Kitmondo is your leading marketplace for premium used industrial machinery. In our Metal Presses / Forging category, we offer an impressive array of induction heaters and furnaces. Each machine is thoroughly maintained to ensure a perfect combination of efficiency, durability, and value.

Our induction heaters and furnaces deliver rapid and precise heating, making them ideal for processes such as metal forging, hardening, annealing, and other heat treatments. They are crucial for industries like automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where consistent temperature control and uniform heating are vital for superior metalworking results.

Every induction heater and furnace we sell undergoes a comprehensive vetting process to guarantee outstanding quality and performance. Our equipment provides substantial cost savings compared to new machinery, without compromising on efficiency. We carry trusted brands such as Inductotherm, EFD, and Ajax Tocco, renowned for their reliability and advanced technology. Prices range from €10,000 to €200,000, fitting a wide range of budgets.

For more information or to request a quote, contact our dedicated team, ready to help with your specific needs. At Kitmondo, we focus on enhancing your business growth by providing top-quality, affordable machinery. Trust Kitmondo for your industrial equipment needs and boost your productivity today.

Termetal 150 kW Furnace

Year: 2011

Power capacity 150 kW

Termetal 100kW Furnace

Year: 2005

Power capacity 100 kW

CERADEL CLM670/13 Furnace Hot deal


Interior dimensions 1000x500x1300 Exterior dimensions 1850x2100x2400 Capacity 650l Free-standing, front-loading Temperature mas 1300°C-Power 70kw-400 3/N-2200 KG Can be connected to 220/380-380/460 tri Suitable for firing glass, ceramics, heat treatment of metals, drying. Its insulation is resistant to neutral and oxidizing atmospheres. If you are interested, please contact us by return mail.

Termetal 250kW Furnace

Year: 2005

Power capacity 250 kW

Inducal IMHR 253-1 Furnace

Year: 1995

Power capacity 300 kW
Electric capacity 250 kva

Camlaw Continuous Brazing Furnace(450 hours ONLY)

Year: 2000

Controlled atmosphere brazing system for brazing aluminium heat exchangers, comrpising of the following items: Gas Heated Drying Oven (2800 x 900 mm) Gas Heated Brazing Furnace ( 6000 x 900 mm) Main Electrical Control Panel(For all items and c/w UPS) Control and Supervisory Package Dry Exhaust Fume scrubber(c/w first fill) Transfer rollers for in-line connection Basic spare parts package Camlaw …

AMP Quantum G Typu HVF 60/60/100- 12.0IQP Furnace

Year: 2019

Vacuum furnace for tempering and hardening steel - model Quantum G, Type HVF 60/60/100- 12.01QP, with gas cooling at a pressure of 12 BAR, prepared for NITRO-TOOL nitriding and PIRO-CARB vacuum carburizing technology, together with the necessary equipment. The hardening and tempering furnace is used for heat treatment of high-alloy tool steels and carbon steels. This is a device that …

AMP VBF-60/60/100-1.5 Furnace

Year: 2012

Power capacity 230 kW
Frequency 50 Hz
Capacity in kg 600 kg

ABB ITMK4000 Furnace

Year: 2015

Power capacity 1000 kW
Frequency 300 Hz
Capacity in kg 2000 kg
Electric capacity 1250 kva

