Kitmondo offers an exceptional selection of used heavy-duty lathes, robust and precise machines ideal for various high-demand applications. These lathes, priced between €29,000 and €119,000, are perfect for large-scale operations in industries such as manufacturing, shipbuilding, power generation, heavy machinery construction, oil and gas, metalworking shops, and railways. Their key strength is the ability to manage large, heavy workpieces and perform a range of machining operations, including turning, boring, threading, and facing with high precision. When evaluating these machines, consider essential parameters like swing over bed and cross slide, distance between centers, spindle bore and speed, main drive power, tool turret capacity, control types, and overall machine weight. Leading manufacturers of heavy-duty lathes include Haas Automation, Mazak, Doosan Machine Tools, Okuma, Mori Seiki, Gildemeister, Toshiba Machine, and SMTCL. Kitmondo is committed to providing quality, reliability, and outstanding customer service, helping you find the perfect machine that meets your requirements and budget.

Romania SNA 800 x 3000 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1980

Ø above the bed 800 mm
Spindle motor power 18.5 kW
Tailstock no
Ø above transversing slide 392 mm
Overhauled no
Steady no

Geminis CNC 5 870 - 3000 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1996

Max. turning diameter 870 mm
Ø above transversing slide 560 mm
Turning speed 500 rpm
Turning length 3000 mm
Spindle bore 300 mm
Spindle motor power 47 kW


Year: 1977

Length between centers 12000 mm
Center height 1000 mm
Tailstock no
Max. turning diameter 1840 mm
Overhauled no
Steady no

EST Ticino ET-BM 520-7000 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1987

Length between centers 7000 mm
Ø above the bed 1040 mm
Max workpiece weight 8500 kg
Max. turning diameter 1040 mm
Ø above transversing slide 710 mm
Spindle bore 130 mm

VEB WZM Meuselwitz (WMW) DXWD 1800 / 2 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1985

Length between centers 12025 mm
Turning length 11925 mm
Ø above the bed 2600 mm
Max. turning diameter 1900 mm
Center height 1300 mm
Max workpiece weight 80000 kg

Demoor 825-S-261 Hollow Spindle Lathe Hot deal

Year: 1990

Overhauled no
Steady yes
Tailstock yes

68,500 €

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AE United Arab Emirates

Gurutzpe Super A de 6000 heavy duty lathe

Year: ~ 1992

Length between centers 6000 mm
Turning length 6000 mm
Ø above the bed 1020 mm
Max. turning diameter 1440 mm
Center height 500 mm
Ø above transversing slide 745 mm

ZERBST DP1 S3 x 3700 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1992

Length between centers 3700 mm
Ø above transversing slide 1600 mm
Spindle motor power 55 kW
Ø above the bed 2000 mm
Spindle bore 100 mm
Overhauled no

USSR 165 heavy duty lathe


Length between centers 5000 mm
Turning length 5000 mm
Ø above the bed 1000 mm
Max. turning diameter 1000 mm
Center height 500 mm
Ø above transversing slide 600 mm

Clovis 50x6000 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1971

Length between centers 6000 mm
Ø above transversing slide 910 mm
Max workpiece weight 20000 kg
Ø above the bed 1290 mm
Diameter in the gap 1580 mm
Spindle bore 155 mm

WMW Niles DP1 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1986

Length between centers 4000 mm
Turning length 4000 mm
Ø above the bed 2500 mm
Max. turning diameter 2500 mm
Center height 1250 mm
Faceplate diameter 1250 mm

TOS Čelákovice SU 125/8000 heavy duty lathe


Length between centers 8000 mm
Ø above transversing slide 940 mm
Spindle bore 102 mm
Ø above the bed 1250 mm
Max workpiece weight 6000 kg
Spindle motor power 30 kW

SKODA SRM 100х8000 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1962

Length between centers 8000 mm
Turning length 8000 mm
Ø above the bed 1536 mm
Max. turning diameter 1536 mm
Center height 768 mm
Spindle motor power 5.5 kW

