BOSCH Mod. TLT 1400 – CUK 3040 - Blister Packaging line used

Last availability: Aug. 30, 2021

Listing description

The high-performance cartoning machine CUK 3040 is a downstream machine of the TLT 1400. The TLT 1400 is a one-lane thermoforming machine for the manufacturing of thermoforming films and aluminum foils. The Bosch CUK 3040 cartoner allows the insertion of blisters, including folded sheets, into the carton. It is a final packaging machine in shipping carton, made in such a way as to guarantee maximum reliability, great versatility, high production characteristics, even with not top quality materials.

Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing.

The complete Blister line is composed from:
1. Blistering machine BOSCH mod. TLT 1400 is characterised by fast and easy size change, precise reproducibility of all parameters, production safety for product and packaging material by indirect tool temperature maintenance at forming and sealing station, functional safety by cavity centering with roller web transport. Product feed by means of linear feeder, positive blister transfer without chain transport system. All standard thermoforming films and aluminium foil are usable with this machine.
Available size:
- 14 tablets for blister: oval tablets size 26,5 x 12 x 10 mm, blister size 142 x 63 mm;
- 6 tablets for blister: round tablets size 13 x 13 x 7 mm, blister size 120 x 53 mm;
- 6 tablets for blister: round tablets size 12,5 x 12,5 x 7,5 mm; blister size 120 x 63 mm;
- 15 tablets for blister: oval tablets size 27 x 12 x 10,5 mm; blister size 112 x 90 mm.
Installed size:
- 10 tablers for blister: round tablets size 16,5 x 16,5 x 7,5 mm; blister size 140 x 50 mm.
Year of construction: 1997

2. The Bosch mod. CUK 3040 is a continuous motion cartoning machine designed for applications with outputs up to 400 cartons per minute. This output can be achieved if in line with a blister machine or when equipped with feeding systems for vials, bottles or other pharmaceutical products. Then the goods are fed to the machine which assigns a carton to each product. The folding box is removed from the magazine with a rotor, mounted and opened. The product is inserted into the box via a thrust piston. The filled box is then closed. Equipped with Tactile vision system.
Year of construction: 1993

Length mm 4820
Width mm 930
Height mm 1650
Net weight Kg 3600
Output 400 blister/min
Film dimensions width max. 155 mm
Width of cover material max. 151 mm
Workable area max. 180 x 145 mm
Alveolus depth max. 12 mm

Power A 20
Frequency Hz 50
Voltage Volt 380
Case Length 34 – 70 mm
Case Width 15 – 70 mm
Case Height 75 – 210 mm
Speed 300 cycles/min

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Last availability: Aug. 30, 2021

Listing information

Manufacturer Bosch
Model TLT 1400 – CUK 3040
Year 1997
Country Italy Italy
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Blister machine
ID P10305011

Last availability: Aug. 30, 2021