Granulator 4

Collette Gral 1200

Year: 1994
Location: USA USA
Used 1200 liter Collette high shear mixer, model Gral 1200, stainless steel product contact surfaces, 1200 liter capacity, jacketed mixing bowl rat...

Tapasys RMG-1200

Year: 2006
Location: USA USA
Used 1200 liter Tapasys Engineering high shear mixer, model RMG-1200, stainless steel construction, 1200 liter non jacketed bowl with chopper, oper...

Hosokawa LP200

Year: -
Location: UK UK
Hosokawa model LP200/50P roller compactor and a Frewitt MG336 oscillating granulator fitted onto a slide mechanism if not required, with touch scre...

Glatt Powrex

Year: 2002
Location: USA USA
Used 200 liter Glatt Powrex high shear mixer, model FM-VG200, stainless steel construction, 120 liter working capacity, jacketed bowl, 15 kw main b...