Woodworking 15

Weinig U17A

Year: 1981
Location: USA USA
WEINIG U17A 7-Head Feed Through Moulder with Hopper Feed 6972 Tauberbischofsheim, Made in Germany 1981, Machine no. 1287-1939 Working Capacity: 6-...

Weinig Unimat 450

Year: 2010
Location: USA USA
Bottom10H ,right 10Hp, left10HP, top20Hp, top20HP, bottom 10HP. with EasyCom CNC Left and Top Spindles

Weinig P-26S

Year: 2001
Location: USA USA
Used Weinig 5 Head P26 S Super Moulder. - 5-Head (B-R-L-T-B), working cap. 9-1/16" x 4-11/16". - Grooved bed moulder - Head sequence: Bottom 10 HP,...


Year: 2007
Location: Belgium Belgium
WEINIG UNIMAT 300 workpieceheight: 6-120 mm workpiecewidth: 13-230 mm 4 spindles, motors with brakes bottom 7,5 kW, right and left 11 kW, top...

Weinig R-950 Profile Grinder

Year: 2006
Location: USA USA
Description For the production and grinding of profile knives out of a raw blank according to a template Maximum tool width: 9.44" Maximum too...

Weinig H23C

Year: 2001
Location: Canada Canada
DESCRIPTION: Weinig Throughfeed Moulder: Model H23C 6 Heads Year: 2001 15 H.P First Bottom Head Straight Jointer 10 H.P. First Side Head Prof...

Weinig Hydromat 23

Year: 1996
Location: Poland Poland
MOULDER WEINIG HYDROMAT 23 - machine in the warehouse - reconditioned - very good condition - wet wood - Year 1996 TECHNICAL PARAMETERS...

Weinig Profimat 23 w/ATS Rondamat 934

Year: 1998
Location: USA USA
Profimat 23 1998 5-head moulder configuration with ATS of the left and Top head spindle positioning, Includes Rondamat 934 profile grinder and vari...

Weinig-P 23 Nâ° 2-Moulder

Year: 1995
Location: Belgium Belgium
WEINIG P 23 N° 2 Capacity: 270 x 140 mm Pneumatic loaded feedrollers Manual bed lubrication 1st feedroller tilting Centralized lubrication ...

WEINIG-UNIMAT 23-moulder

Year: 1991
Location: Belgium Belgium
WEINIG UNIMAT 23 Capacity: 230 x 130 mm. Spindles: 8 Bottom 7,5 kW, fence 5,5 kW, near 7,5 kW, fence 11 kW, top 11 kW, bottom 7,5 kW, top 7,5 ...


Year: 1997
Location: Belgium Belgium
WEINIG PROFIMAT 23 Capacity: 230 x 130 mm. Spindles: 4 Bottom 4 kW, fence and near 5,5 kW, top 4 kW 2,5 m. pre-straightening table Feed 1,8 ...

Used Weinig Profimat 23E Moulder

Year: -
Location: Ireland Ireland
Used Weinig Profimat 23E Moulder B R L T B Motorised Left Spindle Motorised Top Spindle Ex College Machine

Moulder - Unimat 8 head

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Description WEINIG Unimat Moulder - model U-22N hopper feed,8 heads in the following order: 15 bottom, 15 bottom right, 15 left, 15 right, 22 t...

Weinig PFA 22/8 Planing machine

Year: 1974
Location: Poland Poland
Weinig PFA 22/8. 7 shafts. With a grooved table. Suitable for cutting wet wood. Write if you need more information.

Weinig Grecon Ultra TT

Year: 2005
Location: Poland Poland
- serviced by GERMAN WEINIG SERVICE COMPANY - Year 2005 - In stock TECHNICAL PARAMETERS; - The length of the input parts min / max 200-1...

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