Approximate Start-Up Price for Used Power Plant

Approximate Start-Up Price for Used Power Plant
Kitmondo 24 Jul 2019

Like the machines and equipment used in most manufacturing companies, the place of a power plant for the generation of steady power supply which will be used to run other machines can’t be overemphasized. This becomes important because other industrial units depend largely on a power source for them to work. For this reason, the need to invest in a power plant that will serve its purpose even to the latter is very important.  

Buying used power plant

While the need for a power plant is an undeniable fact in the activities of any firm, investing in the right power plant that will produce an energy capacity that can handle all the equipment it is meant to power can be an overwhelming task to complete. To many, they are left at the cross of not knowing which type of power plant to buy, and for others, the cost of acquiring these equipment becomes a nightmare.

Whichever category you may belong, here is an assurance for you “there is always a way out of any situation.” In case the high cost of acquiring a new power plant to generate power for your equipment is keeping your business from kicking off or making you experience hitches in the smooth running of your business, there are another alternative and a better one that you won’t think twice before accepting that this is the information you have long been missing.

Without much ado, when considering to invest in a power plant that will power your machines, buying a used power plant from a trusted marketplace for used equipment is the best way to go about this. As you would already know, apart from saving you from spending so much to acquire a brand new power plant, you can also gain from the benefit of buying 2 or more used power plant at the price of one new one.  

Also, when it comes to the installation and regular maintenance of your power plant, buying a used power plant from a reliable online vendor for used equipment like us, you will be sure that you are working with professionals who are always ready to help you get the most out of any piece of equipment sold to you. With this, navigating the marketplace for used power plant won't be a scary adventure for you.

Well, since you already know where to buy a piece of used power plant with all the quality features intact, we trust that the next question that will be bothering your mind will likely be the question of what your budget should be if you are out to invest in a used power plant. With this, at heart, we won’t rush into splashing you with amazing prices that will make you want to order lots of power plants for sale as much as you can. Instead, you shall be guided into the various types of used power plants in our listing, and then we shall intimidate you with what the start-up price for each of these used power plant category will be.

Natural gas power plant ($525/KW)

Natural gas power plants are known for their high capacity power generation, and they have recently been discovered o generate about 6549MW of power for industrial use. Although a compound term to describe various technology which is combined to give an increased power production capacity, natural gas power plant usually have at least one steam turbine, and one combustion turbine and the operate with higher efficiency than other forms of the power plant.

Well, worthy of note is the fact that combustion turbine natural gas power plant is usually lesser in efficiency when compared to the combined cycle. This, ultimately leads to a higher cost of operation and a synonymous high cost of construction as well.

Nevertheless, due to their natural gas power plants are usually fast to build, and they serve situations where a need for quick and short term high energy capacity is required to meet its demands.

Thermal power plant ($450/KW)

The thermal power plant may either produce electricity through a prime mover or by burning fuel – which the nuclear power plant is a typical example. The heat produced from a nuclear reactor is usually used to turn water into steam which is later sent via a turbine that is connected to an electric generator for the generation of electricity for equipment. The electrical energy produced from a thermal power plant can run into about 5,600MW, which is enough to power, not just an industrial site but also neighboring communities.

Similarly, apart from using the steam heating turbine to generate electricity, coal can also be burned to generate the coal power plant. In this case, the heat from the burning of coal is enough to power a steam turbine and also an electric generator.

Wind power plant ($790/KW)

Wind turbines produce electrical energy from the wind where a generator connected to the fan blades generates energy from the rotational motion of the fan as caused by the wind. Although majorly a project that requires a large area of land or water body with high wind velocity, the wind power plant can produce about 8,065 MW of electrical energy when constructed in an area with the minimum wind requirement level.

Solar power plant ($2,921/KW)

Like you already know, the solar power plant generates electrical energy from sunlight using photovoltaic panels which are composed of a photovoltaic cell. These cells are a product of semiconductors with the ability to emit electrons when warmed by the thermal energy from the sun. Well, in terms of the energy generation capacity of a solar power plant which is usually about 3,192 MW, this energy so generated is usually dependent on the type of construction technology which is utilized in the building process.

Found one? We can help you

Generating power for your industrial needs is a great task that requires a huge financial commitment. However, the good news is that when you partner with reliable professionals and marketplace for used industrial equipment or even used power plant like Kitmondo, you are sure that you are investing wisely.

On a final note, we are known globally as a solution for used industrial equipment and other industrial units. So, we would recommend that you kindly contact us for any need you may have regarding investment in a used power plant for your construction site of a manufacturing company.