PCB and Semiconductor 7

Mydata Agilis 16Mm 12.5 Yellow Feeder Inserts Mycronic L-014-1492

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Description MyData/Mycronic AGILIS Yellow 16mm 12.5 Feeder Inserts L-014-1492 Cleaned & Tested

Mydata My12E Pick & Place

Year: 2006
Location: USA USA
Notes Vintage: 2006 Power: 3 x 210 V Software: TPSys by MyData - Version 2.9.11c for Linux Great Condition - Recently Taken Offline Hydra Head…

Mydata My12 (Refurbished 2014)

Year: 2014
Location: USA USA
Description MyData My12 Refurbished by MyData in 2014 Hydra Head Midas Mounthead DVS Vision System 2.4.6B Software Linux Redhat

Mydata TP12-UFP

Year: 1996
Location: France France
MYDATA TP12- UFP Year 1996 Counter 20845 Length 3500 mm Width 2000 mm height 1600 mm

Mydata My15 Pick & Place With Hydra (2003)

Year: 2003
Location: USA USA
Notes MyData MY15 Pick & Place Vintage: 01-08-03 Hydra + Midas Heads T4 Station Software: V 2.5.4d Complete & Operational

Mydata My15E + Tex Tray Exchanger (High-Speed Hyrda)

Year: 2008
Location: USA USA
Notes Vintage 2008 2.9.24C Ubunto Linux TEX 32 Tray Handler Included 2 Rear Conveyors Included High Speed Hyrda Head Linescan Autoteach Z H…

Mydata Tex Tray Exchanger

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Description Tray Exchange Tower 2 Available 32 JEDEC Tray Capacity (32 Narrow Pallets or 16 Wide Pallets) Up to 40mm High Components No Pick W…

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