Kitmondo is a leading marketplace for pre-owned industrial machinery, offering a wide range of large format inkjet plotters. These plotters provide high-quality, detailed, and large-scale prints, making them perfect for industries such as architecture, engineering, and advertising. When considering a plotter, key parameters to keep in mind include printing width, resolution, print speed, ink type, number of colors, connectivity, media handling, roll capacity, memory, and power requirements.

Kitmondo’s extensive catalog ensures you can find a plotter that meets your specific requirements and budget, with prices ranging between €6,000 and €34,000. The cost-effectiveness of these used machines does not compromise their quality, as Kitmondo guarantees that all listed equipment is in excellent working condition. Kitmondo features plotters from top manufacturers like HP, Canon, Roland, and Mimaki, all known for their reliability and performance.

By choosing Kitmondo, you gain access to a broad selection, top-notch quality, competitive prices, and a secure, convenient purchasing experience. Kitmondo provides detailed information on each listing, making it easier for you to make informed decisions. In summary, Kitmondo is your trusted source for high-quality, affordable, pre-owned industrial machinery.

Oce Arizona 350 GT large format plotter Hot deal

Year: 2010

Working width 2500 mm
Nr. of colours 5

EFI Reggiani Renoir EVO 340/16

Year: 2016

Working width 3400 mm
Nr. of colours 4

Fujifilm acuity select 3545 flatbed printer

Year: 2015

Working width 2490 mm
Nr. of colours 10

ROLAND SP540V large format plotter Hot deal

Year: 2010

Working width 1370 mm
Nr. of colours 4

Durst P5- 350 Digital UV printer

Year: 2019

Working width 3470 mm
Nr. of colours 6

EPSON Stylus pro 7700 large format plotter Hot deal

Year: 2010

Working width 600 mm
Nr. of colours 5

Roland LEJ-640 large format plotter

Year: 2017

Working width 1600 mm
Nr. of colours 6

Jetrix KX7 large format plotter - UV Printer

Year: 2014

Jetrix KX7 large format plotter - UV Printer Year 2014 CE

Kongsberg XN 22 large format plotter Hot deal

Year: 2012

Kongsberg XN 22 plotter + ArtiosCAD+camera is both a plotter and a bindery center with a working area of 1680 x 2190 mm including software. The main distinguishing features of Kongsberg tables : - high speed of cutting and creasing (50meters per minute) - unique XL Guide table control system - full computer control of: speed, acceleration, cutting depth and …

Used Rho 800 Presto Durst large format plotter

Year: 2008

Working width 2500 mm
Nr. of colours 5

EFI Vutek GS5000R large format plotter

Year: 2011

Working width 5000 mm
Nr. of colours 8

Mimaki UJF-3042MkII large format plotter

Year: 2016

Working width 300 mm
Nr. of colours 6

ROLAND LEC 540 VERSA UV large format plotter

Year: 2014

Working width 1371 mm
Nr. of colours 6

Canon Arizona 318GL large format plotter

Year: 2020

Working width 2200 mm
Nr. of colours 4

Large Format Inkjet Plotters on Kitmondo

In the printing industry, size truly matters. For large-scale printing needs, there’s no better solution than a large format inkjet plotter. These machines are essential in industries such as architecture, engineering, advertising, and graphic design. While new plotters can be a significant investment, purchasing a used one from Kitmondo provides the same impressive capabilities at a fraction of the cost.

Large format inkjet plotters are engineered to handle large jobs with precision and efficiency. They can manage media sizes that standard printers cannot, typically printing on widths from 24 inches up to 60 inches or more. These machines produce high-quality images, making them ideal for blueprints, banners, posters, and other large-scale projects.

Finding the right balance between cost, functionality, and quality is crucial when investing in industrial machinery. Kitmondo offers an extensive range of used large format inkjet plotters that strike this balance perfectly. Our selection includes models from reputable manufacturers, priced between €6,000 and €34,000.

Kitmondo is committed to providing high-quality used industrial machinery to our customers. Our wide selection of used large format inkjet plotters comes from leading brands in the industry. Each machine is thoroughly inspected and serviced to ensure it is in excellent working condition before being sold. Purchasing used machinery from Kitmondo is a fantastic way to get the equipment you need while keeping costs down.

Main Advantages of Large Format Inkjet Plotters

Large format inkjet plotters offer numerous benefits, making them valuable assets for businesses that produce large-scale prints regularly. Here are some key advantages:

High-Quality Prints: These plotters use precise mechanisms to create professional-grade prints, perfect for detailed work like architectural blueprints, technical drawings, maps, and designs where every line and curve matters.

Large-Scale Printing: True to their name, large format inkjet plotters excel at printing on large paper sizes, typically ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches, making them ideal for banners, posters, and other large displays.

Speed and Efficiency: Plotters are more efficient and faster than typical printers for large-scale prints. They can handle bulk orders quickly, saving valuable time.

Versatile Material Usage: Unlike standard printers, plotters can print on a variety of materials, including various types of paper, vinyl, canvas, fabric, and more, allowing for a broader range of printing possibilities.

Colour Accuracy: Plotters typically have extensive color palettes and excellent color accuracy, ensuring vibrant, lifelike colors that accurately represent the original image or design.

