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Having years of experience on a global market, in Exapro we managed to keep our young spirit. We’re constantly looking for pro-active and motivated people who enjoy working in a friendly international environment.

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Our colleagues are doomed to enjoy some incredible benefits.


Multinational team

Be part of a young multinational team. Ten nationalities combined together create a great cultural atmosphere and positive working environment.

Being able to work in a company that offers employees the opportunity to grow and learn in a multicultural environment is an eye opener for many who seek to broaden their horizons in today’s society. The company located in Prague, one of the cities that are most welcoming to Expats in Central Europe, differentiates itself from all other workplaces. Colleagues from different parts of the world help create a working place where cultural exchange is constant and motivating.

I am talking about it as the one and only Czech employee in our company. It might sound a bit strange to be the only Czech employee in a company based in Prague, but the truth is that it has countless advantages. Everyday you are in interaction with people from different cultures, learning how to communicate and how to get on well with one another. Working in an international team is giving you overview of differences between cultures, teaching you tolerance and giving you the opportunity to open your mind to the world.

On a daily basis, we are in direct contact with our clients, that are spread around the globe, plus the fact of being part of the international team together create an atmosphere that provides both professional and personal development. Exapro is allowing each team-player to be part of an open-minded organization, always in need of new perspectives. You will be given all the guidance and support necessary to achieve your desired results.

We are a young multicultural team who is looking forward to welcoming newcomers. We can’t wait to have a new colleague who will bring another perspective to our team and teach us something new. Do not be worried you might not be able to communicate with us, all together we are speaking more than 9 languages. One last thing: We guarantee you, you will not forget our team buildings. Join Exapro and you will find more than just colleagues.

Working in Prague

Great location in the heart of Europe with incredible quality of living. Our office is located in Prague 3 near the city center.


Over the years, Prague has become a flourishing business hub. With many global enterprises moving their customer support centers to Prague, historical city of Prague is now overfilled with young talented professionals. New business centers are constantly being built, giving the city a modern yet sophisticated touch.

To sum it up in one word, working in Prague is Excellent. Czech republic capital has the best public transport system in Europe. Which means public transport (metro, buses, trams) is running smoothly as a Swiss watch. Getting to work turns into a pleasant ride, usually no longer than half an hour during which you can listen to music or have a read. Public transport is not just efficient, it’s also extremely cheap, so living in Prague doesn’t necessarily acquire having a car, spending half of your life in traffic jams.

Since Exapro office is conveniently located in Prague 3 district (also known as Zizkov), it’s super easy to find an apartment or a flatshare nearby. As a matter of fact, most of our team mates live within a close reach, and some are even taking walks to the office. Spending a few minutes on a morning walk on your way to work - almost sounds like a dream, right?!

City of Prague has a young spirit despite the magnificent medieval architecture. Prague is not just about world famous Unesco heritage sites and historical monuments. Delicious and cheap eats, wild night outs, gigs and concerts happening almost every night, art exhibitions and performances - Prague has so many faces! Discover the heart of the Czech Republic while working for the most promising company on the global machinery market.

team building

Friendly benefits

Flexible working hours and home office based on your working performance. Plus regular team buildings and company events

Something I really appreciate in Exapro is the fact that I can manage my working day as I wish and according to extra professional activities I have. Usually I’m starting my day at 8:30 am and finishing it at 5:00 pm sometimes it happens that I’m using what we call "flexi hours" (you can start at 10.30 or finish at 15.30).

Generally, the Flexi hour's bonus allows me to start my working day earlier or later, based on my needs. For instance, if I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday morning I will arrive to the office half an hour later. In this case, I will stay 30 min longer on the same day, or any other day during the week. Same works the opposite way, if one of the days I stay at the office over-time, later in the week I will use my bonus time to finish earlier.

Another important thing we have in Exapro is the possibility to work from home. According to our performance, we can have up to 10 days of "home office" per month, and trust me once you tried it, it’s difficult to imagine to work without it. You can even combine days off and home office in order to have a longer week-end or to enjoy your holidays a bit longer. The only requirement for that is a good internet connection.

Exapro is putting lots of efforts in order to build and maintain a good relationship between employees and it’s in this context that the management is giving us a budget to organize team buildings like Christmas dinner or even team events (escape room, dinner, beer tasting etc).

Last but not least, if you perform well you can expect to get some vouchers that will allow you to benefit an extra discount in the cinema, theater, shops etc.

What our employees are saying

Typical day in Exapro

What a typical day in Exapro office looks like? Hanka is sharing her daily perks with us.


My typical day in Exapro

To start with, Exapro office itself is very well located, right next to a tram and a bus stop which makes travelling to work very convenient. Majority of our co-workers live close to the office, we often meet each other on the way to work.

