Diacro #1

Manufacturer Diacro
Model #1
Year -
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Metalworking Machinery
Subcategory Other Machine Tools
ID P503202933
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0.375'' Dia Diacro #1 NEW PIPE BENDERS, MADE IN USA;Reference Number: 148452;NEW DI-ACRO 3/4" HAND BENDER;MODEL: #1 MADE IN U.S.A.;DESCRIPTION;The Di-Acro Bender is a multi-purpose machine that quickly adapts to a variety of;bending operations, whether prototype or production. The hand bender is available;in 4 models with capabilities of bending up to 1" round mild steel bar with a;radius of 0 - 12". The Model #4 Bender features a selectable ratchet drive mechanism;for increased power when working with heavier materials.;SPECIFICATIONS;Max Radius Capacity 2";Height of std. forming nose.50";Center pin hole diameter.375";Operating leverage 8";MATERIAL CAPACITIES;Round mild steel bar.1875";Square mild steel bar.125";Steel tubing-16ga.3125";Flat Steel Bar Easy Way.125 x.75;Flat Steel Bar Hard Way.0625 x.50";Machine Shipping Weight 22 lbs.;STANDARD EQUIPMENT;Bend locating guage - Allows any number of parts to be identically duplicated.;Angle Stop - precisely determines degree to bend;Locking Pin - securely clamps material to ensure safety and accuracy.;Center Pin - Provides one radius setup plus mount for additional tooling.;Holding Pin - holds material in place to provide accurate bends.;OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: (call for pricing);Extension Handles (for models 2 & 3 only);QuickLok Clamp - invaluable for production, quicly locks material securely in place;and instantly releases for removal.;Stand - Heavy duty with work shelf;Bend-R-Pak 1 - Includes: (call for pricing);.1875" radius pin;.5" radius collar;zero radius block;.5" square block;Grooved radius collar-style B (.375" OD tubing to a 1" radius);Clevis Clamp.375" OD tubing;Follow Block for.375" OD tubing - 6" length;Forming Roller;Scroll Collar

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