Complete Plants 11

Steam Turbine SIEMENS SST-600 58MW

Year: 2010
Location: Bulgaria Bulgaria
The turbine has 72 working hours, it has only been active for testing! Steam Turbine complete with generator and auxiliary equipment. Manufac...


Year: 1991
Location: Croatia Croatia
The equipment consists of: 1. Machines for classifying, preparing and washing vegetables and fruits 2.Technological processing (cut...

Siemens VSD Robicon Per

Year: 2011
Location: Belgium Belgium
2 Variable Speed Drives Siemens Robicon 6600 V: Unit 1: 1x 900 kVA (for motor 750 kW) Unit 2: 1x 1760 kVA (for motor 1350 kW) Idealy suited for re...

Siemens SST-400 50MW

Year: 2016
Location: USA USA
two (2) Siemens SST-400 condensing steam turbine, 50MWh guaranteed power, 94-100 Bar(a) working pressure, complete with Renk TA-83n speed reducer @...

Siemens V94.2 GAS TURBINE (x2)

Year: -
Location: Qatar Qatar
Price for the two Gas Turbines and is FOB including all sets of spare QUANTITY 2 Machine will be provided as set of complete turbo engine in ...

Siemens GTE-160 gas turbine

Year: 2010
Location: Russia Russia
The equipment of the year 2009 was not used, the new is in storage. 1.Turbine GTE-160 with automatic starting and control system 2.Combustion cha...

Siemens SGT-400

Year: 2018
Location: Germany Germany
Siemens SGT-400 Built 2018 Never used. Built - packed and stored 13 MW, 50 Hz Natural Gas or Diesel

Siemens Hydraulic motor

Year: 1997
Location: Slovenia Slovenia
1 1SG10S001- combined HM valve 10bar 1997 divestiture 2 1SG10S004 – HM valve 10bar 1997 divestiture 3 1SH21S001 – MV Siemens 10 rpm 1997 divestitur...


Year: 1995
Location: Turkey Turkey
TURBINE Turbine Manufacturer: Alstom Turbine Type:Typhoon Date of manufacture:1995 Power rating ISO:4.2 MW Efficiency:% 27.92 F...

Gas turbine SIEMENS SGen5-100A Turbogenerator

Year: 2008
Location: Russia Russia
PSM RUSOFFER-044 155 MWe SIEMENS licensed LMZPM V94.2 Gas turbine SIEMENS SGen5-100A Turbogenerator [x1] 2008Y 6300V 50HZ 3000RPM 34%EE Surplus...

Siemens 64.70 MVA STEAM

Year: 2008
Location: India India
The 67.50 MVA Steam Turbine Generator is of Siemens make and is designed to operate for Steam Turbine. This Steam Turbine generator was purchased a...

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