Used Butchery Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines 403

Kitmondo offers a diverse range of used butchery machinery, including cutters, slicers, choppers, and portioning machines, tailored to your budget and operational needs. Our machinery, priced between €8,000 and €32,000, combines functionality, durability, and affordability. These machines enhance efficiency, uniformity, speed, and precision in meat processing tasks. Key parameters like capacity, speed, cut size, and throughput indicate their performance.

Extensively used in meat processing plants, butcheries, delis, supermarkets, and restaurants, these machines are vital in the food industry. Renowned manufacturers like Hobart, Bizerba, Marel, Treif, Hollymatic, Biro, and Weber Maschinenbau are known for their robust, reliable, and efficient equipment.

At Kitmondo, we bridge the gap between your business and high-quality used industrial machinery, ensuring optimized, cost-effective operations. Contact our team today to find the best fit for your butchery needs.

Weber 305 slicer line

Year: 2010

Power 7 kW
Output 300 kg/h

VM400 HD Koppens Forming Machine

Year: 1990

Machine - VM 400 HD No. - VM 400 HD-1285/2 Voltage - 415 V Phases - 3 Current - 23 Amp Frequency - 50 Hz Power - 7, 77 kW Weight - 850 Kg Number of Owners - 1 Purchased directly from Koppens

TOWNSEND 2600 Cutter

Year: 2006

Townsend 2600 sausage peeler with 2x tools 1x 25 mm 1x 38 mm. Year mod 2006 very nice condition almost like new! Dimensions 210 x 65 cm Height 145 cm.

MAGURIT 052 Frozen block cutter

Year: 1997

Introducing the MAGURIT 052 Frozen Block Cutter, a reliable machine from the renowned German manufacturer MAGURIT, built in 1997 and well-maintained. This cutter is designed for processing frozen blocks, capable of handling temperatures as low as -20°C, making it ideal for small to mid-size producers. The machine is specifically tailored for cutting E2-blocks efficiently. - Suitable for frozen blocks (down …

Minced meat production and packaging line

Year: 2010

Used minced meat production and packaging line. New 2010. 1.Minced meat production and portioning line - specification Assumptions: -Product: pork minced meat -Product: pork minced meat -Product capacity: approx. 800 - 900 kg / h -Packaging line capacity: up to 55 - 60 portions (500 grams) /minute -Packaging machine capacity: up to 40 trays/minute -Portion size: 500 g -Packaging format: …


Year: 2000

Power 3.7 kW
Output 1850 kg/h


Year: 2020

Power 1.5 kW
Output 2000 kg/h

AEW Delford Polyslicer Vision Cutter

Year: 2007

AEW Delford modl Polyslicer Vision year mod 2007 with accompanying check scale G2300 year mod 2015. Also comes with an original knife sharpener & knife holder the machine has previously sliced thin slices for wallets. Machine dimensions 350 x 145 cm H 235 cm.

Butchery Machinery on Kitmondo: Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines

As a leading platform in the world of industrial machinery, Kitmondo is committed to providing comprehensive and efficient solutions for your business. In the realm of butchery equipment, cutters, slicers, choppers, and portioning machines are indispensable tools that modernize and expedite meat processing procedures.

Cutters: Essential in reducing meat size with precision, cutters deliver consistent results far beyond manual means. They are robust, efficient, and available in various sizes to meet your production needs. Each machine undergoes rigorous checks to ensure reliability and performance.

Slicers: These machines excel at slicing meat into consistent, uniform pieces. Whether for bacon, beef, poultry, or pork, our used slicers guarantee perfect slices every time. Adjustable thickness settings offer full control over the desired output, making them versatile tools in any butchery.

Choppers: Designed for heavy workloads, choppers quickly and efficiently process large quantities of meat into smaller portions. Our used choppers retain operational integrity and robustness, ensuring maximum productivity with minimal downtime.

Portioning Machines: Precision and consistency are vital in portioning. These machines maintain exact weight or size for each serving, crucial for cost control and quality consistency. Our range of used portioning machines has been thoroughly inspected to ensure accurate portions time and again.

