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Our industrial ovens are designed to deliver reliable and precise heating for a wide range of applications, including drying, curing, baking, and heat treating. They are indispensable in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and food processing, where consistent and controllable heat is essential for ensuring product quality and performance.

Each industrial oven in our inventory undergoes a rigorous vetting process to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and performance. Our machinery is highly cost-effective, providing significant savings compared to new equipment without sacrificing efficiency. We feature trusted brands like Despatch, Blue M, and Nabertherm, known for their reliability and cutting-edge technology. Prices range from €5,000 to €50,000, accommodating various budget needs.

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AGUMET SLA CBQ-028 Industrial oven

Year: 2001

ROTARY OVEN - TROMMEL MAXIMUM CONSUMPTION Nm3/H - 40Kg/h OPERATING PRESSURE 15-25Mbar Maximum Power 465KW 400,000 Kcal/h Minimum Power 233 Kw 200,000 Kcal/h Burners 1 FLAXMER AT-15/14

Lepolam 2021 Industrial oven Hot deal

Year: 2021

Oven/dryer/heating chamber Maximum heating temperature – 200 °C Year of production - 2021 External dimensions: - depth – 4900 mm - width – 3050 mm - height – 30050 Internal dimensions: - depth – 4900 mm - width – 3050 mm - height – 30050 Technical parameters of the furnace: - supply voltage – 400V 50 Hz - Maximum power …

INTERMET EKOMAT II Industrial oven Hot deal

Year: 2011

Sawdust stove INTERMET sawdust stove for sale, power 500 kW, year of production 2011. The stove is perfect for carpentry shops or sawmills where sawdust is the waste. The stove is complete and ready for transport.

Marinelli Impianto completo Industrial oven

Year: 2000

We have two drying plants useful for various uses. Our company used to use them for feed production. We need to sell the equipment unused for years. So you will find everything at the realization price.

SCAME FORNI INDUSTRIALI S.p.A 1300/150/3500G.I Industrial oven

Year: 2000

Scame furnace for soldering radiators for sale. Year of manufacture 2000 Technical data: Length 28200 m Width 2736 m Height 2606 m Engine power 130 kW max temp. 1120 degrees Working temperature 1100 degrees Temperature range 850/1100 degrees Belt width 1300 mm max height of soldered elements 150 mm Length of the heating zone 3600 mm Supply voltage 3x400V The …

CIA CIA ET Industrial oven

Year: 2015

Painting system. 3 preparation areas 1 static oven 2 painting booths Endo thermal technology

ELSKLO GKL 1000 TSCU Industrial oven

Year: 2011

Crucible Furnace. Power supply Gas or fuel oil Hydraulic tilting

GF-ELTI S.r.l HT Line 10 t Industrial oven

Year: 2024

10 ton Heat Treatment Line Sale set: ˗ 1 chamber furnace, ˗ 1 manipulator ˗ 2 in-out material storage benches ˗ 1 quenching pool (optional) ˗ necessary equipment to complete the quenching asset (optional) Conceptual working cycle: 1) Lifting from loading/unloading benches using the manipulator 2) Furnace door opening 3) Transfer by means of manipulator and deposit into furnace 4) …

France Etuves N503-XHT01.5 Industrial oven

Year: 2021

High-temperature furnace 1500 liters -Input current type: AC -Total weight: 750 kg -Input voltage: 400 V -Frequency: 50 Hz -Total height: 2,296 cm -Total width: 1,696 cm -Total length:1,670 cm -Nominal power: 30,000 W -Motor power: 30 000 W -Nominal current: 50 A -Maximum temperature: 450 °C -Net weight: 750 kg -Nominal voltage:400 V -Inner size: 1000 x 1000 x …


Year: 2022

MELTING OVEN FOR BRASS KW 120 WITH ELECTRICAL CABIN in excellent condition. The price shown is for no. 1 kiln kw 120 including electric cabin. AVAILABLE NO. 2 FURNACES IN TOTAL

Keramischer Ofenbau HWO 1/11-4.0 Shuttle kiln

Year: 2011

We are offering a high-capacity shuttle kiln complete with 33 kiln cars, designed for efficient and versatile firing of ceramic products. This kiln is perfect for industries involved in the production of tiles, pottery, bricks, and other clay-based materials. It offers precise temperature control, uniform heating, and robust construction to ensure consistent quality and performance. Specifications: Shuttle Kiln: Model: HWO …

Italimpianti Orafi SpA GM-24 Jewlery Chain soldering machine Low working hours

Year: 1991

It is continous soldering machine for jewelry chains(gold,platinum, silver, bronze,etc.). It has accurate temperature sensors,timer, special gas network to neautralize the soldering area. It is in perfect condition,worked around 360 hours.

