Plastic Sheet Line 11

Used 60″ Rosenthal Was-5-Hujeaaac Sheeter/Slitter Machine, New In 2015

Year: 2015
Location: USA USA
Model – Rosenthal Sheeter – WAS-5-HUJEAAAC This machine has seen Moderate to Light use and is in good working condition. The Rosenthal Sheeter wi...

Reifenhauser 90 Mm Mdl 90-1600 Blown Film Line Rebuilt 2008

Year: 2008
Location: USA USA
Description Machine manufacturer Reifenhauser Model 90-1600 Type Blown film Year Original: 1982 Rebuild in 2008 Nu...

NRM 4.5" Sheet LIne 20x78 Rebuilt PM III

Year: 1988
Location: USA USA
4.5″ NRM Model PM III Extruder – Model 109229-01 – 32:1 L/D Gear Ratio 10.85.1 – 250 HP DC motor – Vented with Plug – Water Cooled – New 1988 – Ext...

Dixon 4200

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Dixon Model 4200 Knife Sheeter 1600 mm (63 in) equipped with 40" maximum diameter shafted driven unwind (3" shafts) Eurotherm DC motor/drive, Fife ...

Dolci Fcl-7-2400/P 7 Layer Cast Film Line 2013

Year: 2013
Location: USA USA
Description (2013) Dolco FCL 7 – 2400/P – 7 Layer Cast Film Extrusion Line 2400 mm web width 7 layers… A/C/B/D/B1/E/F (CPP) B/A/C/F/E/...

1350Mm Welex World Standard Coextrusion Pet Sheet line

Year: 2005
Location: UK UK
1350mm Welex world standard coextrusion Pet sheet line 2005. 120mm main extruder. 65mm coex. 1070mm die. 3 roll stack haul off & winder * 120mm ...

Welex 1350mm

Year: 2007
Location: UK UK
1350mm wide Welex 3 roll polishing stack with silicone bath, ,haul off with pump group. 450x760x760mm diameter rolls. Chain driven 2007

84" Contech knife sheeter

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Contech 84" knife sheeter equipped with score slitting with four (4) pneumatic knife holders, nip pull rollsection, guillotine type cut, Emerson HM...

5.0’X 9.0′ Apex Plast Dbl Side 1995 W/Vac Pump

Year: 1995
Location: USA USA
Used 60″ X 108″ Apex plastics, 1995 double station single sheet vacuum former. Includes 5 HP oil film seal vacuum pump, 570 volt AC input. Platens ...

150Kw Asea Dc Motor 1750-3000

Year: -
Location: UK UK
150kw ASEA Dc motor 1750-3000 Rpm 326 amps

Calender Line complete with 4 Roller film production of Semi rigid or Rigid PVC film. Manufacturer: F type

Year: 1982
Location: India India
Calender Line complete with 4 Roller film production of Semi rigid or Rigid PVC film. Manufacturer: Comerio Type: F type Year of built: 1982 ...

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