Kitmondo understands that investing in industrial machinery is a significant decision. That's why we offer top-tier used machines that meet industry standards while saving you considerable costs. All our equipment, including butchery machinery, is vetted for functionality and performance, ensuring a sound investment.

When you choose Kitmondo, you're not just buying a machine; you're investing in efficiency, quality, and reliability. Partner with us to make your butchery business more profitable.

Advantages of Butchery Machinery: Cutters, Slicers, Choppers, and Portioning Machines


  • Efficiency: Significantly reduce processing time, increasing production efficiency.
  • Consistency: Deliver uniform cut pieces for consistent quality.
  • Versatility: Handle various meats with adjustable cut sizes.


  • Uniformity: Provide even slices, enhancing product presentation and cooking times.
  • Precision: Adjustable settings for precise thickness control.
  • Speed: Improve production speed by handling large volumes quickly.


  • Volume Handling: Process large quantities of meat efficiently.
  • Size Reduction: Break down large pieces into manageable sizes.
  • Versatility: Suitable for different types of meat.

Portioning Machines:

  • Portion Control: Ensure exact portion sizes for quality and cost control.
  • Reduced Waste: Minimize waste by accurate portioning.
  • Consistency: Maintain uniform portion sizes for professional appearance and cooking times.

These machines optimize efficiency, product quality, and consistency, becoming indispensable assets in modern butchery operations.

Main Machine Parameters of Butchery Machinery


  • Capacity: Maximum volume or weight the machine can handle.
  • Speed: Processing rate, typically in kilograms or pounds per hour.
  • Cut Size: Adjustable size of cut pieces.


  • Slice Thickness: Adjustable thickness of slices.
  • Throughput: Amount of meat sliced per hour.
  • Maximum Product Size: Size or weight the machine can handle.


  • Chop Size: Adjustable size of chopped pieces.
  • Capacity: Maximum volume or weight the machine can handle.
  • Speed: Processing rate, typically in kilograms or pounds per hour.

Portioning Machines:

  • Portion Size: Weight or size of portions produced.
  • Throughput: Number of portions created per hour.
  • Maximum Product Size: Size or weight the machine can handle.

These parameters help gauge the machine's capability, speed, and efficiency, ensuring informed decisions based on operational needs.

Areas of Use

Butchery machinery is versatile and essential in various settings:

  • Furniture Manufacturing: Creating precise and durable furniture pieces.
  • Kitchen Cabinetry: Ensuring tight and accurate joints for high-quality kitchen cabinets.
  • Door and Window Frame Production: Providing precision and strength in frame construction.
  • Flooring: Ideal for modular wooden flooring and parquet, ensuring perfect interlocks.
  • Panel Processing: Creating secure wooden panels for various applications.
  • Shipbuilding: Used in luxury yachts for precise wooden interiors.
  • Toy Manufacturing: Produces durable and aesthetically pleasing wooden toys.
  • Musical Instrument Crafting: Ensures precision and quality in instruments like pianos and guitars.
  • Joinery and Workshop Applications: Suitable for custom and bespoke designs.
  • Construction: Joins wooden beams and pillars for strength and architectural purposes.
  • Automotive and Aerospace: Used for precise wooden interiors and components.

These machines enhance efficiency, precision, and consistency in meat processing, making them valuable assets in diverse industrial applications.

Leading Manufacturers of Butchery Machinery

Notable manufacturers known for their high-quality butchery machinery include:

  • Hobart: Renowned for robust, durable, and precise food processing equipment.
  • Bizerba: German manufacturer known for high-quality slicers and portioning machines.
  • Marel: Global provider of advanced food processing machinery.
  • Treif: Specializes in precision food cutting technology.
  • Hollymatic: Recognized for butchery and meat processing machinery.
  • Biro: Known for a variety of meat processing machines, including slicers and saws.
  • Weber Maschinenbau: German-based company producing high-quality slicing systems.

Research specific models, features, and reviews when considering machinery from these manufacturers. Verify the machine’s condition and service records for a well-informed decision. Contact Kitmondo for further details and assistance in selecting the best butchery equipment for your needs.