Important Factors Worth Considering When Buying Used CNC Machines

Important Factors Worth Considering When Buying Used CNC Machines
Kitmondo 12 Jun 2019

The high-end prices of a new piece of CNC machines make purchasing a used one a better and wise decision to make. Well, buying a used CNC machine is not always an easy task to complete, but once you find the right one, it can always save you a fortune. Yes, this can save you a whole lot since it is a smarter and more economical way to invest with huge returns. 

Nevertheless, there are chances that you may not have the technical know-how to analyse and diagnose a used CNC machine before purchasing one. If this is the case for you, buying from a reputable online intermediary for used equipment can save you a great deal. Not only will they give you a guarantee on machines purchased, but they will also offer you professional services before, during, and after the purchase of any used CNC machine.

Used CNC machine guide

Before you dash out to amass some used CNC machines to increase your machine fleet and also increase your productivity, there are some essential things to consider before initiating the buying process. Like every other guide, this used CNC machine guide will help you to make the best decision.

Compare information on the data sheet

No matter what type of CNC machine you are buying, there is always a data sheet which is placed on the back panel of the machine. This data sheet gives you an overview of the basic functions and options with which the machine came with. Most notable about the information you will find on the data sheet is the machine serial number. With the serial number, you can contact the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for more information about the machine you want to buy (in case of doubt somewhere). Such information may even help you to know the real owner of the equipment you are buying and how long the machine has been in use since its purchase.  

Request for manuals

Yes, as common as the manual in a used CNC machine may look to you, it has the potential of saving you from so many mishaps. For a used CNC machine which probably may be a different model from what you are used to, getting the user manual for the programming, electrical, maintenance and other aspects of the machine will help you a lot. Most important about this is the fact that you wouldn't have to invite or pay for the least fault in the machine since you can pick up the manual to find solutions to such problems.

Machine updates are important

As you already know, CNC machines are high-tech machines that are programmed to be updated as often as possible if you want to get the most from them. So, in your search for a used CNC machine, one of the things that should interest you is the machine updates. When buying a used CNC machine, ensure that it has been upgraded to match your need for it. If it hasn't been improved, ensure that it is one that can be upgraded at all. Again, the availability of components and parts for upgrade is another aspect you should look out for.

Tolerance level (deviation from actual dimension)

Machine operators aren’t perfect beings, so is the case with machines. Yes, deviation from actual measurement are things that can't be entirely avoided in the manufacturing process. This is due to some uncontrolled factors such as an increase in machine temperature, vibration, and even the level of humidity in a work site.

Well, even though a machine, even a used CNC machine, may not give you 100% accuracy and precision, it should have a negligible tolerance level.

The most accepted standard for the tolerance level of a CNC machine is usually around a deviation of 0.001in-0.002in. With such a level of variation from a used CNC machine, it can be considered as being within the range, and so parts produced from it will fit perfectly where they are meant for. And as you already know, once the deviation is more prominent than this range, it, therefore, tells you that no matter how professional you may be at your work, parts produced from such CNC machines are entirely unusable.

Hold and move all the axes

Most CNC machines are programmed to cut their workpiece through the X, Y, and Z coordinates. And this is done automatically, smoothly and without friction. So, when diagnosing a used CNC machine before purchase, ensure that the transition around the various axes is smooth and that there is no oscillation after the engine has been stopped. Oscillations are usually felt around the ballscrew, and this is usually accompanied by some abnormal noise when the machine is operated at a high revolution per minute(rpm). Such sound usually indicates a damaged ballscrew, bearing, worn ways, or even a damaged turkite.

Examine the spindle time/machine hour

Since the spindle of your used CNC machine will do most of the jobs you are buying it for, it is important to look at how long the spindle has been doing a similar job for its previous owner.

Besides the spindle, the machine time will give you an idea of what other machine parts have gone through, and this will help you to know if the parts are due for replacement or not.

Well, although some dubious and unscrupulous vendors can alter and reset the hour control on the Fanuc, the overall look of the machine should give you an insight into its years of use when compared to the spindle/machine time you are seeing.hen

Inspect the linear guides/ways keenly

Examining the full length of the groove for discoloration and pits browning is another way to ensure that you are paying for a second-hand CNC machine that is worth the price. In some cases, lack of lubrication can lead to pitted linear guides and grooves in extreme case; this can lead to the complete damage of the turkite. Also, you may need to remove the entire axis to have a better view of the turkite if you are unsure of what the turkite may look like when you sense a pitted groove.

Work with a trustworthy marketplace for used equipment

While all the above areas to examine are very important when considering to invest in a second-hand CNC machine, dealing with a reliable online intermediary for used industrial machinery will go a long way to determine the quality of used CNC machine you are paying for.

Knowing the right and unscrupulous online intermediary for used industrial equipment may be another hurdle to scale through. In case you’ve been considering which professionals to meet who will guide you into a great deal for a quality used CNC machine, you can confidently contact us, and we'll be glad to help you.