Mico 160 KW Furnace like new condition Low working hours

Year: 2020

Power capacity 160 kW
Capacity in kg 150 kg

__ 8000 kg Furnace


Power capacity 468 kW
Electric capacity 480 kva
Capacity in kg 8000 kg

Inducal IMHR 253-1 Furnace

Year: 1995

Power capacity 300 kW
Electric capacity 250 kva

SAET 1THL Furnace

Year: 2011

Power capacity 100 kW
Frequency 50 Hz

BALZER WGK 4000 / 10000 Aluminum Melting Furnace

Year: 2010

Power capacity 3600 kW
Capacity in kg 1400 kg

ILVET C-1321 Furnace

Year: 2011

Power capacity 16.2 kW
Frequency 50 Hz

NAUTILUS-1240 Two Position Programmable Kiln 20 Cubic Litre Chamber

Year: 2022

Technical specification: – Brand name: Technical Supermarket; – Model: NAUTILUS-1240P; – CE marked, ISO-9001-2008; – Single phase, 230 Vac +/-10%. Supplied without electrical plug. Should be connected to 32 A circuit breaker; – 4500 Watt; – No asbestos; – Can be used in Horizontal or Vertical position; – Maximum working temperature – 1240 C (2262 F); – Heating time to …

2,180 €

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GB United Kingdom

1240 C / 2264 F Wi-Fi Programmable Top-Loaded Kiln: 16 L Inner

Year: 2022

Technical specification: – Brand name: Technical Supermarket; – Model: WFRH-16L; – Grade: Commercial; – Single phase, 230 Vac +/-10% on request; – 2900 Watt / 13 A – Top working temperature – 1240 C (2264 F); – Estimated heating time to 1240 C – 90 minutes; – Continuously working time on 1240 C (2264 F): 10 minutes; – Continuously working …

2,410 €

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GB United Kingdom

NAUTILUS-1240 C Two-Position, Wi-Fi Programmable Kiln: 20 C.L.

Year: 2022

Technical Specifications: – Brand name: Technical Supermarket; – Model: WFN-1240; – CE marked, ISO-9001-2008; – Grade: Commercial; – 110 Vac +/-10% or 230 Vac +/-10% on request. Supplied without electrical plug; – Single phase, 13 A; – 3700 Watt; – No asbestos; – Can be used in Horizontal or Vertical position; – Maximum working temperature – 1240 C (2262 F); …

2,370 €

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GB United Kingdom

Large Inner 1240 C (2264 F) Programmable Electrical Kiln For Work 24/7

Year: 2022

Technical specification: – Brand name: Technical Supermarket; – Manufacturer: Treatment of Surfaces LTD (London); – Model: R-310P-24/7; – CE. UKCA and FCC, ISO-9001-2008; – Single phase, 230V+/-10%; – Supplied with no plug: should be connecting directly to a 20 A or higher circuit breaker; – 3900 Watt / 16 A; – No asbestos at all; – Continuously working time: 24/7 …

2,780 €

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GB United Kingdom

Overview of Induction Heaters and Furnaces in Metal Pressing and Forging

Induction heaters and furnaces play a pivotal role in metal pressing and forging, delivering the precise and efficient heating needed for shaping and forming metal components. Utilizing electromagnetic induction, these technologies provide rapid and controlled heating, essential for reaching the temperatures required for forging, shaping, and treating metals to ensure the desired mechanical properties are achieved.

Varieties of Induction Heaters and Furnaces

Induction Heaters

Induction Hardening Machines

  • Purpose: Surface hardening of metal components to enhance wear resistance.
  • Applications: Automotive parts, tools, and machinery components.
  • Key Features: Precise heating zone control, rapid heating cycles, and high energy efficiency.

Induction Melting Furnaces

  • Purpose: Melting metals and alloys for casting and alloying.
  • Applications: Foundries, metal casting, and recycling industries.
  • Key Features: Efficient melting, capability for various metals, and minimal oxidation.

Induction Brazing and Soldering Machines

  • Purpose: Joining metals by melting a filler metal.
  • Applications: HVAC systems, electronics, plumbing.
  • Key Features: Precision heating, minimal thermal distortion, and clean, strong joints.

Induction Annealing Machines

  • Purpose: Heat treatment to alter metal properties, reducing hardness and increasing ductility.
  • Applications: Wire and cable manufacturing, metalworking, tube and pipe production.
  • Key Features: Uniform heating, controlled cooling, and scalable for different production volumes.

