AddPac Technolo AP-GS3000

Manufacturer Addpac Technolo
Model AP-GS3000
Year 2013
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Miscellaneous industrial equipment
Subcategory Telecoms Equipment
ID P40922003

ADDPAC AP-GS3000 GSM VoIP Gateway 36PORTS W/ 288 SIMS Natural human call patterns to prevent SIM Blocking!
VoiceFinder AP-GS3000 is a new cutting edge PSTN or IP to GSM gateway
supporting maximum 36 ports of GSM Voice interface or 32 GSM ports + 1-
port Digital E1/T1 interface. GSM and analog/digital PSTN interface of APGS3000
provide an optimized call scenario when it interoperates with
conventional PBX. Compact cost effective design and system architecture of
AP-GS3000 provides customer satisfaction in high quality, performance and
system reliance. This product uses the state-of-art technology voice
compressed algorithm and unique QoS algorithm of AddPac to maintain the
maximum voice quality under fast internet line and slow internet line as well.
This product is designed based on high performance RISC CPU + DSP
structure; supports upgraded speed, the best quality product, offers various
user-friendly functions, manufactured at low cost and this product gives high
performance for its price.
AddPac AP-GS3000 is a device that can support both GSM gateway service
(Digital E1/T1 to GSM or Internet to GSM) and VoIP gateway service (Digital
E1/T1?Internet) simultaneously. It also supports SIP, H.323 Multiple VoIP
signaling protocol, various voice codec support(G.711, G.726, G.729, G723.1),
nine(9) module slots for GSM and VoIP module, one(1) module slot for CPU
board, two(2) fast ethernet ports, 1-port RS232C console, and state-of-art
technologies and services. GSM gateway combining IP-PBX(or Conventional
PBX) is now suggesting a new model for a main voice communication solution.
In order to be a part of advanced VoIP communications naturally in the future,
making an excellent choice of choosing GSM gateway is essential.
VoiceFinder AP-GS3000 is a mid-range GSM gateway providing total 32GSM
interface ports + one(1) Digital E1/T1 port or 24 GSM interface ports + 24 FXS
(or FXO) interface ports. It is suitable for general enterprises, medium and
large public offices. It has functions as a media gateway which interoperates
with IP-PBX or conventional PBX. Especially AP-GS3000 provides an optimal
solution of VoIP and GSM communications in telephony environments that
using telephone lines and PBX to get connect with a head office. VoiceFinder
AP-GS3000 GSM VoIP Gateway supports two(1) 10/100 Base-T fast Ethernet
Interface ports and provides stabilized leased line environment, ADSL
environment, cable modem environment, fixed IP Address, supports all flow IP
environment so that it can be selected in accordance with user environments
Product Highlights
• Powerful RISC microprocessor and DSP
• Two(2) 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
• Nine(9) module slots for GSM, VoIP
Interface Cards
- Up to 36 GSM Interface Channel
• 4-Port GSM Module
- 1 Antenna interface (internal 4ch
- 4 SIM cards interface
• Analog and Digital VoIP Interface cards
- 8-port FXS, 8-port FXO, 1-Port Digital E1/
• VoIP Signaling stacks supporting SIP and
H.323 concurrently
• Multi-protocol routing for LAN and WAN
• Voice Processing
- VAD, DTMF,CNG,G.168, T.38 G3 Fax Relay
- Voice Compression Algorithms:
G.723, 729A, G.726, and 711
• SNMP MIB V2 for network administration
• Smart, easy Web-based management
• Enterprise VoIP Plug & Play Management
System (VPMS) management
• Standard & extended access list for
• Essential scalability features such as
DHCP server & relay, NAT/PAT, IEEE
transparent bridging, and debugging/
• Remote firmware upgrade using FTP &
• Cisco-style Command Line Interface (CLI)
for expert settings
• Scalability, authenticity, and reliability
ensured due to the installed APOS
internetworking software

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