At Kitmondo, we provide a diverse selection of used compressed-air plants, crucial for powering pneumatic tools and systems across industries such as manufacturing, automotive, and construction. These plants are engineered to efficiently generate, store, and distribute compressed air, ensuring your equipment operates reliably. Our range includes setups from €5,000 for basic models to €100,000 for advanced, high-capacity systems from top brands like Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Kaeser, and Sullair. Each plant comes with specific features such as compressor type, output capacity, pressure range, and automation level, tailored to meet your operational needs.

When choosing a compressed-air plant, it’s important to consider factors like the required air flow and pressure, energy efficiency, the type of compressor (rotary screw, reciprocating, centrifugal), and ease of maintenance. These considerations are vital for ensuring optimal performance, minimizing energy costs, and prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. Investing in our used compressed-air plants not only grants you access to premium equipment at significantly reduced prices but also promotes sustainability by extending the life of durable machinery.

Kitmondo is committed to providing excellent customer service to help you find the ideal compressed-air plant to enhance your industrial operations. Explore our listings today to discover reliable compressed-air plants that offer exceptional performance and value for all your pneumatic power needs.

Howden SG40A-CVC-275ST Compressed air plant

Year: 2010

Nominal Pressure in bars 1.2 bar

Howden SG40A-CVC-275ST Compressed air plant

Year: 2010

Nominal Pressure in bars 1.2 bar

Howden SG40A-CVC-275ST Compressed air plant

Year: 2010

Nominal Pressure in bars 1.2 bar

Howden SG40A-CVC-275ST

Year: 2010

Nominal Pressure in bars 1.2 bar

KAESER SK26 Compressed air plant

Year: 1995

Nominal Pressure in bars 10 bar

Weger AL 137S Compressed air plant

Year: 2018

For sale - MONOBLOC, double-flow air treatment centre - Flow rate 4'200 m3/hour - Weger brand - Year of construction 2018 - Extensive network of square ducts made of galvanised sheet metal. - Complete control and regulation system of the double-flow ventilation system incl. control panel and peripheral devices. - Siemens brand

PEDRO GIL PG-30-F1 Compressed air plant


For sale imported blower compressor industrial low pressure PEDRO GIL PG30-F1 35.10 DN200, made in Spain. The equipment is NEW, which is confirmed by the technical condition, external and cosmetic appearance. Has not been used, fully functional. Production in 2011 Specifications: n 1888 1 / min Qa 49.79 m3 / min P 84.04 kW P 800 mbar p1 1.000 bar …

Remeza vk 150-8 Compressed air plant

Year: 2012

Heavy-duty screw compressor Remeza VK 150-8, 2012, 110 sq. In great condition Capacity: 19000 l per minute, operating pressure 8 bar. oil bath volume 110 l, dimensions 2650x1900x2380

MULTISTACK AIRSTACK ASP30AN Compressed air plant

Year: 2013

SECOND HAND CHILLER 2013 MANUFACTURE NEVER USED - 315 KW Chiller - 25000 Euro ( plus VAT if go non UE country) Pump Group - 6800 Euro ( plus VAT if go non UE country)

Walter SK 37S Compressed air plant

Year: 2022

We offer a Walter SK 37 S screw compressor together with a dehumidifying cooling device WDF 375, both used for 1 year still under warranty. Power 37kW and a guaranteed output of 6,000 liters per minute.

9,320 €

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CZ Czech Republic

Hot air unit ApenGroup PKA 190N-20A

Year: 2004

Nominal Pressure in bars 0.0 bar

PEDRO GIL PG30-F1 Compressed air plant

Year: 2011

Nominal Pressure in bars 1.0 bar

ACM Kalte Klima LCAEY-s 802 H P1 Compressed air plant

Year: 2012

Industrial plants Industrial Air Conditioning Plant - Modular chiller with reversible units for large systems. With reverse cycle air/water heat pump ACM Kalte Klima LCAEY-s 802 H P1 - Power Kw 690 summer - 752 winter - Power consumption Kw 220 - year 2012 - Available No. 2 In a single machine that allows heating and air conditioning of rooms …

CBI KC Compressed air plant

Year: 2003

Industrial Fan, CBI - Model KC 49 - Year 2003 - AEG electric motor - Power KW 160 - 50hz (Kw 180 at 60Hz) Available no. 2 (other with same power, CBI model CHB 44 - year 2001)

ASEA BROWN BOUERI ALVI Type VENT CKMS 1000 Compressed air plant


Centrifugal fan ASEA BROWN BOUERI ALVI Type VENT CKMS 1000 Steel construction 7.50 m3/s or 27000 m3/h 0.15mCE Motor: 22 kw - 30 hp - 1500 rpm - 380/660 volts Suction Ø 600 mm Lower discharge: 500 X 650 mm

BWT Wassertechnik Steritron Compressed air plant


BWT Wassertechnik hot water treatment Steritron sterile technology The device was still in full use before it was removed The complete technical documentation is available


Year: 2001

REF-776 AERZEN GM3S BLOWER Manufacturer: AERZEN / EMMERTHALER APPARATEBAU Model: GM3S Serial No.: 786236 Year: 2001 Power: 3.19 kW Flow: 3.48 m3/min Total dimensions: length 750 mm, width 900 mm, height 800 mm

Powering Precision: A Comprehensive Guide to Complete Bread Production Lines

Complete bread production lines are essential for modern bakeries, automating the entire bread-making process from mixing and kneading to baking and packaging. These lines enhance productivity, consistency, and quality, enabling bakeries to meet high demand while maintaining strict hygiene standards. Understanding the components, features, and considerations for purchasing complete bread production lines can significantly boost your operational efficiency and product quality. Exapro, a leading online marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a diverse selection of complete bread production lines, giving businesses access to high-quality equipment at competitive prices.

