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About us

We are an online marketplace where you can find a wide range of used industrial machinery, from metalworking and woodworking equipment to packaging and printing machines. Our platform is designed to connect you with sellers from all over the world, providing you with access to a global network of machinery suppliers.

We understand that buying machinery can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why we aim to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. Our platform offers a user-friendly interface, powerful search tools, and a vast selection of machinery listings, allowing you to find the right equipment for your specific needs quickly.

When you browse our listings, you'll find detailed descriptions, specifications, and photos of each machine, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. You can also contact sellers directly through the platform to ask questions, request additional information, and negotiate prices.

Whether you are a small business owner looking for a single machine or a large industrial company in need of multiple pieces of equipment, we have everything you need to find the right machinery at the right price. So why wait? Start browsing our listings today and find the perfect machine for your business!

Just because we sell machines, doesn’t mean we are machines!

How to buy a machine

Browse the website - Go to the our website and browse the categories to find the machinery you need.


Filter the results - Use the filters to refine your search and find machinery that meets your specific requirements.


Check the machine listing - Click on the machine you are interested in to see its full details, including the description, specifications, and photos.


Contact the seller - If you are interested in a machine, click on the "Contact seller" button to get in touch with the Agent in charge of the classified ad. You can ask questions, request additional information, and negotiate the price.


Make an offer - Once you have agreed on the price and other terms through your Agent, you are put in touch with the owner.


Plan a visit - always best to see the machine before confirming a purchase. Organize a physical or virtual visit.


Arrange the payment and delivery - Once all the invoicing details are agreed upon, you can arrange the logistics with the seller.


Receive and inspect the machine - Once the machine is delivered, inspect it thoroughly to make sure it meets your expectations during your visit on site. If there are any issues, contact the seller and us to resolve them.


Some tips for buying used machinery with Exapro

In order to find the best machine for your production needs, use all the tools available.

Use the search bar

This is fast, efficient and smart. Just type a brand, model or type of machine. Our internal search engine will whisper you some suggestions regrouped by Category, Manufacturer or Model.


Browse machines through categories

Alternatively, you can make your way through categories of machines jumping from Primary to subcategory. Always check if you are in the most relevant subcategory for your need (eg Machining center 5 axis).


Use our machinery search features

We have developed sophisticated and powerful filtering tools to help you quickly find the machine you have been looking for. You can filter machines by:
- manufacturer
- location (continent or country)
- year of manufacture
- technical specifications


Choose your language, currency and measurement system

Our website is translated into many languages. Choose the version fitting you best. All machinery offers are translated though some are through an automated system.

You also have the choice between many currencies. Sellers will always refer to their currency for the sale but you will get an updated idea of the price on your own.

Switch between Metric and Imperial measurements as you see fit.


Check our best offers in the Hot deals section or follow the latest added machines in the New offers section

Are you looking for the most competitive prices? Always ready for a good purchase opportunity? Check the Hot deals section where we regroup only machines at below-market prices.

And if you are monitoring new incoming offers, you can always visit the New offers menu.

hot deal

Check out our auction calendar

We also list auctions from all major industrial auctioneers from where you can jump to their bidding systems.


Use the ordering list to organize the results of classified machinery ads

You can reorder lists of results according to your priority:
- Relevancy
- Manufacturer
- Product year
- Price
- Added date


Create an account

Creating an account is free and gives you access to improved services. From your client account you can:
- set your currency, language and measurement system
- manage your newsletters
- contact your Exapro agent
- inquire about machines without having to fill in your contact details
- ask for a compliance check for a more effective intermediation with the seller
- add a machine you might have to sell in the future.

Remember, when creating your account, please fill in as much information as possible in your profile. This will help us to improve your experience with Exapro and boost the trust the Seller will have in your request.


Ask questions to sellers

Choose carefully which machines you could be interested in and ask your questions. You will get an immediate answer from our Team and should get a more precise answer from the Sellers as soon as possible.

To provide you with all the information you need for a quick decision, ask all your technical and sales questions in your inquiry. We will then be able to give you the answers right from the start.


Do not worry about a seller's trustworthiness

We only put you in touch with Sellers for whom we have gone through a compliance check. This secures you from scams and unreliable sellers. You also get to visit the machine to make sure all is fine from a technical point of view. After all, there is used and used.


Always organize a visit, being it virtual or physical

Once all is confirmed and set, your Agent puts you in touch with the owner of the machine. You should plan a visit. With applications such as Whatsapp or Google Meet, you can organize a remote visit. Best of course is to plan a trip on site so you can take time to check the machine in detail and get a better idea of required logistics.

We always recommend double checking a machine before confirming a purchase.


Make sure to get a precise idea of what is included with the machine

You are in direct touch with the seller. Always make sure you have a clear idea of what is included with the machine, what help to expect from the seller and how to organise your agreed part of logistics (dismantling, packing, loading, shipping, unloading, unpacking, assembling and starting).

You should also set all financial and possible guarantee aspects directly with the seller.


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