VDF-BOEHRINGER V 800 x 6000 center lathe

Year: 1971

Length between centers 6000 mm
Turning length 6000 mm
Ø above transversing slide 500 mm
Max. turning diameter 800 mm
Ø above the bed 800 mm
Overhauled no

HOESCH DHZ-3700 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1979

Length between centers 15000 mm
Turning length 15000 mm
Max workpiece weight 300000 kg
Max. turning diameter 3700 mm
Faceplate diameter 2700 mm
Turning speed 100 rpm

UMU 5000 mm slide length horizontal lathe

Year: 2000

Length between centers 5000 mm
Tailstock no
Overhauled no
Steady no

Heavy duty lathe DP 3150 x 10000 mm


Length between centers 10000 mm
Tailstock no
Overhauled no
Steady no

Cazeneuve HB 575 heavy duty lathe


Length between centers 4000 mm
Ø above transversing slide 300 mm
Turning speed 2500 rpm
Ø above the bed 575 mm
Spindle bore 51 mm
Overhauled no

Tacchi FTC56 heavy duty lathe

Year: 1989

Length between centers 7000 mm
Turning length 6000 mm
Ø above the bed 2000 mm
Max. turning diameter 2000 mm
Center height 1600 mm
Ø above transversing slide 1600 mm

PORĘBA THG 125x5000 heavy duty lathe


Max. turning diameter 1250 mm
Ø above transversing slide 1250 mm
Max workpiece weight 30000 kg
Turning length 5000 mm
Faceplate diameter 1250 mm
Overhauled no

Whether you're in the automotive sector, shipbuilding, power generation, or any industry requiring heavy metal processing, the lathe is a cornerstone tool. At Kitmondo, we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of pre-owned heavy-duty lathes that meet and exceed your specific industrial needs.

What is a Heavy-Duty Lathe?

Often referred to as the workhorse of the machine shop, the heavy-duty lathe is engineered for extensive metal removal and forming tasks. These machines are characterized by their robust design and substantial construction, capable of handling massive workpieces that can weigh several tons. They excel in processes such as turning, facing, taper turning, and threading, making them indispensable in metal pressing and forging operations where strength, precision, and speed are crucial.

Our Range of Heavy-Duty Lathes

At Kitmondo, we take pride in offering a wide array of high-quality, used heavy-duty lathes from the world’s most respected manufacturers. Each machine in our inventory is thoroughly inspected and tested to meet our stringent standards of quality and reliability. Our selection includes lathes from industry-leading brands like Mazak, Haas, Doosan, Okuma, and Mori Seiki, among others. We offer various models equipped with different features and capabilities, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your production requirements.

Main Advantages of Heavy-Duty Lathes

Heavy-duty lathes are essential in many industries due to their ability to handle large-scale operations and tougher materials. Here are the primary advantages:

Versatility: Capable of performing multiple machining operations such as turning, boring, threading, facing, and drilling, heavy-duty lathes are one of the most versatile types of industrial machinery. This flexibility allows businesses to complete various tasks with a single machine, saving both space and resources.

Ability to Handle Large Projects: Designed to manage heavy-duty tasks, these lathes can handle large workpieces beyond the scope of regular lathes. They are ideal for projects in industries like shipbuilding, power generation, and automotive manufacturing.

Precision and Accuracy: Despite their size, heavy-duty lathes can perform intricate work with high precision and accuracy, achieving tight tolerances and ensuring the quality and consistency of the finished product.

Durability and Longevity: Built to endure continuous, large-scale operations, these machines are made from high-quality materials that withstand significant wear and tear. With proper maintenance, they provide reliable service for many years.

Cost-Efficiency: Investing in a heavy-duty lathe can be cost-effective in the long run. Their multipurpose nature eliminates the need for multiple machines, reducing capital expenditure. Their robust construction also means fewer breakdowns and lower maintenance costs over time.

Increased Productivity: With their powerful performance and ability to handle large workpieces, heavy-duty lathes significantly enhance productivity. They perform operations faster and more efficiently than smaller lathes, helping businesses meet high production demands.