Bridge Mill Cin Cost 4 Million

Manufacturer Bridge Mill Cin
Model Cost 4 Million
Year 2007
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Metalworking Machinery
Subcategory Milling Machine
ID P30813331


Fraction Off Original Purchase Price (New in 2007) US Gov, $4,000,000M

Virtually a New Machine – Never Used in Production

Jorgenson Machine Tools has acquired a 6-axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, C axis) CNC Cincinnati Bridge Mill currently configured to do electrochemical profile grinding. (Or no more Benching)

This a VERY accurate machine: a tolerance of +- 0.0005" is maintained within the envelope of all travels of the machine.

With a U5 bridge type, this model AR-0137 machine is also equipped with a full enclosure and air handling system.

Purchased new in 2007 by the U.S. Government, it only has 200 spindle on hours and features a Seimens 840D control. It has a travel of 265" on the X-axis, but being a bridge-style machine the X-axis could be easily extended. It has travels of 160" on the Y-axis and 48" on the Z-axis.

It is designed for grinding invar (primarily used for composite molds) as well as other metals. It can be left with its current grinding head, or we can, as an option, retrofit it over to virtually any customer’s machining requirements. If retrofitted with 5-axis milling head(up to 100HP), the Y travels could be extended (machine has 25' between X-axis rails). The Z-axis can also be extended to meet the customer’s requirements.

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