At Kitmondo, we offer a wide array of used bridge cranes and hoisters, indispensable for heavy lifting and material handling in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and warehousing. These robust machines are engineered to handle heavy loads with precision and safety, enhancing both operational efficiency and workplace safety. Our selection ranges from €10,000 for basic models to €150,000 for advanced, high-capacity systems from top brands like Demag, Konecranes, ABUS, and Stahl. Each machine comes with specific features such as load capacity, span length, lifting height, and automation level, tailored to meet your operational requirements.

When choosing a bridge crane or hoister, it’s essential to consider factors like the type and weight of materials to be lifted, the working environment, the required lifting height, and how easily the equipment can integrate with your existing infrastructure. These factors are vital for ensuring efficient and safe material handling, optimizing workflow, and minimizing the risk of workplace injuries. Investing in our used bridge cranes and hoisters provides access to high-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost, while also supporting sustainable practices by extending the lifecycle of durable machinery.

Kitmondo is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service, helping you find the perfect crane or hoister to elevate your material handling operations. Explore our listings today to discover reliable bridge cranes and hoisters that offer exceptional performance and value for all your heavy lifting needs.


Year: 2011

Type of Girder Single
Span 9350 mm
Load Capacity max 10 T
Height 7 m


Year: 2019

SCHMALZ - JUMBO ERGO crane Vacuum Gripper JUMBO ERGO, with a lifting capacity of up to 35 kg used for transporting and lifting bags. The gripper is suspended from a pillar crane, attached to the floor of the hall on chemical anchors (alternatively: attachment to an intermediate plate - convertible). * Vacuum blower Type: SBM-160-520-IE3-TYPE1 Capacity (50 Hz): 160 m³/h …


Year: 2001

PIPELAYER DRESSTA SB-85 – production year 2001‎ For sale unique opportunity to acquire amazing Pipelayer Dressta, model SB-85 from 2001 year ‎with astonishing lifting capacity of 100 tons (220 460 lb) and extremely reliable powertrain Cummins ‎KT-19C with useful 310 hp.‎ Main features of the offered machine:‎ ‎1)‎ Good visibility to work area ‎2)‎ Rugged box-section steel booms are matched …

Faraone ZP200 Hoister

Year: 2017

Load Capacity max 0.2 T
Height 12 m
Span 0 mm

EU Gantry crane Hoister

Year: 2020

Type of Girder Double
Span 15000 mm
Load Capacity max 5 T

Omis 6.3 t - 15 m Hoister

Year: 2016

Type of Girder Double
Span 15000 mm
Load Capacity max 7 T
Height 6 m

Stem with suction lifter

Year: 2014

Type of Girder Double
Span 7000 mm
Load Capacity max 1000 T
Height 3.5 m

Enerpac ESS Hoister Hot deal Low working hours

Year: 2007

Load Capacity max 32000 T
Span 1500 mm

OMIS 50+10 T – 22.9+5.95 m. Hoister

Year: 1999

Load Capacity max 50 T
Span 22900 mm

Demag 20 ton + 3,2 ton x 17 855 mm Hoister

Year: 1977

Type of Girder Double
Span 17855 mm
Load Capacity max 20 T

Stahl 20 ton x 19 900 mm Hoister


Type of Girder Double
Span 19900 mm
Load Capacity max 20 T

ADC 10 ton x 20 950 mm Hoister


Type of Girder Double
Span 20950 mm
Load Capacity max 10 T

Abus Monopoutre suspendu caisson Hoister

Year: 2022

Type of Girder Single
Span 48000 mm
Load Capacity max 16 T

ADC 16 ton x 20 950 mm Hoister


Type of Girder Double
Span 20950 mm
Load Capacity max 16 T

Abus 10 ton x 27 500 mm hydraulic shear


Type of Girder Double
Span 27500 mm
Load Capacity max 10 T

Solomat MONOSTAND 8000Kg Hoister

Year: 2014

Type of Girder Single
Span 50 mm
Load Capacity max 8 T
Height 30 m

Siemens 240 ton + 120 ton + 4 ton x 23 130 mm Hoister


Type of Girder Double
Span 23130 mm
Load Capacity max 240 T
Height 4200 m

Konecranes 20 ton Hoister


Type of Girder Double
Span 17855 mm
Load Capacity max 25 T
Height 9000 m

Demag 5 ton x 12 005 mm Hoister


Type of Girder Double
Span 12005 mm
Load Capacity max 5 T

SAMO 20T-11 m.+4.6 m. Hoister

Year: 2016

Load Capacity max 20 T
Span 11000 mm

Lifting Efficiency to New Heights: A Comprehensive Guide to Bridge Cranes and Hoists

Bridge cranes and hoists are pivotal in numerous industrial environments, providing the capability to lift and move heavy loads with precision and ease. These machines are crucial for enhancing operational efficiency, improving safety, and supporting activities in manufacturing, construction, and warehousing. Understanding the various types, features, and purchasing considerations for bridge cranes and hoists can significantly optimize your material handling processes. Exapro, a leading online marketplace for used industrial machinery, provides a wide array of bridge cranes and hoists, granting businesses access to top-tier equipment at competitive prices.

