Offshore Equipment 4

EMD EMD 20-645

Year: 2008
Location: Singapore Singapore
Fully Rebuilt EMD 20-645 Generator Set. Coupled with Brand New Alternator. Engine power at 3055BHP. Generator power is 2200eKW continuous rating an...

Made in Janpan PIELSTICK 18PC4

Year: 1999
Location: China China
This used crankshaft is use marine diesel engine,still can use power plant diesel generator set. It is very good working condition, all journal is ...

YL Diamond Grou PDC-1308&PDC-19

Year: 2017
Location: China China
HTHP (high temperature and high pressure) sintered polycrystalline diamond compact(PDC) used for oil/gas drilling, mining, exploring etc. Item No...

Quality Connect Type 8RD

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Subsea Wellhead, 3-1/2in, 5000#, Quality Connector Systems, Type 8RD, API, DCS-Density, 22in H, ANSI B16.5, SO 10975, Temperature Range -20F to 100...