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Description GALVANISING & PAINTING LINE - 600-1500 MM - 0.3-3.0 MM

Year 2001
Qty. 1 Second-hand galvanising and painting plant
Mfc. Danieli & others Type
Built 2001 stopped in 2008 started again in 2017 – stopped in 2018
Galvanising section 3000 mm² Width
Thickness 0.3 to 3.0 mm Speed
Painting section 2295 mm² Width
Thickness 0.3 to 1.5 mm Speed
Max. temperature 850 ºC Max. coil dia.
Productivity 246 working days x 24 = 5.904 hours.
For 200.000 Tm/year = 33.87 Tm/h only galvanise
For 150.000 Tm/year = 25.40 Tm/h galvanise and painting
Annealing furnace capacity = 39.2 Tm/h
Zinc coating = 40 g/m² to 200 g/m² per side Total = 80 to 400 g/m²

Scope of supply
Combination galvanising and painting line compound by
- 2 coils cars to introduce coils in entry uncoilers
- 2 entry uncoilers with automatic centre devices.
- 2 strip levellers - 2- Entry Cross shears
- 2 continuous thickness measurement systems - 1 V strip shear
- 1 automatic strip welder with copper rolls system by contact
- 1 entry control pulpit with video system and internal communication
- Tension bridle with four rolls. The bridle rolls have 800 mm diameter.
- 1 horizontal accumulator for maintain strip laps with a car during welding and maintain strip
tension with automatic centre device.
- 1 water washing system for strip.
- 1 continuous annealing horizontal furnace with four areas preheating, direct fire, radiant tubes,
maintenance and cooling with atmosphere analysis system.
- 1 hot bridle at the end of the furnace to maintain tension
- 1 furnace nose to introduce the strip into zinc pot
- 1 zinc pot with 2 heating inductors - 1 bottom roll inside zinc pot
- 1 air knives for the strip edges to maintain the zinc layer.
- 1 auxiliary crane to introduce the zinc ingots into the zin pot. (4 Tm)
- 1 minimum flower cooling system with water for zinc layer.
- 1 cooling tower with tension bridle, water tank and strip centring device, lift to goes up.
- 1 control pulpit for all the line with video system and internal Communications
- 1 skin pass mill with emulsion, 2 work rolls, 2 back-up rolls. 1 pit with water tank, pumps and
water collect system.
- 1 tension leveller with 2 tension bridles.
- 1 passivator for both sides with 4 rollers. It has a pit with two tanks to use two products of
passivation for galvanised or for painting and pumping system to the applicator.
- 1 control pulpit for skin pass mill and tension leveller with video system and internal
- 1 dryer for chromate layer with heat exchange steam – air.
- Globus double painter to apply lower paint layer (back) and first layer (primer), with metal
applicator rollers with rubber surface. It has mobile paint pumps and extra collection tray.
(Floor 1)
- Horizontal air dryer to dry first and back layers. It has sensors of band height at the entrance
and exit to maintain a constant pass line (Level 1)
- Cooling system with demi water with pump and collect. There is a pit in the level 0 to feed this
- Simple Globus paint machine to final colour over the primer with steel paint rolls with rubber
surface. There is mobile pumps system and tray for collect surplus paint. (Level 1).
The 2 paint machines are in the same building, closed and with safe lights and fire
automatic system
- Double Globus paint for final colour paints (2 sides). With steel paint rolls with rubber surface.
There is mobile pumps system and tray for collect surplus paint. (Level 2). This paint it´s
for change colour without stop the line.
- horizontal air dryer for paint dry for final colour. There are some sensors to maintain strip
Pass line. (Level 2)
- Cooling system with demi water with pump and collect. There is a pit in the level 0 to feed this
- Solvent extraction system of the two paint drying ovens with incinerator to burn and heat
recovery for heating. The whole system goes to an exit chimney.
- Vertical exit accumulator with lift and lower carriage to stop the line while removing the finished
coil. It has automatic band centering system.
- Control pulpit for exit accumulator with video system and strip inspection area for quality.
Also internal communication system.
- Electrostatic oiler.
- Exit coiler with belt system and strip centring device.
- 1 coil car to put out the finished coil.
- 1 semiautomatic strapping machine for coil.
- Exit area with 3 coils capacity.

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Manufacturer Danieli
Model -
Year 2001
Country Germany Germany
Condition Good
Main category Metalworking Machinery
Subcategory Slitting line
ID P90605138

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