SMT Machines: Is A Used Pick & Place Machine Worth It?

SMT Machines: Is A Used Pick & Place Machine Worth It?
Kitmondo 25 Jun 2019

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machines are one of the world's leading machines that work on the principle of accuracy and precision without compromise. Picking and placing chips on the exact spot on each printed circuit board (PCB) is a job that requires high-end precision. 

With this, it won’t be out of place to say that every manufacturer will do their best to purchase machines that will give them the expected result. And for SMT pick and place machine, buying a brand new machine directly from the OEM is an investment that can knock many manufacturers off their business.

Why is it worth to buy used pick and place machine?

So, with the high cost of purchasing a new SMT machine, does it mean that if you can't buy them on the high side, your business is due for liquidation? Never! The simple truth is that even without purchasing a new SMT machine, you can still keep your business up and running. Well, you may eagerly inquire –how can I keep my business afloat if I can't afford to buy a new machine?

Okay, if that’s your worries, then the answer to your curiosity isn’t far-fetched. Investing in a used pick and place machine is the best alternative to get more job done with less amount of capital investment on machine purchase. Yes, you can achieve this only when you work with a trusted marketplace for used equipment and machines.

Buy used pick and place machine with a reliable marketplace

In case you may be sceptic about how to find a reliable marketplace for used machines where you can purchase pick and place machines that are up for sale, Kitmondo is where you need to visit if indeed you want to get the most from a piece of used pick and place machine. As a renowned company that has served over 7,000 buyers and sellers of used equipment globally, you should be confident that working with us to increase your machine fleet is an adventure worth undertaking.

However, like many clients which we've served satisfactorily, we trust that your curiosity maybe evolving from one stage to the other. And at this stage, we believe that you possibly would want to know what the top of the chart advantage of purchasing a used SMT pick and place machine. If we read your thoughts right, then you are not far from getting answers to your dilemma. You should also read our article: How to choose the best pick and place machine.

Advantages of investing in a used pick and place machine

Without much ado, here are some advantages of investing in a used pick and place machine.

Lesser buying price

Like what every other person out there will think when considering to invest in a used pick and place machine. The cost implication is always one of the first areas of focus. Well, as you would rightly guess, a piece of a used SMT machine won't cost you more as a new one will do. In fact, if you are opportune to find a company that is going out of business, you can easily get a fortune of different machines with just a fraction of what the price for a new one will be. Similarly, buying a used machine implies that you'll have to patiently wait for a couple of years for a piece of equipment to age, and then you can buy it for a lesser amount.

Increase machine fleet seamlessly

If your workload demands more machines to meet up with the deadline, increasing your machine fleet is the only answer to such demands. Achieving this is something you can do within a reasonable budget only if you are fortunate to work with a reliable market place for used equipment. With this, you can boost your business growth rate without spending too much on your investment. Also, purchasing used pick and place machine from a trusted online intermediary for used equipment like us means that any piece of equipment you have an interest in has been serviced and certified to serve you satisfactorily.

Immediate availability/delivery is guaranteed

Considering to purchase a used pick and place machine simply means that you are ready to continue with your business within a day or two after buying a used SMT machine. Unlike the usual 4-6 weeks it will take for a brand new machine from the OEM to get to you after making a purchase, buying a piece of used equipment will keep you on track and ultimately help you to meet up with high service delivery within the expected time frame.

Higher chances of buying high-end brands at a lower price

From the illustration about a company that is folding up and trying to sell off some equipment, there are higher chances of finding equipment that is still new. Besides a piece of equipment being new, there are higher chances of buying an expensive brand of equipment even at a lower price. And with this, you can be smiling home with a big fish in your small fishing line.

More flexibility in machine purchase

Investing in a used pick and place machine also implies that you won’t have to pull out so much capital from your business to increase your machine fleet. Since the price for a used machine is obviously lower, you can buy about 2 or 3 machines for the price of one new machine. Also, if your business requires a certain machine for a short term use, buying a used pick and place machine will save you more, and with your ever-ready partners on used equipment like us, selling off a machine you bought for a short term use won’t be a hassle you should worry about.

Contact Kitmondo to buy used pick and place machine

The advantages of investing in a used pick and place machine are so enormous that we may not be able to exhaust them with this page. Well, if there is other information you need to guide you rightly in purchasing a used pick and place machine, we are always ready and glad to help you.

You can as well contact us for other used equipment. Also, getting the best deal for any of our machines you may want to purchase is 100% guaranteed.