1 No. 10 MW Siemens (2006) make Condensing type Steam Turbine Generator Set

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Manufacturer : Siemens (India)
Year of Make : 2006
Rated Power(At generator terminals) : 10000 kW

Turbine Speed : 7500 RPM
Emergency trip(Turbine) : 8250 RPM
Critical Speed - 1 : 2850 RPM
Critical Speed – 2 : 6000 RPM

Direction of Rotation : C.C.W.

Steam Parameters:
Inlet Steam Pressure : 64 Ata
Inlet Steam Temperature : 480° C
Inlet Steam Flow : 42.0 t/h

Bleed Steam Pressure : 4.406 Ata
Bleed Steam Temperature : 207.3° C
Bleed Steam Flow : 5.312 t/h
Exhaust Steam Pressure : 0.104 Ata

Rated(Generator) : 1500 RPM

The supplied Gearbox is a Reducer type gearbox, which is designed with a service factor in accordance with AGMA 6011 H-98, The high speed shaft of the gearbox in coupled to the turbine by means of a flexible coupling. The low speed shaft end of the turbine is coupled directly to the alternator. Torque is transmitted at the low speed end due to Frictional force generated by the butting of the two shafts.

Manufacturer : Triveni
Type : N2419C
Rated power : 10000 kW
Year of make : 2006
Input Speed (Turbine) : 7500 RPM
Output Speed (Generator) : 1500 RPM
Speed ratio : 5: 1
Oil Type : ISO VG 46
Filtering : 25 microns
Inlet Pressure : 1.5 to 2.0 Bar (g)
Inlet temperature : 48° C
Oil Flow : 240 LPM

Barring Gear
Type : Manual engage and auto disengage
Power : 11 kW
RPM : 1470

Provision for Vibration probes (3/4” NPT) supplied with XL-Type probes for radial bearing & Axial Bearing
Thermo Elements
Temperature Probes (PT 100, 2x3 wire)
Vibration measuring (see Section 2.7 Special Instrumentation)

Main Oil Pimp
Flow : 700 LPM
Discharge pressure : 5 bar

Manufacturer : TDPS, Bangalore
Type : TC-145
Year of make : 2006
Capacity : 10 MW
Voltage : 11 kV ± 10%
Current : 656 A
Power Factor : 0.8 Lag
Frequency : 50 Hz ± 5 %
Speed : 1500 RPM
Critical Speed (with respect to turbine) : 2250 RPM
Protection : IP54
Cooling Water Inlet Temperature : 36° C
Air inlet temperature : 45° C
Oil Quantity : ISO VG46
Oil Inlet temperature : 49° C
Oil Outlet Temperature : 64° C

Purpose of System
The purpose of the condenser and evacuation system is
 To build up and maintain a necessary vacuum for the turbine exhaust steam.
 To condensate exhaust steam flow from the turbine.
 To perform vacuum braking and shorten the turbine coasting down time.
 To receive internal drainage from the turbine plant and this way return it to the process.

System Function
The main condenser is a tube heat exchanger,Exhaust steam from the turbine is condensed in the tube bundle and the condensate is collected in the Condenser hotwell, the condensate level controlled and always kept below the tube bundle. Subcooling of the condensate is prevented by the design.
The purpose of the vacuum- breaking valve to reduce the condenser vaccum by admitting air to the condenser and tube casing.
A rupture disc in the condenser shall prevent in the turbine exhaust and condenser system.
With turbine internal drain lines flash tank is connected to condenser hotwell.
Manholes for internal inspection are provide on the water boxes and the condenser shell.

Manufacture : Siemens Ltd
Operating Pressure : 0.105 ata
Operating temperature : 46.4 Deg. C
Test Pressure – Shell side : Water Filled
Test Pressure – Tube Side : 6.5 bar (g)
Weight of the equipment (empty) : 22000 KGS
Weight of the Equipment (Operating) : 34000 KGS
Weight of the Equipment (flooded) : 42000 KGS

Steam Jet Air Ejector:
Condenser vacuum is built up and maintained with a steam jet air ejector unit.

A high capacity steam Ejector (Hogging ejector) is used to build up the vacuum in the main condenser during starting procedure.
During operation in the two stage steam ejector is used to maintain the condenser vacuum operating steam is condensed in the stages of the ejector condenser, which is cooled by condensate from the main condenser (inter condenser) Air and other non-condensed steam are then evacuated from the second stage.(after condenser)

Main Components:
1. Hogger ejector with silencer
2. Y – Stage Ejector I
3. Y – Stage Ejector II
4. Z – Stage Ejector I
5. Z – Stage Ejector II

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Last availability: July 15, 2021

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Manufacturer Siemens
Model N2419C
Year 2006
Country India India
Condition Excellent
Main category Complete Plants
Subcategory Power Plant
ID P10715001

Last availability: July 15, 2021

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