Kitmondo is your top destination for high-quality used industrial machinery. Within our Construction and Mining category, we offer a premier selection of form work systems. These systems are expertly maintained, delivering a perfect combination of durability, precision, and value.

Our form work systems are designed to provide robust and reliable structures for concrete pouring in a wide range of construction projects. Whether you need them for building foundations, walls, floors, or columns, our form work ensures accurate shaping and solid support throughout the construction process. We offer both traditional timber form work and modern modular systems, accommodating various project requirements.

Each piece of form work undergoes a thorough vetting process to ensure superior quality and performance. Our equipment is cost-effective, providing substantial savings compared to new machinery without sacrificing efficiency. Our selection includes renowned brands like Doka, PERI, and Meva, known for their reliability and durability. With prices ranging from €5,000 to €50,000, we have options to fit different budget needs.

For more information or to request a quote, please contact our dedicated team, who are ready to help you find the right solution for your specific needs. At Kitmondo, we are committed to supporting your business growth through quality and affordability. Rely on Kitmondo for your industrial machinery needs and enhance your productivity today.

CERRONI Vibromat CR Form Work

Year: 1993

Industrial plants Self-propelled block machine for production of cement products A.CERRONI model Vibromat CR - Including no.2 moulds - To be checked hydraulic system

Cecconi CR 95/E Form Work

Year: 1996

Self-propelled block machine for production of cement products CECCONI CR 95/E - Both manual and automatic operation - Has 5 molds for blocks of different sizes - Excellent condition ---------------------------------------- Molds with sizes available: solid block sizes cm: - 38x25x 9 thickness - 38x20x15 thickness - 38x30x 9 thickness - 100x28x 8 thickness for road curbs empty block sizes: - …

Loro & Parisini - Marini EMCC 160 Form Work

Year: 1992

Continuous plant - LORO & PARISINI equipped with dryer unit type MARINI EMCC 160 - Some features: - Production 130 Ton/H. - Pre-dosing unit mod. DNP 15/5 with 5 compartments of 15 cu.m. each complete with variable belt extractor, hydraulic - Pre-doser, Dryer cylinder. - Feeder belts - Automatic dense fuel oil burner - Power unit with oil-thermal heating - …

Lorev Concrete Mixing Plant Form Work

Year: 1995

Central Concrete Mixing Plant for premixed/manufactured concrete LOREV consisting of: - no. 1 Lorev mixer of lt 1,750 - no. 6 hoppers of 25 cu m capacity each. - n. 6 extractor belts - n. 1 conveyor - n. 1 screw conveyor - n. 1 liters counter - n. 1 cement scale - n. 1 electrical panel with plc

Peri Maximo 165m²


Peri Maximo 165m² The MAXIMO frame formwork is effective and designed for one-sided operation. It can be used standing or lying down and has sophisticated safety technology. All floor plans can be formed using just a few element widths. With a clearly structured element grid of 30 cm and an element width of 45 cm, the amount of stock required …

Doka Framax 3,30m 255m²


Doka Framax Steel 3,30m, 255m² Frames and formlining are in good condition and can be used immediately, with used X-Life and partly re-covered with phenolic resin. The high-performance steel framed formwork for large-area forming by crane. Framax is the framed formwork system that achieves a consistent 15-cm grid with just a few elements, whether used upright or lying down. All …

Doka Framax 2,70m 260m2


Doka Framax 2,70 Steel 260m2 with equipment The frames and skin are in a good, very good condition. Parts with new finply. 40x Framax 1,35×2,70m 22x Framax 0,90×2,70m 8x Framax 0,60×2,70m 8x Framax 0,45×2,70m 8x Framax 0,30×2,70m 10x Framax 0,90×2,70m Uni 4x Framax Insidecorner 2,70m 4x Framax Outside corner2,70, 312x Framax RU Clamp 20x Framax Universal fixing bolt10-16cm 24x Framax …

Used Doka Framax 1.20×2.70m Uni X-Life


Doka Framax 1,20×2,70m Uni X-Life

Meva Dec 194m²


MevaDec Lighter and more ergonomic: The new generation of MevaDec impresses with its lower weight and ease of cleaning of all components as well as optimized handling properties - based on all the proven system advantages of MevaDec. • Height and weight o Weight-optimized system for ergonomic and therefore efficient work o Largest element 160/80 cm only 16 kg / …

Used Doka Framax 1,20 x 2,70 Uni Element


Logical element grid in 15 cm steps. The Heights and widths of the Framax Uni panels result in a logical, advantageous grid that makes formwork particularly flexible and economical. Easy to plan and form, height and width can be adjusted in 15 cm increments, few compensations, clear joint pattern. Only 2 anchors in height. Only 2 form-ties are required for …

Used Doka Framax 2.70m 153m2


Doka Framax 2.70 steel 153m2 with accessories The frames and the formwork are in good, used condition and can be used immediately. 26x Framax 1.35×2.70m 10x Framax 0.90×2.70m 6x Framax 0.60×2.70m 4x Framax 0.45×2.70m 4x Framax 0.30×2.70m 4x Framax 0.90×2.70m Uni 4x Framax inside corner 2.70m 2x Framax outside corner 2.70, 120x Framax RU spanners 10x Framax Uni clamps 10x …

Used Hunnebeck Manto 330


Wall formwork for construction site use by crane. strong connection through aligning clamp: 40 m² formwork area can be moved in one crane lift without additional bracing highest flexural strength due to the 14 cm high steel frame; permissible concrete pressure 80 kN/m² Efficient forming of large areas without adjustments and with few tie points using MANTO XXL panels easy …