Cieffe FNCM 3.5./1/2250 Industrial oven

Year: 1999

Industrial oven for annealing and matallurgical soldering Technical characteristics: Connection voltage: 3x380 V, 50 Hz Total power: 56,5 kVA Type of heating: electric Electric heating output: 54 kW Maximum operating temperature: 1120 ˚ C Number of heated zones: 4 Length of heated zones: 2250 mm Conveyor belt width: 350 mm Useful height above the waist: 150 mm Conveyor belt speed: …

Elmetherm 27 x 4,4 m Industrial oven

Year: 1997

The ELMETHERM 27 x 4.4 m furnace built in 1997 in France is used for heating and shaping single-layer plastic pipes with a maximum wall thickness of 3 mm and a diameter of 8 to 35 mm. The manufacturing process begins with preheating the items in the machine's heating tubes, then vulcanizing and shaping them at 168°C. After this stage, …

Tachtech TT2021884a Industrial oven


We are selling a TachTech gas car annealing furnace because it is not used. Technical data see attached pictures, more data I will send by email. Furnace is controlled by space and charge thermocouple, has electric drive for charge carriage, JUMO control controller. The furnace was purchased used and has been upgraded and commissioned directly by the manufacturer, TachTech. I …

Italimpianti Orafi SpA MT-161 Wire softening oven Low working hours

Year: 1991

It is used to softening wire for chains(gold,silver,platinum.,bronze,etc) after wire made so to be ready to be treated in further. It has a gas network to neautralize the working area of the oven so wire to avoid any oxidation and to be smoothly and ready for use. It is in excellent condition, and worked around 140hours.

GADDA INDUSTRIE S.R.L. Forno a passo pellegrino Industrial oven

Year: 2000

METHANE GAS PELLEGRINO PITCH OVEN 600,000 K.CAL/hour Oven still in operation.

SIE SWISS TS 2000 SPN PULSE Industrial oven

Year: 2021

Essiccatore Verticale Sie Swiss. Year 2021. Located in Italy.

Уралэлектропечь пшз 12.40/10 Industrial oven Hot deal


Manufacturer LLC "Uralelektropech" Fully functional. Purchased from the factory in 2014. Used for about a month. To date it has not been used. Complete set with decking, stairs, etc.

Polytechnik Vrf 5000 Industrial oven Low working hours

Year: 2005

VRF 5,000 Polytechnik boiler system - Polish manufacturer - 4 months of operation Type of fuel: 1) wet bark, size 40-70 mm, single bast with bark, diameter 30 mm and length 400 mm, 2) dry and wet wood chips, size 20-50 mm, 3) dry and wet sawdust, The maximum dust content of the fuel is 15%. The fuels of items …

Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Ovens in Various Industries

Industrial ovens are pivotal in numerous industries, offering controlled heating solutions for processes like curing, drying, annealing, baking, and heat treating. These ovens are utilized across diverse sectors such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, providing uniform temperature distribution and precise control to enhance product quality and efficiency.

Types of Industrial Ovens

Curing Ovens

  • Purpose: Facilitate the curing of coatings, adhesives, and other materials through heat-activated chemical reactions.
  • Applications: Common in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and general manufacturing.
  • Key Features: Uniform heat distribution, precise temperature control, and customizable configurations.

Drying Ovens

  • Purpose: Efficiently remove moisture from products.
  • Applications: Used in food processing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and chemical industries.
  • Key Features: Effective moisture removal, adjustable airflow, and consistent temperature maintenance.

Batch Ovens

  • Purpose: Process products in discrete batches for flexible operation.
  • Applications: Suitable for small to medium-scale production in various industries.
  • Key Features: Versatility, ease of use, and adaptability for multiple processes like curing, drying, and heat treating.

Continuous Ovens

  • Purpose: Designed for high-volume production with products moving through on a conveyor system.
  • Applications: Ideal for large-scale manufacturing, food processing, and electronics.
  • Key Features: High throughput, consistent processing, and integration with production lines.