My typical working day in Exapro starts at 9am, however sometimes I choose to take the most of the flexible working hours and start at 10am instead. (Other option is to start at 8am to finish my day earlier but unfortunately it doesn’t work so well for me since I am not a morning person).

First thing I do after I arrive in the office, I boil some water to make a cup of tea or use the coffee machine instead. After I’ve taken care of my morning ritual, I’m ready to go and say Hi to everybody. Exapro is not such a big company - although our office is the whole floor , it’s rather cozy and saying Hi in the morning is easy. We also have a tradition of bringing snacks and other treats to share in the morning. Quite often you can find a few things to eat for breakfast in the kitchen. Sweets and pastries that one of us brought for a birthday occasion, to celebrate a successful deal or from a holiday in their hometown.

After the kitchen part of my day is sorted, I sit down to check my emails, excited to find out who wants to buy a machine from me. When there is a customer interested, it is a very good way to start the day. In any way, I answer to all emails that newly landed in my inbox and take care of the new requests from customers. In between, I make a few phone calls to give potential clients additional info on machines they are interested in.

What I really like about this job is that one day you can be on the phone with someone from New Zealand, then exchange emails with someone in South Korea, and sell a machine to a Mexican customer. What’s more, on a daily basis I get to speak in three different languages. Another thing I like the most about this job is that you get to create a personal relationship with your partners, based on trust and mutual cooperation. You communicate with some of them on a daily basis.

The first part of the day usually passes very quickly. During the lunch break I usually go to the restaurant with a bunch of coworkers. There are a few good restaurants around the office and we get lunch vouchers for every worked day. Besides, restaurants in Prague are extremely cheap (compared to France where I come from).

Sometimes I prefer to eat in the office, since we have a nice kitchen for this purpose with a balcony for the summer days. I can cook lunch directly at the spot because the kitchen is well equipped with all necessities or just pop into a supermarket closeby to grab a sandwich. That is extremely convenient.

Then during the afternoon, I put my headphones on and add a few machines that my partners want to sell to our catalog while listening to some good music. I also prospect some new partners to have even more machines to offer to potential buyers. I’m feeling rather independent in my job, however the office layout (we kind of work in a small open space) enables easy contact with team mates. Every time I have a question or I need an advice I go bother my dear team leader, who is always ready to help, or I also exchange a few words about some ongoing deals with other colleagues.

Occasionally, I also have some meetings regarding projects I am working on together with my co-workers. There are team meetings on a regular basis as well as personal coaching with my team leader where we talk about my market, the sales I have done, the objectives I have reached (or not).

To sum it up, my typical day in Exapro is full of friendly exchanges in different languages with customers, partners and teammates.


First weeks in Exapro

Starting a new job can be a very smooth journey when you know what you're going for.

I found Exapro job ad on the internet and didn’t hesitate to submit my CV to Darya, the HR, via email. She answered immediately which contributed to a very good first impression. The interview via skype was really cool and not that static and tense like the 'standard' job interviews. This is also what the general feeling in the company is like - young, active and not strict. But let’s start from the very beginning.

My first day was cool and I immediately noticed that my little fears and my nervousness were absolutely without any reason. The team is very young and you can feel the spirit of a start-up-like company everywhere which is a really nice addition.

Everything was set up so that I could start right when I arrived - email account, Skype, logins to internal systems and even an email signature. It was not hard to get into the work steps and Stef was a helpful support for every question so as the rest of the team - all nice and friendly.

Right at the beginning, Thomas, Exapro’s CEO, himself introduced me to the philosophy and mission of Exapro. Hearing that from the company executive felt very special and gave me a lot of motivation from the start. During my first days, I always had Stefano’s support in managing internal tasks. After the first week, I was much more independent, although I could still reach out to team mates for a piece of advice.

A nice addition to the warm welcome I got were professional trainings I received during my first weeks at Exapro. In my second week in the company I’ve attended some product category trainings for the categories I were to be responsible for. It was highly beneficial since I got a deeper knowledge and understanding of the markets I was taking care of. Although the training system was new to me, I could appreciate how well structured it was. Each training was always supported by Power Point Presentation which made it easier to follow the presenter.

Later on, I had my first team meetings and the company sales meeting. Both were meant to analyze team’s efforts during the previous month and evaluate how successful our attempts were. In my opinion, that is a great style of feedback and also a good motivational tool since we get an overview of how other teams are doing.

The last but not least, right from the start I was able to benefit from the Flexi-time bonus. It really helped me to plan my day and made it possible to stay longer when a task was not finished or to leave work earlier when I had to sort something out outside of the office to keep things balanced.

My first weeks in Exapro just like all the following weeks were a pleasing adventure. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to experience great pleasure of working with young and motivated professionals.