CY Atmosphere / Va

Manufacturer CY
Model Atmosphere / Va
Year -
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category PCB and Semiconductor
Subcategory Ovens & Furnaces
ID P80912028

System in excelent working order.

CY-HY-QS1516 system is a kind of multi-purposes high-temperature microwave atmosphere sintering equipment. It’s experted in atmosphere control which aims to achieve the desired working environment, such as air, vacuum, protective atmosphere and weakly reducing atmosphere. It can be used for synthesising and sintering various kinds of materials like ferrites, electric ceramics, structural ceramics, metallic compound, nitrides, powder metallurgy productsandsoon. Ithas theadvantageswhich is high-quality,fast-speed,energyeconomization in microwave heating. And it also has other superiorities like wide-application, easy-operation, good repeatability and high-stability. It is suitable for research, developandsmall-scaleproductofadvancedmaterials.

RatedInputPower 2.2KW
MicrowaveOutputPower 0.1~1.4KW,continuously adjustable
Microwave Frequency 2450±25 MHz
MaximumTemperature under atmosphere condition 1600?
Continuous operating temperature 1550?
Temperature Measuring IRsensor(RaytekPyrometer)
Temperature MeasuringRang 250?~1650?
Temperature measurement accuracy 0.5% of the measured value
Temperature Control manual & automatic control
Static ultimate vacuum =102Pa
Microwave Leakage =2mW/cm2 (ChinaNationalStandards<5mW/cm2)
Max nitrogen consumption 0.5m3/h (Forreference)

Mode recycled/tapwater
Pressure 0.16MPa=P=0.25Mpa
Inlet Water Temperature =35?
Outlet Water Temperature =45?
Requirements for Water Quality Hardness =60mg/L(CaCO3)

Equipment external dimensions
Cavity(L×W×H) 360mm×290mm×260mm
Working area(L×W×H) 125mm×125mm×65mm

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