Heating & Evaporating Equipment 3

Unitech Titanium evaporator

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Product Description Evaporator system rated at 45,000 lbs/hr. Unitech Titanium falling film evaporator manufactured in 1993 but unused until 200...

Baker Perkins Band Dryer

Year: 1989
Location: UK UK
Baker Perkins band dryer for drying up to 300 kg/hr of puffed snacks, cereals, animal feed, petfood or fishfood type applications. The dryer chambe...

Triple S Hot Wa C-201

Year: -
Location: USA USA
2,000,000 Input BTU/HR 1,600,000 Output BTU/HR, 30psi Working Pressure, Setup for Natural Gas Serial Number 93-920-C Dimensions 6ft Long x 3ft Wide...