Kitmondo, the renowned online marketplace for used industrial machinery, is the ideal destination for professionals seeking centrifuges, centrifugal separators, and decanters. These machines are crucial in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, and wastewater treatment, using centrifugal force for efficient substance separation.

From Alfa Laval's extensive equipment range to GEA Westfalia Separator's specialized tools, Kitmondo lists equipment from globally reputed manufacturers. Whether you need machinery for cell harvesting in biotech, solvent extraction in chemicals, or wastewater sludge separation, Kitmondo has the solution tailored to your needs.

Buyers can explore options based on key parameters like capacity, rotation speed, material construction, and age, ensuring the perfect fit for their operations. Sellers benefit from showcasing their equipment to a vast, targeted audience.

Investing in used machinery from Kitmondo offers significant cost savings, with prices ranging from €8,000 to €48,000, without compromising on quality. In an ever-evolving industrial landscape, Kitmondo bridges the gap, connecting buyers and sellers of reliable centrifugal equipment to ensure efficient operations and high-quality results.

Ferrum POR / T630 Separator

Year: 1998

Rpm 1500 rpm
S/ steel type 1.4435
Bowl diameter 630 mm

Alfa Laval VNPX 710 SGD34G-50 Separator

Year: 1996

Rpm 7432 rpm
Motor Power 22 kW
Output L/h 24000
S/ steel type stainless steel

GEA WESTFALIA gMaster CF-4000 decanters

Year: 2012

Output L/h 18000
S/ steel type

Corima CA 5.10 Separator

Year: 2017

Rpm 2800 rpm
Motor Power 45 kW
Bowl diameter 450 mm
S/ steel type 316

Alfa Laval MMPX 304 Separator

Year: 2005

Rpm 9500 rpm
Output L/h 1400
S/ steel type
Bowl diameter 250 mm
Motor Power 2.2 kW

Alfa Laval WSPX 504 TGD-71g Separator

Year: 2007

Rpm 9512 rpm
S/ steel type
Motor Power 3 kW

Used Sigma 8 KS Separator

Year: 2019

Rpm 10500 rpm
S/ steel type
Output L/h 12

Westfalia CA656-001 Separator


Rpm 2950 rpm
Motor Power 110 kW
Bowl diameter 647.7 mm
S/ steel type 316

Understanding Centrifugal Equipment in Industrial Applications

In the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, precision and reliability are essential. Manufacturing processes often involve complex separation tasks, where centrifuges, centrifugal separators, and decanters play a vital role. Kitmondo provides a platform that connects professionals to a global marketplace of used industrial machinery, offering quality equipment without the high price tag of new units.

Exploring the Functionality of Centrifuges, Separators, and Decanters

Centrifuges use centrifugal force to separate substances of different densities, commonly employed in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors for tasks like separating solids from liquids or isolating different liquid phases.

Centrifugal Separators, while similar, are typically used for continuous flow processes, removing solids from liquids or separating liquids of different densities.

Decanters handle larger volumes, separating solids from liquids through sedimentation and centrifugal force, ideal for rapid removal of solids in various processes.

Why Choose Kitmondo for Used Centrifugal Machinery?

Diving into used machinery can be daunting, but Kitmondo provides a streamlined experience with tangible benefits for professionals in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • Quality Assurance: Kitmondo ensures high-quality used machinery by curating comprehensive listings that provide all necessary details for a transparent evaluation process.
  • Wide Variety: Kitmondo's vast network of sellers means access to a wide variety of machinery, catering to specific needs with options ranging from €8,000 to €48,000.
  • Cost-Effective: Significant cost savings without compromising on performance, making it ideal for startups and established companies alike.
  • Safe Transactions: Kitmondo's platform ensures a secure and efficient exchange, fostering a safe environment for buyers and sellers.
  • Sustainable Industry: Purchasing used machinery contributes to a more sustainable industry, giving machines a second life and reducing the environmental footprint of manufacturing.

