Bertuzzy Steriflash 5000

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Bagging Line Bertuzzi Asepto 5000 is a fully automated aseptic packaging line.
Don't fool yourself thinking its a pasteurizing device, its not, its an industrial steriliser for
organics liquids that package them in aseptic bags that have absolutely nothing alive inside and
incredible shelf life. Its like apple juice from Rougemont or UHT Milk from Grand-Pré, it can stay
at room temperature for years. No botulism.
Pasteurisation occur around 80 celsius and sterilisation occur around 115 celsius depending on
liquids. The best exemple is your pressure canner.
Roughly, the line is made of
BOILER 1 600 000 BTU/hour natural gas boiler which provide steam for
- The heat exchanger to sterilise the liquid to be packaged
- Dozens of steam jets used to regularly sterilise parts of the machine
NITROGEN GENERATOR who provide inert gas to be injected everywhere in the process that
doesn't have sterilised liquid in yet, or have a headspace like the buffer tank.
STERILISER wich raise the temperature of the liquid to 115 celsius for 180 second and then
cool it down to 20 celsius, recovering heat for the next liquid to come. It's a continuous process
that can be observed in the 2D drawing included in dropbox link ...
ASEPTIC BUFFER TANK 1000L to hold the sterilised liquid to be cold packaged
BAGGING MACHINE 2 head bagging machine who keep herself clean and sterile and bag the
liquid in aseptic bag
LINE with many infrared captor who adjust is speed based on inputs from beginning of process
to end of process.
• Astepo double automated bag filling lines model: CAF 2H1+ ABF (2 liter to 23 liter capacity) •
Astepo S/S 1000 liter aseptic tank • Bertuzzi S.P.A Pasteurizer model: Steriflash 5000 • Over
200' motorized Teflon chain link conveyor belts • Adamark automated washing station & drying
station • Reject chute • S/S Funnel station to fill gallon pails sealers • Storcan automated gallon
pail lid sealer • (2) • Weightronix digital conveyor belt scale model: WI-127 • Kilotech digital floor
scale mod: CI-2001A • Volcano model: 4B-40C-DLHL steam boiler • Complete Water filtration &
softening system • centrifugal industrial pump: 2x piston pumps • IGS Nitrogen generator model:
Nitroswing NS-5 w/ • (2) MTA 500-11 (500 liter) & MTA 270-11 (270 liter) storage tanks .

Can be inspected by appointment.
Excellent condition & dismantled. Ready to be shipped.

Compressor is started, Nitrogen generator is started, Boiler is started,( you can hear steam
HISSSSSS and steam PFFFFF all along the process )
CIP ( cleaning in place ) cycle is started to sterilise the machine
Grape juice is pumped into the Steriliser Receptacle and used by the Steriliser at the rate it
could process it, or at the rate it should process it based on input from other parts of the line
Grape juice enter the heat recovery zone of the plate exchanger
Grape juice enter the maximum heat zone of the plate exchanger
Grape juice reach sterilising temperature
Grape juice enter the holding zone of the sterilising machine where it stand for appropriate
holding time ( 180 seconds ) and appropriate temp for sterilisation. ( you need to talk to a
microbiologist to have holding temperature and time for your specific liquid )
Sterilised Grape Juice enter the heat recovery zone of the plate exchanger and give back 50%
of is BTU to the cold grape juice
Sterilised Grape Juice enter the cooling portion of the plate exchanger and is being cooled to
the room temperature ( here you need a chiller or 10 000 liter city water per hour )
Sterilised Grape Juice is pumped to a nitrogen filled aseptic buffer tank
Sterilised Grape Juice is pumped to the 2 head bagging machine where its filled into 23 liter
aseptic bags
Sterilised Grape Juice in a bag is cutted from the bag roll end leave the filling machine being
rinsed by water jets
Sterilised Grape Juice bags are merged from the 2 head of the machine into a single production
Sterilised Grape Juice bags are further rinsed and then dried
Sterilised Grape juice bags are being electronically weighted and either rejected or accepted
Sterilised Grape juice bags are ready to
A- drop in a pail and top sealed and : end of the line
B- End of the line _ we need a machine to accept them into a box
You now have a nice make wine at home kit. Drink responsibly.

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Manufacturer Bertuzzy
Model Steriflash 5000
Year 1999
Country Canada Canada
Condition Excellent
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Packaging line
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