Induction Furnaces

Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) Furnaces

  • Purpose: Melt and refine metals in a vacuum to produce high-purity alloys.
  • Applications: Aerospace, medical implants, high-performance alloys.
  • Key Features: High-purity melting, precise alloy composition control, reduced contamination.

Induction Heating Furnaces

  • Purpose: Heating metals for forging, forming, and heat treatment.
  • Applications: Forging shops, heat treatment facilities, rolling mills.
  • Key Features: Rapid heating, energy efficiency, precise temperature control.

Continuous Induction Heating Lines

  • Purpose: Continuous heating of metal strips, rods, and wires for processes like annealing, tempering, and coating.
  • Applications: Steel mills, wire production, metal finishing.
  • Key Features: High throughput, uniform heating, integration with automated production lines.

Essential Features and Specifications

When choosing induction heaters and furnaces, consider these crucial features:

  • Power and Frequency Range: Determines heating efficiency and depth of penetration. High-frequency is suited for surface heating, while low-frequency is ideal for thorough heating.
  • Temperature Control: Precise control is critical for consistent results and avoiding overheating.
  • Heating Speed: Faster heating cycles enhance productivity and reduce energy use.
  • Cooling System: Effective cooling is necessary to maintain performance and longevity.
  • Energy Efficiency: Models that reduce energy consumption lower operational costs.
  • Automation and Integration: Advanced controls and integration with other equipment streamline operations.

Benefits of Induction Heaters and Furnaces

Investing in high-quality induction equipment offers multiple advantages:

  • Precision and Control: Ensures consistent and high-quality results through precise heating.
  • Efficiency: Reduces energy consumption and operational costs with efficient heating.
  • Speed: Accelerates production rates with rapid heating cycles.
  • Clean and Safe: Produces no direct emissions, minimizing contamination risks and providing a safer working environment.
  • Versatility: Handles a wide range of metals and alloys for diverse applications.

Considerations for Purchasing Induction Heaters and Furnaces

To select the right equipment, consider:

  • Material Type and Properties: Ensure compatibility with the metals and alloys you process.
  • Production Volume: Choose equipment with the appropriate capacity and speed for your production needs.
  • Precision Requirements: Match the equipment's capabilities with your quality standards.
  • Budget: Consider both initial investment and long-term operational costs, including maintenance and energy use.
  • Service and Support: Evaluate the availability of technical support and maintenance services.
  • Training: Assess the need for operator training on advanced features.

Leading Brands and Pricing

Induction Heaters

  • EFD Induction: Offers a variety of industrial heating solutions. Prices range from $10,000 to $200,000.
  • Inductoheat: Known for high-quality heating and hardening equipment. Prices generally range from $20,000 to $300,000.
  • Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic: Provides robust and efficient heating systems. Prices typically fall between $15,000 and $250,000.

Induction Furnaces

  • Inductotherm: Renowned for advanced melting and heating furnaces. Prices range from $50,000 to over $1 million.
  • OTTO Junker: Offers various melting and heating solutions. Prices generally range from $60,000 to $900,000.
  • Ambrell: Specializes in precision heating systems. Prices typically range from $20,000 to $300,000.


Induction heaters and furnaces are crucial in metal pressing and forging, providing precise, efficient, and controlled heating for various processes. With different types such as induction hardening machines, melting furnaces, brazing machines, annealing machines, and vacuum induction furnaces, selecting the right equipment depends on specific production needs and material types. Key factors to consider include power and frequency range, temperature control, heating speed, cooling systems, and energy efficiency. Leading brands like EFD Induction, Inductoheat, Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic, Inductotherm, OTTO Junker, and Ambrell offer a range of high-quality equipment to suit different applications and budgets. By carefully evaluating production volume, material properties, precision requirements, and budget, businesses can invest in the right induction heaters and furnaces to enhance their manufacturing capabilities and ensure high-quality, efficient production.