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ALESIS RMS Peak Dual Channel Compressor Limiter with Gate 3630 COMPRESSOR

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Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor/ Limiter with Gate.

This cost-effective gain control device complements any studio with several important features.

• Stereo or dual mono operation. The 3630 can serve as two totally in- dependent units, or both sections can be strapped together for stereo operation. In stereo, gain changes in one section are "tracked" by the other section to eliminate wandering of the stereo image.

• Peak or RMS response. Determines whether the limiter will base its operation on signal peaks or average signal levels. Each has its uses with different types of signals (for example, peak with drums, and average with complex program material).

• "Hard knee" or "soft knee" response. Each type of response gives a different limiting action. The hard knee response is generally considered more "severe," and the soft knee response, more "musical."

• Individual bypass switches for each channel. This makes it easy to compare the processed and unprocessed sounds.

• Side chain connections. Insert EQs and other devices for applications such as de-essing (removing sibilance), adding treble to limited signals, "keying" one signal with another, "ducking" (e.g., making a signal such as background music become lower in volume in response to another signal, such as narration), and other applications.

• +4 dBu or -10dBV operation. This provides signal level compatibility with nearly all studio setups.

• Front panel knob calibrations. Knobs are calibrated to allow for easy setup and operation.

• Built-in stereo/dual mono noise gate. This can reduce noise when compressing or limiting. Each section can also operate as a stand-alone noise gate.

• Extensive metering. Each channel has a 12-LED display to indicate the amount of gain reduction, a second 12-LED display to show input/ output levels, and a dual-LED display to indicate noise gate status.

Here are some typical applications for the 3630:

• Even out a vocalist's dynamics to compensate for poor mic or vocal technique.

• Increase a guitar's (or other stringed instrument's) sustain.

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Manufacturer Alesis
Year -
Country UAE UAE
Condition Excellent
Main category Broadcast, Film and Audio
Subcategory Other Broadcast Equipment, Film & Audio
ID P90919013

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UAE’s only one-stop shop for used and refurbished broadcasting equipment. Home to the only inventory of used, refurbished and demo equipment in the Middle East, we buy and sell high-quality used... read more

UAE’s only one-stop shop for used and refurbished broadcasting equipment. Home to the only inventory of used, refurbished and demo equipment in the Middle East, we buy and sell high-quality used broadcast and AV equipment to radio and TV customers primarily in the Gulf as well as other parts of the word.

We source our equipment from premier broadcasters in the region and employ an efficient team of engineers to refurbish and service the gear we have acquired before selling them. All used broadcast equipment comes with a three-month warranty.

We have successfully provided integrated solutions and equipment to end users in U.AE, Egypt, India, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines and Turkey.

Having established a firm foothold in the Middle East and Asia, BSBroadcast is constantly looking to extend its portfolio of equipment and solutions through partnerships with leading European and American used equipment dealers

The Ceo, who has worked in MENA region to build broadcast facilities from scratch, established BS Broadcast in 2016. On this journey, the CEO identified a need among customers for revamped and restored equipment at lower costs. Additionally, he has been active in the Middle East and South Asian broadcasting industry since 1999 and has developed a vast network of contacts that came with requirements for used equipment.

In essence, the company was born out of these demands and presently serves customers worldwide. Having a base in the UAE has helped facilitate easy shipment across the globe.

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