Kitmondo proves to be the go-to marketplace for centrifuges, centrifugal separators, and decanters in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. By providing a platform where quality meets economy, Kitmondo reaffirms its commitment to fostering sustainable growth within the industry. Whether you're buying or selling, Kitmondo ensures your needs are met with professionalism and expertise.

Key Benefits of Centrifugal Separation Equipment

These machines offer numerous benefits across various industries:

  • Efficient Separation: Centrifugal force accelerates separation processes compared to gravitational methods.
  • Precision: Offers precise separation, handling even tiny particles or droplets.
  • Broad Range of Applications: Suitable for tasks like clarifying liquids, thickening sludge, and separating three-phase systems.
  • Versatility: Can process a wide range of substances, including emulsions and suspensions.
  • Scalability: Available in various sizes, from lab-scale to industrial machines.
  • Reduced Manual Intervention: Modern units often feature automated control systems.
  • Continuous Flow: Some machines are designed for continuous operation, increasing productivity.
  • Space Efficiency: Often occupy less space relative to their processing capacity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Long-term savings due to reduced processing time and maintenance requirements.
  • Environmental Impact: Contribute to resource recovery and waste reduction.
  • Durability: Constructed from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Improved Product Quality: Ensures end products meet stringent purity and clarity standards.
  • Safety: Equipped with safety features to prevent operational issues.

Essential Parameters for Centrifugal Machinery

Consider these parameters when buying or selling on platforms like Kitmondo:

  • Type & Design: Includes tubular, disc-stack, decanter, and basket centrifuges.
  • Capacity & Size: Volume capacity and solid holding capacity.
  • Rotation Speed: Maximum RPM and G-force.
  • Material of Construction: Corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Temperature & Pressure Rating: Operating temperature range and pressure rating.
  • Drive Type & Power: Drive mechanism and motor power.
  • Features & Add-ons: Automation, control systems, and cleaning systems.
  • Age & Condition: Operational hours and maintenance records.
  • Brand & Model: Renowned brands and specific models.
  • Accessories & Attachments: Additional rotors, safety housings, or feed pumps.
  • Compliance & Certifications: Safety standards and industry-specific certifications.

Industrial Applications of Centrifugal Equipment

These machines have applications across various industries:

  • Pharmaceutical: Product formulation, cell harvesting, and blood fractionation.
  • Chemical: Solvent extraction, precipitation, and polymer production.
  • Food & Beverage: Dairy processing, brewing, and juice production.
  • Biotechnology: Protein separation and microbial harvesting.
  • Environmental: Wastewater treatment and oil spill cleanup.
  • Mineral & Oil: Mineral processing and petroleum refining.
  • Agricultural: Biofuel production and seed separation.
  • Marine: Fuel treatment and bilge water treatment.
  • Laboratory & Research: Sample analysis and ultracentrifugation.
  • Metal & Steel: Coolant recycling and dye recovery in textiles.

Leading Manufacturers of Centrifuges, Separators, and Decanters

Explore equipment from these renowned manufacturers:

  • Alfa Laval: Global provider known for a wide range of equipment.
  • GEA Westfalia Separator: Long-standing reputation in centrifugal separation.
  • Andritz: High-performance decanter centrifuges for various industries.
  • Flottweg: Focus on centrifuges and solid-liquid separation systems.
  • Pieralisi: Specialized in decanters for the olive oil industry and more.
  • Hiller GmbH: Decanter centrifuges for wastewater and food processing.
  • Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha (MKK): Produces centrifugal separators.
  • Thomas Broadbent & Sons: UK-based manufacturer of industrial centrifuges.
  • SPX FLOW: Produces centrifugal separators for various industries.
  • Beckman Coulter: Recognized for ultracentrifuges in laboratory settings.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific: Laboratory centrifuges for research and clinical use.
  • Sharples (Alfa Laval): Range of centrifugal equipment.
  • Kubco: Decanter centrifuges for the oil and gas industry.

When exploring listings on Kitmondo, familiarize yourself with these manufacturers. They have a proven track record in the industry, ensuring reliable and high-quality equipment.