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slitting lines 2

60″ X .250″ X 10″ Paxson Slitting Line W/Automatic Strapping

Year: 1981
Location: USA USA
Material: HRS, CRS, HRPO, Galvanized / Maximum Strength: 50,000 PSI Shear, 40,000 PSI Yield Thickness: .015″ – .250″ Coil Weight Capacity: 40,000 l…

Cesoia lamiera usata Gecko mod jdhgm 3006

Year: 2015
Location: Italy Italy
Proponiamo Cesoia lamiera Gecko mod jdhgm 3006 Lunghezza taglio utile 3080 mm Spessore taglio 6 mm Registro motorizzato Lunghezza registro 75…

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