Economical for Large Prints: Plotters are more cost-effective for large-scale prints than standard printers because they use ink efficiently and are designed to handle large jobs without compromising quality.

Longevity: Large format inkjet plotters are robust and built to last. Even used models, if well-maintained, can provide excellent service for many years.

Choosing a large format inkjet plotter can significantly enhance your business, expanding your service offerings and improving operational efficiency. Whether you’re in signage, architecture, engineering, or graphic design, a plotter is an invaluable tool.

Main Machine Parameters of Plotters

When selecting a large format inkjet plotter, several key machine parameters should be evaluated to determine functionality, compatibility, and performance:

Printing Width: Indicates the maximum size of material the plotter can handle, commonly ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches, though some can accommodate even wider materials.

Resolution: Measured in dots per inch (DPI), it determines the level of detail a plotter can achieve. Higher DPI values mean finer, more detailed prints.

Print Speed: Expressed in square feet or square meters per hour, indicating how quickly the plotter can produce prints, essential for high-volume printing needs.

Ink Type: Plotters may use different ink types, such as dye-based inks for vibrant colors or pigment-based inks for longer-lasting prints. Some models use UV ink, cured by UV light for excellent durability and fade resistance.

Number of Colours: Refers to the number of distinct ink cartridges the plotter uses. More colors usually mean better color accuracy and a wider color gamut but can increase ink management complexity and cost.

Connectivity: Refers to how the plotter connects to computers or networks. Common options include USB, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. Some newer models may support cloud-based printing.

Media Handling: Indicates the types of media the plotter can print on, with some handling various materials like paper, vinyl, canvas, and textiles.

Roll Capacity: Some plotters can hold one or more rolls of print media, allowing for continuous, unattended printing.

Memory: The amount of built-in memory affects the complexity of print jobs the plotter can handle, beneficial for high-resolution or complex images.

Power Requirements: Especially important when purchasing used machinery, ensuring you have the necessary power setup for the machine.

Selecting the right parameters depends on your specific needs and the type of printing jobs you handle. Consider these parameters carefully to ensure the plotter you choose fits your business.

Areas of Use

Large format inkjet plotters are versatile machines used across various industries due to their ability to produce high-quality, large-scale prints on multiple types of print media. Key areas of use include:

Architecture and Engineering: Producing detailed architectural and engineering blueprints, floor plans, and schematics with high resolution and color accuracy.

Graphic Design and Advertising: Creating large-scale marketing materials like banners, posters, billboards, and window displays with wide color gamut and media versatility.

Fashion and Textile: Printing large-scale patterns and designs on fabric, detailed fashion illustrations, and mood boards.

Photography: Printing high-quality, large-scale photographs for exhibitions, portfolios, or sales with excellent color reproduction.

Cartography: Producing large, detailed maps with high precision and color accuracy.

Education: Creating large visual aids like charts, diagrams, and maps for teaching purposes.

Interior Design: Printing large-scale layouts, plans, and design concepts for client presentations.

Event Planning: Producing large signage, backdrops, and other event materials.

Retail: Creating in-store promotional materials like window decals, floor stickers, and banners.

These industries benefit greatly from the versatility and high-quality, large-scale printing capabilities of large format inkjet plotters.

Manufacturers of Large Format Inkjet Plotters at Kitmondo

Kitmondo offers products from numerous manufacturers of large format inkjet plotters. Some of the well-known brands include:

HP (Hewlett-Packard): Renowned for the DesignJet and Latex series, offering high-quality, professional-grade prints.

Canon: Known for the imagePROGRAF line, offering exceptional image and color quality, widely used in graphics and photographic industries.

Epson: The SureColor series provides precision and fine detail, perfect for professional graphics and photo prints, with excellent color accuracy.

Roland: The VersaCAMM series is popular for its versatility and high-quality prints, known for durable and reliable equipment.

Mimaki: Well-regarded in the signage industry for high-speed printing and precision.

Ricoh: Offers various large format printers known for excellent image quality and productivity.

Mutoh: The ValueJet series is known for reliability, speed, and precision, often used in commercial print and signage industries.

These manufacturers are known for producing high-quality, reliable large format inkjet plotters. On Kitmondo, you can find used plotters from these brands at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Always check the condition and specifications of any used plotter before purchasing to ensure it meets your needs.

Why Choose Kitmondo?

Kitmondo offers a vast and diverse catalog of machinery, including a wide array of large format inkjet plotters. This extensive selection allows you to compare models from various manufacturers in one place, making it easier to find a machine that fits your specific requirements and budget.

Kitmondo excels in providing competitive pricing. Understanding the financial constraints businesses face, we offer high-quality used machinery at affordable prices. This focus on affordability does not compromise quality, ensuring you receive a machine that offers excellent value for money.

We recognize the complexities of industrial machinery and provide detailed information and specifications for each listing, helping you make an informed decision about your purchase. Our platform is designed to simplify the process of buying used machinery, making every step from browsing to purchasing straightforward and secure.

Choosing Kitmondo means selecting a trusted partner who understands your needs and provides solutions tailored to your operations. With Kitmondo, you receive not just a piece of machinery but a commitment to quality, value, and customer satisfaction.