Tamglass HTF-1430-CTA-10-R Glass machine

Year: 2002

Introducing Tamglass HTF-1430-CTA-10-R: - Manufacturer: Tamglass - Model: HTF-1430-CTA-10-R - Year of Manufacture: 2002 - Technical Condition: Excellent, under yearly Glaston service - State: Under power Key Features: - Work Load: 5-6 years in one shift, 9-10 years in one shift/periodically, 2020-2022 two shifts - Production Range: 4-19 mm - Max. Glass Size (Float): 1400 x 3000 mm - Top …

Tema LPB 2515 Glass machine

Year: 2010

TEMA assembly/laminating furnace For tempered, curved, decorated laminated glass, etc.... Purchase invoice available

Intermac Vertmax 2.2 Glass machine

Year: 2019

Intermac vertmax 2.2 glass machine Perfect condition, only used 2 days a week Works until the end of December 2023, can be sold with a dedicated washing machine (2,200 mm) with low-emission brushes (+ EUR 9,000) automatic water leveling and a custom automatic cleaning/water refill system come with the washing machine.

Automatic glass storage JAN KUS LISEC - AKS 3J 60/30 Low working hours

Year: 2020

Storage systems for JUMBO Sheet Glass 23-Position motorized storage rack system for JUMBO glass sheets designed for mid to large size production environments with space saving design. Its a Ideal system for the management and storage of different types of glass and for restricted height buildings that are not suitable to accommodate overhead type loaders. This system is characterized by …

Skill E-D 2014 Glass vertical machining centre with 8 axes for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing

Year: 2014

Vertical glass machining centre with 8 axes for drilling, milling, grinding and polishing. Straight and sheped glass panes In good working condition

SFG glass lamination furnace

Year: 2015

Laminate oven SFG-Glass One chamber Glass 3200x1800 mm max Year of production 2015

ITECH ITAL20006B/E Glass line - complete with double glazing, manipulator + possible extruder

Year: 2010

ITECH ITAL20006B/E Glass line - complete with double glazing, manipulator + possible extruder H2000 e series double glass production line Year 2010 Composition of complete double glass line Work direction: right 1 input pallet Measures h2000 x l2500 mm Work table height h 650 (+/-) 50 2 washing section Washable glass thickness 3-12mm Minimum dimension h 180 x l 380 …

Technokilns 3300 x 6000 mm Glass tempering furnace

Year: 2020

Technokilns 3300 x 6000 mm Glass tempering furnace 3300 x 6000 mm Year 2020

TAMGLASS HTF SUPER 2436 CT 20 L Glass machine

Year: 2008

TAMGLASS HTF SUPER 2436 CT 20 L - Year 2008 Forno di Tempera Tempering Furnace Low-E Size 2400x3600 mm Thickness 4-19 mm Total Heating Power 249+249+660 kW Working Power 750/800 kW

MAPPI AU 1F 1S 2200 4200 O.4 R.S.A. Glass machine

Year: 2001

MAPPI AU 1F 1S 2200 4200 O.4 R.S.A. - Year 2001 Tempering furnace Working dimensions 2200x4200 mm Thickness 4-25 mm With Convection Power 467 kW

Z. bavelloni Egar 250 Glass machine

Year: 2000

intermac glass machining center z. bavelloni model egar 250-4p.f (new 2000) Disassembled and ready to be transported. fully functional. price on request

Baudin 102 multiservices Glass machine

Year: 2004

Baudin model 102 multiservice belt sander for glass processing.

North Glass 4200 x 2400 Glass Tempering Machine

Year: 2011

North Glass 4200 x 2400 Glass Tempering Machine Size : 4200 mm x 2400 mm Thickness : 4 mm - 19 mm Convectional fan It has ability to produce convex glass. Ceramic porcelain replacement has been carried out. Upper and lower resistance units have been changed. SSupporting roller bearings have been replaced. The kevlar ropes of the loading, cooling and …

Used FOREL EM6033 automatic filleting machine

Year: 2011

The machine has already been dismantled so it is not possible to see it in operation - there are videos. The price includes all tools and spare parts present Shipping and assembly costs will be borne by the buyer.

PANNKOKE M-20-J Glass machine

Year: 2007

mistrello movetro manual classifier Brand new mistrello manual classifier for sale

BAVELLONI NRG 420 Glass machine

Year: 2018

BAVELLONI NRG 420 – Year 2018 CNC Work Centre 3 Axis Working Dimensions 4500x2300 mm Thickness 3-100 mm Tools Magazine 20 Standard Spindle Speed 0-12.000 RPM Power 37 kW

BAVELLONI VT 1301 T CN Glass machine

Year: 2005

BAVELLONI VT 1301 T CN - Year 2005 Vertical Drilling/Milling Machine Max. glass size: 1300 x 2600 mm Min. Glass thickness: 3 mm Max Glass thickness: 25 mm Min. dril diameter. 4mm Max. drill diameter: 70 mm Min. spindle rotation: 500 RPM Max. spindle rotation: 12,000 RPM Power. 145KW Weight 3200 kg (7040 Lbs) Dimensions: 7100 x 3800 x 24000 …

Frenchie products - Line for painting glass bottles No270807 Glass machine

Year: 2013

Line for matting and painting glass bottles. A special water-based paint is applied to the surface of the bottles using pneumatic spray guns. The coating can have a matte, semi-matt or shiny effect, as well as any desired color. Emissions into the atmosphere "VOC" (volatile organic compounds - volatile organic substances) are close to zero. The line has high productivity, …

GLASCO 4-C1-T1-R1 Glass machine

Year: 2006

GLASCO 4-C1-T1-R1 - Year 2006 Tempering Furnace Low-E Hardenable thicknesses: from 4 to 19 mm Minimum workable length: 280 mm Maximum workable length: 4600 mm Minimum workable width: 150 mm Maximum workable width: 2600 mm Weight from 0.42 to 570 Kg Power: - Resistors 919 kW - Motors 818 kW - Various 15 kW Compressed air consumption: - 1400 Nl …


Year: 2019

DENVER ADVANCE PLUS – Year 2019 Vertical CNC Work Centre Edging, Drilling, Milling Min. Dimensions 550 x 170 mm Max Dimensions 3500 x 1500 mm Max Weight Sheet 150 Kg Thickness 4-21 mm Power 15 kW Spindle Working Hours 4837