Alcatel A1000S12

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Manufacturer Alcatel
Model A1000S12
Year 2005
Country Colombia Colombia
Condition Good
Main category Miscellaneous industrial equipment
Subcategory Telecoms Equipment
ID P401171181
Price on request

21179582CAFA; 21406324ACAA; 211321684AS; 21406704AAAA; 21406790AAAA; 21164270AAAA; 21164214AAAA; 21164232AAAA; 21406788AABA; 21406260ABCB; 21137962AACA; 21132220AAAA; 21137652AABA; 21132162ABBA; 21132162ACBA; 1AF01318AAAA; 21122994QAEA; 21164718AABA; 1AF01317AAAA; 21122994EBJB; 1AF01318AAAA; 21426626AAAA; 21406322ABAA; 21179530AAGB; 21132174AAAA; 21132224SBYA; 21406280AADA; 21406280ABCA; 21137858AFBA; 21137858BBBA; 21137858ADBA; 21406362AEAA; 21406260ABCB; 21406248BBFA; 21103641AAAA; 22094296; 21406354CADA; 77470300CAAA; 21132172AAAA; 21137608BBCB; 21137608BBDB; 21137608BACB; 21137608BBBB; 21407902BAAA; 21407940ABBA; 21406282ACAA; 21406298AACA; 21179478AAAA; 21406326AAAA; 21132154AAAA; 21137826AAAA; 21132152AAAA; 21179642BAKA; 21179642AAFA; 21137790DDAA; 21179644AAEA; 21132214ACBA; 21137718AAAA; 21406204AACA; 21132144BBBA; 21406306AACA; 21477795AAHA

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