Conveyor Ovens

  • Purpose: Specifically designed for conveyor belt transport of products.
  • Applications: Common in electronics assembly, automotive parts production, and food processing.
  • Key Features: Customizable conveyor speeds, uniform heating, and efficient material handling.

Cleanroom Ovens

  • Purpose: Provide heating in controlled environments with minimal contamination.
  • Applications: Used in semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.
  • Key Features: HEPA filtration, low particulate generation, and precise temperature control.

Laboratory Ovens

  • Purpose: Small-scale ovens for research, testing, and sample preparation.
  • Applications: Utilized in laboratories, educational institutions, and R&D departments.
  • Key Features: Compact size, high precision, and easy programmability.

Key Features and Specifications

When selecting an industrial oven, consider the following features and specifications to ensure it meets your production needs:

  • Temperature Range: The maximum and minimum temperatures the oven can achieve and maintain.
  • Uniformity and Control: Consistent temperatures throughout the oven chamber are crucial for product quality.
  • Heating Method: Options include electric, gas, infrared, and steam heating, each suited for different applications.
  • Size and Capacity: The physical dimensions and volume of the oven should match the size and quantity of products being processed.
  • Airflow Design: Ensures even heat distribution, with options for horizontal, vertical, or combination airflow patterns.
  • Construction Materials: Durable materials that can withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions.
  • Control Systems: Advanced controls for precise temperature settings, data logging, and process automation.
  • Safety Features: Includes over-temperature protection, emergency shutdowns, and compliance with safety standards.

Advantages of Using Industrial Ovens

Investing in high-quality industrial ovens provides numerous benefits:

  • Improved Product Quality: Ensures consistent product quality and performance with uniform and controlled heating.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reduces processing times and increases throughput.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, from small-scale lab work to large-scale manufacturing.
  • Energy Efficiency: Designed to maximize energy use, reducing operational costs.
  • Enhanced Safety: Built-in safety features protect operators and equipment, ensuring safe operation.

Considerations When Buying an Industrial Oven

To select the right industrial oven, consider the following factors:

  • Application Requirements: Determine the specific heating process and temperature range needed for your products.
  • Production Volume: Choose an oven with suitable capacity and throughput to match your production volume.
  • Space and Installation: Consider the available installation space and any specific requirements for ventilation or utilities.
  • Budget: Balance the initial investment with long-term operational costs, including energy consumption and maintenance.
  • Service and Support: Evaluate the availability of technical support, training programs, and maintenance services to ensure reliable operation.
  • Compliance and Certification: Ensure the oven meets relevant industry standards and certifications, such as ISO, CE, or UL.

Popular Brands and Pricing

Despatch Industries

  • Overview: Known for high-quality ovens used in various industries, including electronics and pharmaceuticals.
  • Pricing: Typically ranges from $10,000 to over $150,000, depending on the model and specifications.

Wisconsin Oven

  • Overview: Offers a wide range of industrial ovens, including batch, conveyor, and continuous ovens.
  • Pricing: Generally ranges from $15,000 to $200,000.

Grieve Corporation

  • Overview: Known for durable and efficient industrial ovens for various applications.
  • Pricing: Generally falls between $8,000 and $100,000.


  • Overview: Provides custom-designed industrial ovens and furnaces.
  • Pricing: Typically ranges from $20,000 to $250,000.

Blue M (TPS Group)

  • Overview: Specializes in laboratory and industrial ovens with advanced control systems.
  • Pricing: Generally ranges from $5,000 to $75,000.


Industrial ovens are essential for controlled heating processes in a wide range of industries. With types such as curing, drying, batch, continuous, conveyor, cleanroom, and laboratory ovens, selecting the right equipment depends on specific application needs, production volume, and budget. Key factors to consider include temperature range, uniformity, heating method, size, airflow design, construction materials, control systems, and safety features. Leading brands like Despatch Industries, Wisconsin Oven, Grieve Corporation, Thermcraft, and Blue M offer a range of high-quality ovens to suit various applications and budgets. By carefully evaluating application requirements, production needs, space constraints, and budget, businesses can invest in the right industrial oven to enhance their manufacturing capabilities and ensure high-quality, efficient production.