Key Components of Complete Bread Production Lines

A complete bread production line is made up of several interconnected machines that work together seamlessly to produce bread. The primary components include:

1. Dough Mixing and Kneading

This stage involves mixing ingredients to form dough and kneading it to develop the gluten structure, ensuring uniform consistency.

  • Spiral Mixers: Ideal for mixing large quantities of dough, ensuring even mixing and gluten development.
  • Planetary Mixers: Versatile mixers suitable for various dough types and mixing requirements.
  • Dough Kneaders: Specialized machines designed for intensive kneading, crucial for bread dough preparation.

2. Dough Dividing and Rounding

After mixing, the dough is divided into individual portions and rounded to prepare for proofing and shaping.

  • Dough Dividers: Automatically divide dough into equal portions, ensuring consistency in weight and size.
  • Dough Rounders: Shape the divided dough into smooth, round balls, ready for the next processing stage.

3. Proofing

Proofing allows the dough to rest and rise, developing flavor and texture through fermentation.

  • Proofing Chambers: Controlled environment chambers where dough is allowed to rise, maintaining optimal humidity and temperature.
  • Intermediate Proofers: Used for short resting periods between processing stages, ensuring dough relaxation.

4. Dough Sheeting and Moulding

This stage involves shaping the dough into its final form before baking.

  • Dough Sheeters: Roll out dough to a uniform thickness, essential for consistent bread shape and size.
  • Dough Moulders: Shape the dough into specific forms, such as loaves or baguettes, ready for final proofing and baking.

5. Baking

Baking is the critical stage where dough is transformed into bread through controlled heat application.

  • Deck Ovens: Provide direct heat from the deck, suitable for artisan-style breads with a thick crust.
  • Rotary Rack Ovens: Use convection heat for even baking, ideal for high-volume production.
  • Tunnel Ovens: Continuous baking ovens for large-scale production, offering consistent and efficient baking.

6. Cooling and Packaging

After baking, bread must be cooled and packaged efficiently to preserve freshness and extend shelf life.

  • Cooling Conveyors: Transport bread through a cooling tunnel, gradually reducing temperature to avoid condensation.
  • Packaging Machines: Automate the packaging process, sealing bread in protective wrapping to maintain hygiene and freshness.

Exapro offers a variety of complete bread production lines, ensuring businesses can find equipment that meets their specific production needs.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting a complete bread production line, it is crucial to consider specific features and specifications to ensure the line meets your operational requirements. Key factors include:

Production Capacity

The production capacity of the line determines how much bread can be produced within a given timeframe. Ensure the line can meet your production targets, whether for small artisanal batches or large-scale industrial production. Exapro’s listings provide detailed specifications on production capacity, helping you find a line that matches your needs.

Automation and Control

Advanced automation and control systems enhance precision, consistency, and efficiency throughout the bread-making process. Features such as programmable settings, touch-screen interfaces, real-time monitoring, and automated adjustments can significantly boost productivity and ensure consistent product quality. Exapro’s platform includes lines with various levels of automation, allowing you to find the right balance between functionality and ease of use.

Flexibility and Customization

The ability to customize the production line for different types of bread and varying recipes is crucial. Look for lines with adjustable settings and interchangeable components to accommodate a range of products, from baguettes to sandwich loaves.

Hygiene and Food Safety

Maintaining high hygiene standards is essential in food processing. Ensure the line is designed for easy cleaning and sanitation, with features such as stainless steel construction and accessible components to minimize contamination risks.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient machines reduce operational costs and environmental impact. Consider lines with energy-saving features such as efficient heating systems, insulation, and automated shutdown capabilities to enhance overall efficiency.

Leading Brands in Complete Bread Production Lines

Reputable brands and manufacturers are often synonymous with higher quality and better support. Some leading brands in the complete bread production line market include:

  • Rheon: Known for their high-precision and innovative machines, Rheon offers robust solutions suitable for various bread production applications.
  • Koenig: Koenig’s machines are renowned for their durability and advanced technology, making them a popular choice in the baking industry.
  • MIWE: MIWE provides a range of high-performance bread production lines, known for their reliability and precision in demanding applications.
  • WP Bakery Group: WP Bakery Group’s machines are characterized by efficiency and versatility, offering reliable performance for large-scale operations.
  • Buhler: Buhler’s bread production lines are known for their quality and adaptability, providing comprehensive solutions for various baking needs.

Exapro features equipment from these and other reputable brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Bread Production Lines

The cost of used bread production lines varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices can range from several tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars. For example, a used Rheon production line might be priced around $50,000 to $100,000, while a high-end Koenig line could cost between $200,000 and $400,000. Exapro's marketplace offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Complete bread production lines are essential tools in the food processing industry, offering efficient and reliable solutions for automating the bread-making process. By understanding the different components and key factors to consider when purchasing, businesses can make informed decisions that align with their production needs. Exapro offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, providing detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need a line for artisanal bread or large-scale industrial production, Exapro’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your bread production operations.