At Kitmondo, we provide a comprehensive selection of used equipment for slaughterhouses, indispensable for efficient and humane meat processing within the butchery industry. Our equipment is meticulously designed to manage various stages of the slaughtering process, from animal handling and stunning to evisceration and carcass processing, ensuring full compliance with hygiene and safety standards. Prices for our slaughterhouse equipment range from €10,000 for basic setups to €300,000 for advanced, high-capacity systems from renowned brands such as Marel, BANSS, Frontmatec, and Jarvis. Each machine and system comes with unique specifications, including processing capacity, automation level, and livestock compatibility, tailored to meet your specific production needs.

Selecting the right slaughterhouse equipment requires consideration of several key factors such as the type of livestock (e.g., cattle, pigs, poultry), throughput requirements, automation level, and adherence to regulatory standards for animal welfare and food safety. These factors are vital for achieving efficient and humane processing, enhancing production efficiency, and maintaining product quality. Investing in our used slaughterhouse equipment not only offers access to premium machinery at reduced prices but also promotes sustainable practices by extending the life of durable equipment. Rely on Kitmondo's dedication to exceptional customer service to find the ideal equipment to boost your meat processing operations.

Visit Kitmondo’s listings today to discover reliable slaughterhouse equipment that delivers outstanding performance and value for your butchery and food processing needs.


Year: 2015

Output 0 u/h

Poultry line 2.500 BPH

Year: 2006

Output 2500 u/h

Linco Flex cut-up line

Year: 2000

Linco flex cut-up line: Control panel tail cutter wing tipo cutter wing middel cutter wing cutter Carcass cutter Breast cap cutter Leg processor Drum / chop separator All the hanging and supporting tools included. We offer the line as it is and in good working condition; the line is dismantled

AIVT Semi d'abattage ovins Food machinery

Year: 2022

Selling for health reasons:  13.30m semi trailer fully equipped with a sheep slaughter and penetrant chain.  Trailer fully autonomous in energy and recovery of by-products / with tailgate  Allows the slaughter and cooling of 150 sheep / day She understands :  New Chereau 3-axle refrigerated semi trailer with boxes for gangway on one side / waste …

Unlocking Efficiency: The Ultimate Guide to Slaughterhouse Equipment in Meat Processing

Efficient and humane livestock processing is the backbone of the meat industry, and it requires the right set of slaughterhouse equipment. These facilities utilize specialized machines to ensure precise, safe, and regulatory-compliant meat processing. Choosing the right slaughterhouse equipment can dramatically improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of your operations. Kitmondo, a leading online marketplace for used industrial machinery, provides a vast array of high-quality slaughterhouse equipment at competitive prices, helping businesses enhance their meat processing capabilities.

Types of Slaughterhouse Equipment

Slaughterhouse operations involve various stages, each requiring specific equipment to ensure a smooth and effective workflow. Here’s an overview of the essential types of slaughterhouse equipment:

Stunning and Bleeding Equipment

Stunning and bleeding are the initial critical steps in the slaughtering process, designed to ensure humane treatment and effective blood removal.

  • Stunning Devices: Tools such as captive bolt pistols and electrical stunners are used to render animals unconscious, minimizing pain and distress.
  • Bleeding Conveyors: These systems suspend animals post-stunning, facilitating efficient and hygienic blood drainage.

Evisceration and Carcass Processing

This stage involves the removal of internal organs and the preparation of the carcass for further processing.

  • Evisceration Machines: Automate the removal of internal organs, ensuring consistency and maintaining hygiene.
  • Carcass Splitters: Used to divide the carcass into manageable sections, such as halves or quarters, for easier processing.
  • Dehiding Machines: Essential for beef processing, these machines efficiently remove hides from the carcass.

Cutting and Deboning Equipment

Cutting and deboning equipment are crucial for breaking down the carcass into primal cuts and boneless meat.

  • Bandsaws: These are indispensable for precisely cutting through large sections of meat and bone.
  • Deboning Lines: These automated systems streamline the deboning process, enhancing efficiency and yield.

Cleaning and Sanitation Equipment

Maintaining high hygiene standards is vital in slaughterhouse operations to prevent contamination and ensure food safety.

  • Sterilizers and Wash Stations: These units clean and sterilize tools and equipment, helping to maintain compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Waste Management Systems: Efficiently handle by-products and waste, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Kitmondo’s inventory includes a wide variety of slaughterhouse equipment to meet the specific needs of different operations.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting slaughterhouse equipment, it’s crucial to consider features and specifications that align with your operational requirements:

Capacity and Throughput

The capacity and throughput of equipment determine how many animals can be processed in a given time. For large-scale operations, high-capacity machines are essential, while smaller units are ideal for artisanal or small-scale slaughterhouses. Kitmondo’s detailed listings provide specifications on capacity and throughput to help you choose the right equipment.

Automation and Control

Automation improves efficiency, consistency, and safety. Look for machines with advanced control systems, programmable settings, and automated features to reduce manual labor and increase precision. Kitmondo offers equipment with varying levels of automation, allowing you to find the ideal balance between control and efficiency.

Material and Construction

Durability and hygiene are critical. High-quality stainless steel machines are resistant to corrosion and easy to clean, ensuring compliance with food safety standards. Opt for machines with smooth surfaces and easy-to-clean designs to maintain high hygiene levels.

Safety Features

Safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective guards, and non-slip surfaces are essential to minimize the risk of accidents. Kitmondo provides comprehensive information on the safety features of used machines, aiding in your decision-making process.

Leading Brands in Slaughterhouse Equipment

Choosing equipment from reputable brands ensures higher quality and better support. Some of the leading brands in the slaughterhouse equipment market include:

  • Marel: Known for their high-precision and innovative solutions, Marel offers robust equipment suitable for various meat processing applications.
  • Baader: Renowned for their durability and advanced technology, Baader’s machines are widely used in poultry and fish processing.
  • Jarvis: A leader in stunning and cutting equipment, Jarvis is known for reliability and precision in demanding environments.
  • Koch Equipment: Koch’s versatile and efficient machinery is designed for large-scale operations, providing reliable performance.

Kitmondo’s marketplace features equipment from these and other trusted brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Slaughterhouse Equipment

The cost of used slaughterhouse equipment varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Prices typically range from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars. For instance, a used Marel evisceration machine might cost between $10,000 and $30,000, while a high-end Baader dehiding machine could range from $40,000 to $70,000. Kitmondo offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Slaughterhouse equipment is crucial for efficient, humane, and safe meat processing operations. Understanding the various types of machines and key factors to consider when purchasing can help businesses make informed decisions that align with their production needs. Kitmondo offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, with detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need stunning devices, evisceration machines, cutting equipment, or sanitation systems, Kitmondo’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your slaughterhouse operations.