfect Choice

Yes, you can simply get a second-hand excavator and save yourself a whole lot of stress, thinking, saving, and planning endlessly.

 A used excavator's price, although not too cheap nor expensive, is relatively easy to purchase as you are sure that about 25% of the cost price for a new one will be off your neck. This discount is needful particular when you have many projects to handle, and each is requiring a particular piece of an excavator to do the job cleanly and perfectly.  

Get A Second Hand Excavator From Us

Making the right choice about second hand excavators that are up for sale can be tricky – sure you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands.

If yes, contact reliable professionals like us who specializes in the business of selling used equipment that will serve its purpose and reflect its monetary value.