What Type of Molding Machine Do You Need?

What Type of Molding Machine Do You Need?
Kitmondo 13 Mar 2019

In the world of plastics and plastic-related production, one of the equipment which can be said to be the backbone of such investment is a molding machine. So, if you have been considering venturing into such investment, one question that should keep you awake at night is “what type of molding machine do I need”. 

However, many people might smile and say “I have already gone beyond the stage of what type of molding machine I need for my business”. Instead, the question that is bothering them now is how to go about acquiring the molding machine of their choice seeing that molding machines seem to have a huge price tag on their neck. If that’s you, that absolutely not a problem. Why? Simply because a used plastic blow molding machine, extrusion blow molding machine, or a used extrusion molding machine from a reliable marketplace can be the answer to all your worries and concerns about the soaring prices of molding machines.

A reliable marketplace for used machines? 

Yes, let’s face the fact! Extrusion blow molding machines or plastic injection molding machine aren’t like any other machine in which just a stroll into a store outlet in your city is sure to get you one from the shelf. As you may already know, the various types of moulding machines are large equipment of which their prices are synonymous to their huge sizes.

That notwithstanding, the good news here is that, with a considerable budget size, we sure can partner with you to see your dream of acquiring a used plastic molding machine come true amazingly.

Being a marketplace that has supplied over 5000 used units and machines to various companies and individuals across the world, we believe that you won’t want to be an exception regarding the beneficiaries of our quality service delivery on used equipment.

Before you cut in about the benefits/guaranty you will enjoy from buying a used plastic injection molding machine or a used extrusion blow molding machine from us, here are a few among others we wouldn’t want to bore you reading here;

- You sure will save more money for other machines. Simply see it this way; you can whisk away a used extrusion blow molding machine and a used plastic injection molding machine for the price of one new plastic blow molding machine.

- You are sure to enjoy up to one year guarantee on any of our used plastic blow molding machines you purchase.

- In case of any technical hitches (which comes rarely) or maintenance, we have experienced and dedicated a team of engineers that will proffer technical support swiftly.

Having played our part perfectly (yes, we did) to seeing your dream come true, the ball is now in your court to decide whether to wait until you have all it takes to get a new plastic blow molding machine or simply get your business kicking with a used molding machine which we are sure will deliver your expected production needs. Yes, we mean meeting your plastic production needs.

Types of moulding machines and product formed

So, having solved the problem of acquiring an affordable and yet a quality used molding machine, it's wise that we also give due attention to the needs of those who are still at the cross-road of what type of molding machine they need for their plastic production needs.

Just as the word ‘types’ comes into the picture about molding machines, it is a clear indication that molding machines differ from each other in terms of operation (how they work), products formed and raw material used for product formation despite the fact that they may all be electrically operated.

In the same vein, just as molding machine varies, so will individual needs for molding machines vary based on their production needs.

With much ado, let’s quickly analyse what’s the difference between molding machines so that you will be guided properly about what fits best for your plastic production needs.

Injection moulding machine

The injection molding machines use plastic pellets referred to as resin from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) as its raw material. Initially, the resins are melted to a molten form, and these molten plastic pellets are then injected through a nozzle into the clamped mould of the injection molding machine.

Once this molten plastic is filled into all the cavities of the mould, the mold is immediately cooled to help the molten plastic set within it. After the setting time, the mould opens up to release the formed plastic material which is formed to have the exact shape of the mold compartments.

Many injection mold compartments are able to produce as high as about 20-30 plastic caps or parts at each round of molten plastic injection.

Product formed from injection mould machine

- Plastic bottle caps

- PET preform (a tube-like vial with a threaded neck)

- And other plastic materials such as plates, spoons, cups etc.

Extrusion molding machine

In the extrusion processes of plastic production, a die (which is a 2D hole) is used instead of the conventional mould as seen above.

Plastic materials are formed or extruded through the two-dimensional hole of the die and this material will automatically take up the geometry of the die. The longer the extrusion time which is maintained uniformly leads to a longer extruded material or piece which are similarly sized.

Products formed from Extrusion Molding Machine

- Plastic rods

- Plastic pipes

Blow Molding Machine

While the injection mold machine uses resin as its raw material for plastic parts production, the extrusion molding machines on their part use PET preform (that produced from the injection molding machine) as its raw material for the production of plastic bottles.

The first stage of operation in the extrusion molding machine involves heating up of the PET preform in a heating chamber whose heat helps to soften the PET preform.

Once the PET preform is heated up to the desired temperature, it is immediately removed from the heating chamber into the mould where the threaded neck of the PET preform is held handing within the mold. After being fitted properly, the mold closes up, and a stretcher goes into the bottle to stretch it down to the full length of the mould. With the help of compressed air which is forced into the stretched PET preform, the PET preform is blotted up to take up the exact shape of the mold, and a plastic bottle which can be used for cream, liquid soap or water packaging is produced.

The product formed from blow molding machine

- Plastic bottle or vial

- And other hollowed plastic materials

Now you know, what type of molding machine do you need?

Remember, the kind and type of machine you acquire will guarantee the quality of the products which you manufacture. As such, our candid advice to you will be “spend wisely”.

Get informed about plastic molding machines from a trusted market place for used units to get the most from used molding machines at a lesser amount.

Need more insight about used plastic molding machines than these? Contact us and you sure will smile home with a used plastic injection moulding machine or blow molding machine at a very competitive price. Don’t forget this part, “Used doesn’t mean crummy”