Used Meva Alustar


The lightweight AluStar universal formwork for walls. Top wall formwork in terms of weight and performance, perfect as a supplement to large-area formwork where no crane can reach. Best results in residential and commercial construction thanks to the Alkus all-plastic panel. Grip profile on all elements Snap edge on the large elements Element widths up to 90 cm

Used Doka Alu Framax 127 m2


Doka Alu Framax 127 m2 Good condition of frame and formwork (partly new Finply formwork or used X-Life formwork) Due to the lower weight, the aluminum frame formwork is suitable for forming with and without a crane. Also seamless in combination with Framax steel formwork. Lightweight and versatile thanks to stable aluminum profile frame Reduced workload when shuttering by hand …

Used dokadek


The strapless manual formwork in lightweight steel construction. Fast assembly and disassembly High formwork speed thanks to 3 m² elements Rapid shuttering of larger slab heights without a climbing aid thanks to the element length of 2.44 m Fast stripping by simply and safely swinging the panels away Fast and safe handling thanks to ergonomic grip holes in the edge …

Universal formwork Paschal Raster


Universal formwork Paschal Raster Universal formwork for foundations, walls, columns, beams, shafts, curves (polygons), GaLa construction, precast elements. Versatile and flexible use as manual and large-area formwork. Due to the modular principle, system-based forming is very well possible even with complicated ground plans. The flat steel frames guarantee robustness and durability of the formwork. Compatible with all PASCHAL systems. Connecting …

Understanding Form Work in Construction and Mining

Form work is a fundamental aspect of construction and mining, providing the necessary molds to shape and support concrete until it achieves sufficient strength. This process is vital for creating various structural elements such as foundations, walls, columns, beams, and slabs. Proper form work ensures the concrete's precise shape and dimensions, significantly impacting the quality and safety of the final structure.

Varieties of Form Work

Different form work systems cater to specific construction needs and project scales. Here are the main types:

Traditional Timber Form Work

Constructed from timber or plywood, this form work is economical and adaptable but requires considerable labor for assembly and disassembly. It is commonly used for smaller projects and intricate shapes.

Engineered Form Work Systems

These prefabricated modular systems, made from materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic, are reusable and durable. Engineered systems offer quick assembly, making them ideal for large-scale projects.

Reusable Plastic Form Work

Lightweight and easy to handle, plastic form work is perfect for modular and repetitive construction projects due to its reusability.

Stay-in-Place Form Work

Made from prefabricated fiber-reinforced polymers or concrete, these forms remain in place after the concrete sets, providing additional strength and protection.

Flexible Form Work

Utilizes flexible sheets of fabric or other materials, allowing for molding into various shapes. This type is often used for architectural features and complex geometries.

Essential Components and Features

Form work systems consist of several key components that ensure proper functionality:


The main surface that shapes the concrete, panels can be made from timber, plywood, steel, aluminum, or plastic.


Vertical and horizontal members, such as props, braces, and shores, hold the panels in place and provide stability.

Ties and Anchors

These components hold the form work together and maintain the desired shape and alignment during concrete pouring.

Hardware and Connectors

Bolts, clamps, and other fasteners join different components of the form work system.

Benefits of High-Quality Form Work

Investing in superior form work offers several advantages:

  • Structural Integrity: Ensures the concrete maintains its shape and dimensions, leading to a robust final product.
  • Efficiency: Prefabricated systems reduce the time and labor needed for assembly and disassembly.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial cost may be higher, reusable form work systems lower long-term expenses.
  • Safety: Properly designed and installed form work provides stable support, enhancing construction safety.
  • Precision: High-quality form work ensures precise and consistent dimensions, crucial for the project's overall quality.

Key Considerations for Selecting Form Work

Choosing the right form work involves evaluating several factors:

Project Scale and Complexity

Larger and more complex projects may benefit from engineered form work systems that offer quick assembly and precise alignment.

Material and Cost

Consider both the initial and long-term costs, including material durability and potential for reuse.

Labor Requirements

Assess the labor intensity for assembling and disassembling the form work. Engineered systems typically require less manual labor than traditional timber form work.

Concrete Finish

Different form work materials can affect the concrete's final finish. Steel and plastic form work often provide a smoother surface compared to timber.

Environmental Conditions

Select form work materials suitable for the construction site's environmental conditions, such as moisture, temperature fluctuations, and chemical exposure.

Leading Brands and Pricing

Several reputable brands specialize in form work systems, offering a range of products tailored to various construction needs. Here are some notable brands:

  • Peri: Known for innovative solutions, Peri offers systems for projects of all sizes. Prices range from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars.
  • Doka: Renowned for durability and efficiency, Doka's products are used globally in construction and mining, with costs ranging from $5,000 to $200,000.
  • MEVA: Specializing in modular and reusable form work, MEVA provides cost-effective solutions, with systems priced from $3,000 to $150,000.
  • ULMA: ULMA's versatile form work solutions cater to both straightforward and complex projects, with typical costs between $4,000 and $180,000.
  • EFCO: Known for strength and adaptability, EFCO's systems are often used in heavy construction and mining, with prices ranging from $5,000 to over $250,000.


Form work is critical in the construction and mining industries, ensuring accurate shaping and support of concrete structures. With various types of form work systems available, from traditional timber to advanced engineered solutions, selecting the right system depends on the project's scale, complexity, and specific requirements. Brands like Peri, Doka, MEVA, ULMA, and EFCO offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. By carefully evaluating these factors, construction professionals can enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of their projects, achieving superior outcomes in both construction and mining operations.