Types of Bridge Cranes and Hoists

Bridge cranes and hoists come in various configurations to meet specific industrial requirements. Here’s a detailed overview of the primary types:

Overhead Bridge Cranes

Overhead bridge cranes feature a horizontal bridge traveling on tracks along two parallel runways, ideal for moving heavy loads across large areas.

  • Single Girder Bridge Cranes: Equipped with a single horizontal girder, suitable for lighter loads and shorter spans.
  • Double Girder Bridge Cranes: Featuring two horizontal girders, ideal for heavier loads and longer spans, providing higher lifting capacities and enhanced stability.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes are similar to bridge cranes but are supported by freestanding legs that move on wheels or tracks, commonly used outdoors.

  • Full Gantry Cranes: Span the entire width of a work area, with legs on both sides, ideal for large-scale outdoor operations.
  • Semi-Gantry Cranes: Feature one leg on the ground and the other supported by an elevated runway, perfect for operations where one side of the crane needs to be clear.

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes have a horizontal arm (jib) that supports a hoist, ideal for repetitive lifting tasks in confined areas.

  • Free-Standing Jib Cranes: Mounted on a concrete foundation, providing flexibility and easy relocation.
  • Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes: Attached to a wall or column, saving floor space and suitable for areas with limited space.


Hoists are designed to lift and lower loads vertically and can be used independently or as part of a crane system.

  • Electric Hoists: Powered by electricity, offering precision and ease of use, suitable for a wide range of lifting tasks.
  • Manual Hoists: Operated by hand, ideal for lighter loads and areas without power access.
  • Air Hoists: Powered by compressed air, used in environments where electrical sparks are hazardous, such as chemical plants.

Exapro offers a diverse selection of these cranes and hoists, ensuring businesses can find the right equipment for their specific operational needs.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting a bridge crane or hoist, it's essential to consider specific features and specifications to ensure the machine meets your operational requirements. Key factors include:

Load Capacity

The load capacity determines the maximum weight the crane or hoist can lift. Ensure the equipment can handle your specific material needs. Exapro’s listings provide detailed specifications on load capacity, helping you find a machine that suits your requirements.

Span and Reach

The span (width the crane can cover) and reach (distance the hoist can travel) are crucial for ensuring the crane or hoist can cover the necessary area. Consider your workspace dimensions and the required range for efficient operation.

Lift Height

Lift height is the maximum vertical distance the hoist can travel. Ensure the lift height meets your operational needs, especially in facilities with high ceilings or multi-level operations.

Speed and Efficiency

The lifting and traveling speed impact overall productivity. High-speed cranes and hoists are essential for large-scale operations, while slower machines may suffice for smaller tasks. Evaluate the speed specifications to ensure they align with your production volume requirements.

Automation and Control

Advanced automation and control systems enhance precision, consistency, and safety in lifting operations. Features like programmable settings, remote controls, and automated safety systems can significantly boost productivity and ensure safe operation. Exapro’s platform includes machines with various levels of automation, allowing you to find the right balance between functionality and ease of use.

Durability and Maintenance

The durability and maintenance requirements of the machine are critical for long-term operational efficiency. Machines made from high-quality materials, such as hardened steel, are more resistant to wear and tear. Easy-to-clean designs and accessible components simplify maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs. Exapro provides information on the condition and maintenance history of used machines, aiding in informed decision-making.

Leading Brands in Bridge Cranes and Hoists

Top brands ensure higher quality and better support. Some leading brands in the bridge crane and hoist market include:

  • Konecranes: Known for their precision and innovative machines, Konecranes offers robust solutions for various industrial applications.
  • Demag: Renowned for their durable and advanced technology, Demag’s machines are popular in material handling.
  • Gorbel: Offers high-performance cranes and hoists known for their reliability and efficiency in demanding applications.
  • Harrington: Known for efficient and versatile equipment, ideal for large-scale operations.
  • Spanco: Provides high-quality cranes and hoists designed for precision and high-speed lifting, perfect for complex and high-volume production.

Exapro features equipment from these and other reputable brands, ensuring access to reliable and well-supported machinery.

Pricing of Used Bridge Cranes and Hoists

The cost of used bridge cranes and hoists varies widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and specific features. Generally, prices can range from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. For instance, a used Konecranes single girder bridge crane might be priced around $10,000 to $50,000, while a high-end Demag double girder bridge crane could cost between $50,000 and $200,000. Exapro’s marketplace offers a range of pricing options, providing transparency and competitive deals for buyers.


Bridge cranes and hoists are indispensable tools in various industrial applications, offering efficient and reliable solutions for lifting and transporting heavy loads. By understanding the different types of cranes and hoists and key factors to consider when purchasing, businesses can make informed decisions that enhance their operational capabilities. Exapro offers a comprehensive platform for sourcing high-quality used machinery, with detailed listings and competitive pricing. Whether you need an overhead bridge crane, gantry crane, jib crane, or hoist, Exapro’s extensive inventory and user-friendly interface make it easy to find the right equipment for your material handling needs.