Saddle Binder 8

Stahl ST-90 ST-90 4 station

Year: 2000
Location: USA USA
ST-90 220 Volts HZ 60 Amps 55 Air supply conductor. Last run 2013 and was running great at time of move. Machine is ready to ship.

Heidelberg Prosetter Prosetter 455-S4

Year: 1999
Location: France France
Heidelberg Prosetter 455-S4 Age: 1999 Max.Size: 355 x 311 cm (139 x 122 inch) Availability: Immediately Description: Heidelberg Prosetter 45...

Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST

Year: 1994
Location: USA USA
Stitchmaster ST-90 Saddle Binder One, Cover feeder Four, Vertical feeders One, Hand feed station One, Stream delivery conveyor One vacuum pump Was...

Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST

Year: 2001
Location: USA USA
Stitchmaster ST-270 Saddle Binder One, "UFA" Cover feeder Three, "TAS" Vertical feeders One, "HA" Hand feed station One, "STA" Stream delivery conv...

Muller Martini Bravo-T Plus

Year: 2007
Location: USA USA
2007 Muller Bravo-t plus. Four or six 1555 feeders, 1529 coverfeeder, 380 stitching unit, 449 three knife trimmer, belt delivery. 9,500 hours. Avai...

Muller Martini 335 Saddle Stit

Year: -
Location: Hong Kong Hong Kong
Muller Martini 335 Used Saddle Stitching Production Line For Sale Asset Info: Muller Martini 306 Front loading Feeders x 11 Muller Martini 1...

Heidelberg Prosetter 102 C

Year: 2007
Location: USA USA
With over 40 years of experience, we are one of North America's largest CTP & Prepress distributors. We carry several dozen CTP systems, as well as...

Heidelberg Prosetter 74

Year: 2005
Location: Germany Germany
Heidelberg Prosetter 74, B2-4-up 30mW violet laser for photopolymer metal plates manual loading approx. 50.000 plates exposed offline G & J Raptor ...